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New word of the day: Obamanation

August 31, 2008

Root word: Obama
Origin: The Daley Machine, Chicago, Illinois
Popularized by Senator Barack Obama, (D-IL)

OBAMABOT: barryfan who makes personal attacks on other bloggers and barry’s opponents.

ROBAMABOTS: Mindless O-baaa-ma & Yes! We! Can! chanters.

OBAMANATION: phrasing or view that covers both sides of the issue used as a matter of political expedience so as not to have to make a stand and be held accountable; act of political expediency.

Not to be confused with abomination: a thing that causes disgust or hatred.

OBAMANATED: What Obama has done since his entire political career.

“I think we need to decriminalize our marijuana laws. But I’m not someone who believes in legalization of marijuana.”

OBAMANATING: How Obama secured the nomination and how he will run the White House.

Unclear if this is what he means by both sides of the aisle.

OBAMERISM: A pathological condition characterized by irrational manlove and glazed-eye devotion to the obamessiah.Side effects include: ignorance, intentional disrespect; violent outbursts using racist and/or sexist comments; complete disregard for human decency.

Herr Olberman, Chris Matthews and Lee Cowan have textbook cases.

OBAMERIZED: (passive) Under the spell of the Obamessiah; incapable of hearing/speaking the truth; beyond reason.

The proobamedia and feinting fainters.


OBAMERITES: Cult followers of the obamessiah who know nothing about him except Change!

Robamabots; obamabots; bots; 99% barry voters.

PROOBAMEDIA: the proobama biased MSM.

Most notably MSNBC and NEWSWEEK: the pro-barry propaganda newsletter.

OBAMESSIAH: barry, the man of lies and no past. Further defined.

OBAMAHOAX: The continued fraud barry has been perpetrating on the American people because of his refusal to release his authentic birth certificate. He has not proven definitively that he is constitutionally eligible to be President of the United States and has legally opposed all efforts to command him to do so.

New word of the day: “Recruiterments”

August 31, 2008

November 2007


The best way to defeat this enemy in the long run is to deny them the recruiting tools, that are and-and recruiterments made possible by resentment.

Bushisms (video)

Pfleger’s endorsement removed from barry’s website

August 31, 2008

May 31, 2008

This is from a cached version of the Official Obama website endorsement page.

Like the New Black Panther’s and Reverend Wright’s endorsements, Father Michael Pfleger’s was removed after he said the same thing barry has heard before. But Pfleger had the poor judgment to speak aloud from wright’s pulpit. It was a calculated move to get his 2 cents in.

They have know each other for years. Father Pfleger is a well-known activist in Chicago. Nothing happens to him because he has turned around the parish and there aren’t any priests to take his place. He really never was sanctioned by Cardinal George to the dismay of many Chicago Catholics. He just made Pfleger promise not to say anything political anymore…meaning till after barry is elected.

The outright double standard is appalling. But, hey, America has come along way so whatever it takes to get a black man in office – no problem. And who got edged out? That rich white lady who is more qualified to be commander in chief than he will ever be. Race over gender. Always.

Father Michael Pfleger

Father Michael Pfleger
Senior Pastor, St. Sabina Church, Chicago, IL

I’m concerned by issues of poverty and issues of justice and equal access and opportunity especially when dealing with children and education and healthcare. Also, the war in Iraq is non-negotiable: end it! The faith community has to be a prophetic voice to bring us to where we ought to be as a country. Its voice should call every individual to be their best and not assimilate into anything less. Obama is calling back those who have given up and lost hope in the political system both young and old in the belief that we can fix it. He has the intellect for the job and I haven’t heard anyone since Robert F. Kennedy who is causing such an emotional and spiritual awakening to the political possibilities.


‘WE’ reflects his connection to barry and understanding that he will have a part in the administration. They have known each other since barry’s “community organizer” days. They have been personal friends and their relationship includes Dick Durbin, Reverend Wright and Mayor Daley.

And in September 2007, Pfleger hosted one of several interfaith forums in Iowa at the bequest of the official Obama campaign and was a member of Obama’s official presidential campaign’s Catholics for America Advisory Committee . He had to step down after his first rant from wright’s pulpit about defending him and louis farrakhan. But his endorsement didn’t get scrubbed until he ranted about Hillary and the pro-obama MSM couldn’t not cover it.

What if there were no YouTube?

It would be a complete por-barry propaganda state.

Word of the day: “Misunderestimate”

August 31, 2008

Nov. 6, 2000

Bentonville, Arkansas


They misunderestimate me.

I think it is a great word – especially for him.

Misunderstood + underestimated = misunderestimated.

Bushisms (video)

Gaffe of the day: I have a much higher IQ than you!

August 31, 2008

September 1987 Claremont, CA
A very different looking but the same talking Biden on the stump for his first presidential bid. Which ended several days later because of plagiarism.

Video courtesy of 9195340
Unfortunately we don’t get to hear the question but Biden’s answer says it all. He’s pointing at a man: “I think I probably have a much higher IQ than you do – I suspect. I went to law school on a full academic scholarship, the only one, the only one in my class to have a full scholarship.”

In college he was 506/688 so where did the full academic scholarship come from? Law school scholarships for Dummies? He graduated law school 76/85.

I found this interesting quote on wiki: “The accident left Biden filled with both anger and religious doubt: “I liked to [walk around seedy neighborhoods] at night when I thought there was a better chance of finding a fight … I had not known I was capable of such rage … I felt God had played a horrible trick on me.”

And: “According to political analyst Mark Halperin, he has also shown “a persistent tendency to say silly, offensive, and off-putting things”

His words written and spoken have gotten him in trouble. Plagiarism and verbal gaffes. Why stop now? Obama chose him over Sen Clinton and each time Biden does these things it makes that decision look exactly what it was: hate of Hillary and the need to be the smartest on the ticket.

Sexist quote of the day: "She’s attractive."

August 31, 2008

August 31, 2008
Toledo, Ohio

Barry & Biden together on rooftop. How better for the messiah to pontificate? They’ve started shooting the chosen one from below again. Craziness.

CNN Alexander Marquardt:

“There’s a gigantic difference between John McCain and Barack Obama and between me and I suspect my vice presidential opponent,” Biden said at an outdoor rally Sunday, getting ready to hit the GOP ticket for their economic policies.

“She’s good-looking,” he quipped.

At the rooftop rally, both Biden and Obama commented on Palin for the first time without prompting from reporters. Obama joked he’s now considering going to Palin’s home state of Alaska – the only state he says he hasn’t visited – but chose to focus his comments on her position on equal pay for women.

Obama later made sure his running mate realizes he’s good-looking as well.

“You see, she thinks you’re gorgeous too Joe,” said Obama. “Jill goes back home and look what happens!”

“This is worth the run,” responded Biden.

Quipped. Haven’t heard that in a while. But it’s perfect with Biden.


August 31, 2008

November 9, 2008
Mosque Maryam
Chicago, IL

Minister Louis Farrakhan: “America’s New Beginning: President-Elect Barack Obama”



barry refuses to shake Sen Clinton’s hand

August 31, 2008

January 31, 2008


Obama obamantes on Pfleger rant

August 31, 2008

The standard ‘I got caught but now I didn’t mean it’ statements where I don’t apologize for anything and Hillary bashing goes unpunished.

May 29, 2008
PFLEGER: I regret the words I chose [not the message behind them] on Sunday. These words are inconsistent with Senator Obama’s life and message, [then why didn’t barry say so?] and I am deeply sorry if they offended Senator Clinton or anyone else who saw them.

IF does not equal an apology.

OBAMA: As I have traveled this country, I’ve been impressed not by what divides us, but by all that that unites us. That is why I am deeply disappointed in Father Pfleger’s divisive, backward-looking rhetoric, which doesn’t reflect the country I see or the desire of people across America to come together in common cause.

Classic obamanating. Where in there is a personal disavowal or disgust? Nobody cares. Remember the I could no more reject Wright as I could my typical white person grandmother? “I have already condemned, in unequivocal terms, the statements of Reverend Wright that have caused such controversy and, in some cases, pain.”

Only the statements wright got caught saying. Not wright’s afrocentric black liberation that he spouted from the pulpit at barry’s church. Not the man himself. Not the judgment he made to pick that pastor and that church. Not the judgment that it took him so long to cut wright loose from an official campaign appointment. N0t the judgment that he chose to lie about.

(3-14-08) “Once I saw them I had to be very clear about the fact that these are not statements that I am comfortable with. I reject them completely — they are not ones that reflect my values or my ideals or Michelle’s.”

Philly speech (3-18-2008): Did I ever hear him make remarks that could be considered controversial while I sat in the church? Yes.

Previous statement by Barry on March 13th (a day before Obama had to dismiss him from his official campaign position): “I don’t think that, uh, my church is actually particularly controversial.” And previously he said “Rev Wright is like an old uncle who says things I don’t agree with.”

Philly speech: Not once in my conversations with him [Obamanating = uncorrobative] have I heard him talk about any ethnic group in derogatory terms, or treat whites with whom he interacted with anything but courtesy and respect.

Where is cringing in response to wright’s statements that he says he knew about – the ones he said he wouldn’t go back because of ? It took three attempts to finally get rid of Wright – which he never repudiated until the Press Club performance where Wright said all the same things and more. what kind of judgment was it to let him speak? This episode with Pfleger happened after he “distanced” himself from wright. Pfleger was there at the press clube. he saw what happened to wright and ranted from the pulpit anyway. and did barry cringe? Nope. He obamanated like he did with farrakhan.

US Senator from Illinois and longtime friend and staunch supporter of barry, DICK DURBIN: “Mike is a friend and he went overboard.” No admission that it was wrong. No repudiation. Just that he took it a little too far and it happened to reach the MSM.

WOLFSON: Divisive and hateful language like that is totally counterproductive in our efforts to bring our party together and have no place at the pulpit or in our politics. We are disappointed that Senator Obama didn’t specifically reject Father’s Pfleger’s despicable comments about Senator Clinton, and assume he will do so.”

Did he? Nope. Did the MSM push him? No. Did the barry surrogate Hillary bashing go unpunished again? Yep. Just like it did with ‘Hillary ain’t never been called no nigger.” Said after barry appointed him to official campaign position and yet it took till 3-14 to get rid of him. barry is a fraud. I am going on record again. He is a fraud and I am not fooled by him. I can’t stop him but I haven’t been sucked under or drank the Kool-Aid of white guilt and black silence. Whatever happens is on the head of the DNC, the pro-obama MSM, axelrod, obama supporters and the obamas.

Poll: proobama media bias

August 31, 2008

July 13 & 22, 2007

Rasmussen Poll
39% liberal bias
10% of liberals
62% of conservatives
38% of I

20% conservative bias
49% of liberals
19% of I

25% unbiased

33% liberal bias
55% of conservatives

16% conservative bias

32% unbiased
43% of Liberals

27% liberal
14% conservative
37% unbiased
50% of liberals

31% conservative bias
21% of conservatives

15% liberal bias
18% of conservatives

36% unbiased
49% of R
45% of conservatives

30% liberal bias
12% conservative bias
36% unbiased

33% liberal
13% conservative

29% liberal
14% conservative

Local news
30% liberal
17% conservative

New York Times, Washington Post and local newspapers liberal
Equally divided as to whether or not the “Fairness Doctrine” should be restored

Quote of the day: "A noun, a verb and 9-11"

August 31, 2008

October 30, 2007

video courtesy of

Sen Joe Biden:

Guiliani has three words: a noun a verb and 911.

Video weirdness: Bill-Hillary-barry

August 31, 2008

August 30, 2008
Stephanie Tubbs-Jones Memorial Service

This is just weird.

What I find fascinating is Rep Clyburn in the background looking like everything’s copacetic when he said all those nasty things about the Clintons. He knew what the South Carolina strategy was going to be. Forget the SC Clinton’s are racist memo – he had the SC primary pushed up for that exact reason.

Imagine if it wasn’t Nevada and SC and it was Michigan and Florida instead. And the DNC has clean hands? It’s all a damn joke and when barry loses it will because of racism and “The Clintons”.

updated – original youtube video removed

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Mo Dowd: "Sexism is poppycock.’

August 31, 2008

May 29, 2008

Meet The Press

This woman is supposed to have won a Pulitzer Prize. I find that hard to believe. She tries to pass herself off as witty with literary references but it’s clear her use of certain words and devices like alliteration are completely forced. Her writing has no sound of truth. She must really hate herself and her life. The vitriolic emptiness of her words reflect on an angry bitter soul.

Tim Russert shows clips of “Hillary” and Mr Bill talking about sexism.


Maureen Dowd, misogynist, gender bias, it seems as though the Clintons are being, trying very hard to lay that out as a premise for Hillary Clinton’s difficulties in this primary contest.

If one has their eyes open and are honest – one would realize they don’t have to “try” or even “try hard” to lay out anything. Russert is a culprit himself.

courtesy of ANTICONFORMIST911


I think it’s poppycock, really. I mean, Hillary Clinton has allowed women to visualize a woman as president for the first time in the way Colin Powell allowed people to visualize an African-American. And, she dominated the debates, she proved that a woman can have as much tenacity and gall as any man on earth. We can visualize her facing down Ahmadinejad.

But, the thing is Hillary hurts feminism when she uses it as opportunism.

And, she has a history of covering up her own mistakes behind sexism.

Can’t proinounce “Rorschach”.

Compares “Hillary” to Al Sharpton:

And now she’s doing the same thing, and it’s very, you know, in a way it’s the moral equivalent of Sharptonism. It’s this victimhood, and angry, and turning women against men, and saying that the men are trying to take it away from us. In the same way she’s turning Florida and Michigan, and riling up and comparing them to suffragettes and slaves, and it’s very damaging to feminism.

What does she possible know about sexism, feminism, gyne envy or castration anxiety when she says it doesn’t exist when it’s obvious that it does?

Russert includes quotes from RUTH MARCUS:

Hillary Clinton is not going to be elected the first female president – not this year anyway. The reasons for this have gratifyingly little to do with sexism.

…standing by her man, no matter how badly he behaved, made her a flawed vessel for the feminist cause.

Another ignorant woman. She then goes on about the gender card so completely clueless.

Don’t have the energy to take on three ignorant people. If one wants to talk about feminism – look at how Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Ms Chelsea Clinton turned out, despite what her husband and Chelsea’s father was doing.

And in person Marcus sings a different tune, with Dowd nodding along. It seems “Hillary” has made things “much better” for women in politics since her campaign and that “she’s ploughed the field very well for the next candidates to come along”. Then she calls the Hillary Nutcracker “regrettable”. If you watch her face and the twitch of her left shoulder, you can see she lies when she says: “Overall there has been very little of that.”

And then this ignorance:

MARCUS: Senator Clinton has been helped by her gender – not hurt by it.

Honestly what planet have these women been on?

How much of what they are saying and writing is so they retain their job?

If she bothered looking at the polls, folks are more willing to vote for a black man than a woman for president.

DAVID BRODY is such a moron he can’t hide his flushed face and has to look down. He calls Clinton “whiny”.

Then Russert chimes in that he souldn’t have invited two men. And why did he? Castration anxiety. And the fact he would be the sole XY in the room and he would have to answer to his own sexist comments.


The despair and the anger and the fury about this is real and that’s what she’s speaking to.

DORIS KEARNS GOODWIN changes Ifill’s words to “resentment”.

barry sycophant JON MEACHAM has the decency to refer to “Senator Clinton” but then says she’s free to run til Labor Day. Has he listened to the pundits or read his own barrynewsletter?

There’s more but not in this video.

Ignorant comment of the day: barry would sit down with rogue leaders

August 31, 2008

July 7, 2007


Gaffe of the day: "That-that-that will not work."

August 30, 2008

August 30, 2008
Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Buchanan

Fantasia Barrino: “Summertime”

August 30, 2008

American Idol Season 5 Winner Fantasia Barrino has her moment with “Summertime”

“named to the Emmy Awards‘s 2004 list of greatest television moments”


Other Taylor Hicks + Adam Lambert videos

Willamette Weekly Endorses the Messiah

August 30, 2008

Do you hear the choir singing?


Lou Piniella Videos

August 30, 2008

Parody of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” dedicated to Lou Pinella
Ronnie woo-woo (:31) Barrett vs Pierzynski (:41) Zambrano vs Barrett (:43) LaRussa’s mugshot(1:14) Bartman in neck chain (1:40) Ronnie (2:09) Lou restrained by ump (2:20) Lou’s beauty treatment (2:31) Bush in locker room (3:00) Cardinal grabbing teammate’s crotch (2:55) Sosa’s corked bat (3:41)

June 7, 2007 Vintage Lou 3rd base tirade

Olbermann rant comparing Clinton campaign to David Duke

August 30, 2008

Keith Olbermann’s rant


The transcrip
t from MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann:  Finally, as promised, a Special Comment on the presidential campaign of the Junior Senator from New York.
By way of necessary preface, President and Senator Clinton — and the Senator’s mother, and the Senator’s brother — were of immeasurable support to me at the moments when these very commentaries were the focus of the most surprise, the most uncertainty, and the most anger. My gratitude to them is abiding.Also, I am not here endorsing Senator Obama’s nomination, nor suggesting it is inevitable.
Thus I have fought with myself over whether or not to say anything.
Senator, as it has reached its apex in their tone-deaf, arrogant, and insensitive reaction to the remarks of Geraldine Ferraro… your own advisers are slowly killing your chances to become President.
Senator, their words, and your own, are now slowly killing the chances for any Democrat to become President.
In your tepid response to this Ferraro disaster, you may sincerely think you are disenthralling an enchanted media, and righting an unfair advance bestowed on Senator Obama.
You may think the matter has closed with Representative Ferraro’s bitter, almost threatening resignation.
But in fact, Senator, you are now campaigning, as if Barack Obama were the Democrat, and you were the Republican.
As Shakespeare wrote, Senator — that way.. madness lies.
You have missed a critical opportunity to do… what was right.
No matter what Ms. Ferraro now claims, no one took her comments out of context.
She had made them on at least three separate occasions, then twice more on television this morning.
Just hours ago, on NBC Nightly News, she denied she had made the remarks in an interview — only at a paid political speech.
In fact, the first time she spoke them, was ten days before the California newspaper published them… not in a speech, but in a radio interview. On February 26th, quoting…
“If Barack Obama were a white man, would we be talking about this, as a potential real problem for Hillary? If he were a woman of any color, would he be in this position that he’s in? Absolutely not.”
The context was inescapable.
Two minutes earlier, a member of Senator Clinton’s Finance Committee, one of her “Hill-Raisers,” had bemoaned the change in allegiance by Super-Delegate John Lewis from Clinton to Obama, and the endorsement of Obama by Senator Dodd.
“I look at these guys doing it,” she had said, “and I have to tell you, it’s the guys sticking together.”
A minute after the “color” remarks, she was describing herself as having been chosen for the 1984 Democratic ticket, purely as a woman politician, purely to make history.
She was, in turn, making a blind accusation of sexism — and dismissing Senator Obama’s candidacy as nothing more than an Equal Opportunity stunt.
The next day she repeated her comments to a reporter from the newspaper in Torrance, California.
“If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman (of any color) he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept.”
And when this despicable statement — ugly in its overtones, laughable in its weak grip of facts, and moronic in the historical context — when it floats outward from the Clinton Campaign like a poison cloud, what do the advisors have their candidate do?
Do they have Senator Clinton herself compare the remark to Al Campanis talking on Nightline… on Jackie Robinson day… about how blacks lacked the necessities to become baseball executives, while she points out that Barack Obama has not gotten his 1600 delegates as part of some kind of Affirmative Action plan?
Do they have Senator Clinton note that her own brief period in elected office, is as irrelevant to the issue of judgment as is Senator Obama’s.. while she points out that FDR had served only six years as a governor and state Senator before he became President?
Or that Teddy Roosevelt had four-and-a-half years before the White House?
Or that Woodrow Wilson had two years and six weeks?
Or Richard Nixon’s fourteen… and Calvin Coolidge 25?
Do these advisors have Senator Clinton invoke Samantha Power — gone by sunrise after she used the word “monster” — and have Senator Clinton say, “this is how I police my campaign and this is what I stand for,” while she fires former Congresswoman Ferraro from any role the campaign?
Somebody tells her that simply disagreeing with and rejecting the remarks is sufficient.
And she should then call, “regrettable”, words that should make any Democrat retch.
And that she should then try to twist them, first into some pox-on-both-your-houses plea to ‘stick to the issues,’ and then to let her campaign manager try to bend them beyond all recognition, into Senator Obama’s fault.
(4:45) And thus these advisers give Congresswoman Ferraro nearly a week in which to send Senator Clinton’s campaign back into the vocabulary… of David Duke.

“Any time anybody does anything that in any way pulls this campaign down and says let’s address reality and the problems we’re facing in this world, you’re accused of being racist, so you have to shut up.
“Racism works in two different directions. I really think they’re attacking me because I’m white.
“How’s that?”
How’s that?
Apart from sounding exactly like Rush Limbaugh attacking the black football quarterback Donovan McNabb?
Apart from sounding exactly like what Ms. Ferraro said about another campaign, nearly twenty years ago?
“President Reagan suggested Tuesday that people don’t ask Jackson tough questions because of his race. And former representative Geraldine A. Ferraro (D-N.Y.) said Wednesday that because of his “radical” views, “if Jesse Jackson were not black, he wouldn’t be in the race.”
So… apart from sounding like insidious racism that is at least two decades old?
Apart from rendering ridiculous, Senator Clinton’s shell-game about choosing Obama as Vice President?
Apart from this evening’s resignation letter?
“I am stepping down from your finance committee so I can speak for myself and you can continue to speak for yourself about what is at stake in this campaign.
“The Obama campaign is attacking me to hurt you.”
Apart from all that?
Well. It sounds as if those advisers want their campaign to be associated with those words, and the cheap, ignorant, vile racism that underlies every syllable…
And that Geraldine Ferraro has just gone free-lance.
Senator Clinton:
This is not a campaign strategy.
This is a suicide pact.
This week alone, your so-called strategists have declared that Senator Obama has not yet crossed the “commander-in-chief threshold”…
But — he might be your choice to be Vice President, even though a quarter of the previous sixteen Vice Presidents have become commander-in-chief during the greatest kind of crisis this nation can face: a mid-term succession.
But you’d only pick him if he crosses that threshold by the time of the convention.
But if he does cross that threshold by the time of the convention, he will only have done so sufficiently enough to become Vice President, not President.Senator, if the serpentine logic of your so-called advisors were not bad enough…
Now, thanks to Geraldine Ferraro, and your campaign’s initial refusal to break with her, and your new relationship with her — now more disturbing still with her claim that she can now “speak for herself” about her vision of Senator Obama as some kind of embodiment of a quota…
If you were to seek Obama as a Vice President, it would be, to Ms. Ferraro, some kind of social engineering gesture, some kind of racial make-good.
Do you not see, Senator?
To Senator Clinton’s supporters, to her admirers, to her friends for whom she is first choice, and her friends for whom she is second choice, she is still letting herself be perceived as standing next to, and standing by, racial divisiveness and blindness…
And worst yet, after what President Clinton said during the South Carolina primary, comparing the Obama and Jesse Jackson campaigns — a disturbing, but only borderline remark…
After what some in the black community have perceived as a racial undertone to the “3 A-M” ad… a disturbing — but only borderline interpretation…
And after that moment’s hesitation in her own answer on 60 Minutes about Obama’s religion — a disturbing, but only borderline vagueness…
After those precedents, there are those who see a pattern… false, or true.
After those precedents, there are those who see an intent… false, or true.
After those precedents, there are those who see the Clinton campaign’s anything-but-benign neglect of this Ferraro catastrophe — falsely or truly — as a desire to hear the kind of casual prejudice which still haunts this society voiced… and to not distance the campaign from it.
To not distance you from it, Senator!
To not distance you… from that which you as a woman, and Senator Obama as an African-American, should both know and feel with the deepest of personal pain!
Which you should both fight with all you have!
Which you should both insure, has no place in this contest!

This, Senator Clinton, is your campaign, and it is your name.
Grab the reins back from whoever has led you to this precipice, before it is too late.
Voluntarily or inadvertently, you are still awash in this filth.
Your only reaction has been to disagree, reject, and to call it regrettable.
Her only reaction has been to brand herself as the victim, resign from your committee, and insist she will continue to speak.
Unless you say something definitive, Senator, the former Congresswoman is speaking with your approval.
You must remedy this.
And you must… reject… and denounce… Geraldine Ferraro.
Good night, and good luck.

The next President of the United States?

August 30, 2008

September 15, 2009

9-16-2007 (Des Moines, Iowa) Tom Harkin Steakfry

barry, Bill Richardson, Sen Clinton, Ruth Harkin

(can’t find original attribution -think it might be TIME)

Inexcusable. A man running for resident can’t honor the flag?

How more in your face can you be?

Perhaps because his church recognizes the Pan African flag instead.

Sexist quote of the day: “She ought to get out.”

August 30, 2008

March 30, 2009

Here’s a good ol pink-faced sexist from Vermont, Sen Patrick Leahy. Just one of the many Obamafans who raged and ragged at “Hillary” to just get out already. Everyday they did that. What were they afraid of? You don’t yell at someone to get out unless you actually believe they can win. Even back then Barry was showing his weaknesses. Anyway Leahy was interviewed by Bob Kinzel on Vermont Public Radio and he let his whiny misogyny fly.

March 27, 2008
Transcript VPR

(HOST) Will a protracted battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination hurt the Party’s chances of winning the November election?

Senator Patrick Leahy, who supports Obama, says the answer is yes, and he thinks Clinton should drop out of the race. But Clinton’s supporters in Vermont have a very different opinion.

VPR’s Bob Kinzel reports:

KINZEL: It’s a question that’s being raised in political discussions on the radio, on TV, in newspapers and in the blogs. And the results of a new poll highlight the danger for the Democrats if their presidential primary contest gets any nastier.

According to a new Gallup poll, 28% of Hillary Clinton’s supporters say they’d vote for GOP candidate John McCain if Barack Obama wins the Democratic nomination and 19% of Obama’s supporters say they’d vote for McCain if Clinton is the Party’s nominee.

Senator Patrick Leahy, who’s a super delegate supporting Obama, is clearly worried about this situation:

LEAHY: “I am very concerned. John McCain, who has been making one gaffe after another, is getting a free ride on it because Senator Obama and Senator Clinton have to fight with each other. I think that her criticism is hurting him more than anything John McCain has said. I think that’s unfortunate.

KINZEL: Leahy says it’s virtually impossible for Clinton to win more elected delegates than Obama, and as a result, he thinks it’s time for her to accept defeat:

LEAHY: There is no way that Senator Clinton is going to win enough delegates to get the nomination. She ought to withdraw and she ought to be backing Senator Obama. Now, obviously that’s a decision that only she can make. Frankly, I feel that she would have a tremendous career in the Senate.

Frankly, does it get more patronizing than that? And what in the hell kind of career has he had? Never heard of him before this. Never heard of most of those pink-faced old boys who came out bashing Sen Clinton…mostly presidential failures. Whose fault is it that Bush is in the White House? Al Gore & Donna Brazile & Kerry & Edwards. No Bush no Iraq.

KINZEL: Former Governor Madeleine Kunin is the co-chair of the Clinton campaign in Vermont. She thinks Leahy is dead wrong on this issue:

KUNIN: It is premature, to tell her to drop out now is just unfair because it isn’t over. Admittedly, it’s tough for Senator Clinton to get a majority of the delegates but it’s not over till it’s over. It seems a bit Patronizing to tell her ‘Honey, you know you’ve got to drop out for the good of the Party.’ Sure it’s not easy, but I think the process has to go forward as it was designed to go.

KINZEL: And Kunin thinks, in the end, the Democrats will unite behind one of these candidates:

KUNIN: I think both Democratic candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton know that what everybody wants in the Democratic party is a winner and some of this is just inevitable. But I think they will unite and I’m confident that judging by the turnout at every Democratic primary which has been unprecedented that Democrats will do very well in November.

KINZEL: It’s likely that roughly 800 super delegates will ultimately decide this race. Vermont has 7 super delegates – five are supporting Obama, one is backing Clinton and one person – former governor and now D.N.C. chairman Howard Dean is neutral.

Howard Dean neutral? When did that happen?

The obligatory “statement” from Leahy once someone told him what a sexist he was.

Any clear-eyed (non-hormonal?)appraisal of the campaign at this stage adds up to two conclusions: The bottom line is that, first, Senator Obama continues to hold a lead that appears to be insurmountable (then why the worry?) and recent indications are that more and more unpledged delegates have begun to add their support to his column.

And second, John McCain, who has been making one mistake after another, is getting a free ride on those gaffes, because the Democratic candidates have to focus not on him but on each other.

Senator Casey’s endorsement of Senator Obama in Pennsylvania is the latest sign of how the race is going. (Yeah, his teenage daughters told him to endorse Obama.)

A Democratic victory in November is important to the future and to the change in course that the American people want and deserve. The last thing the American people need is for Senator McCain to continue a third term for President Bush.

Senator Clinton has every right, but not a very good reason, (Because she poses a serious threat to Barry?) to remain a candidate for as long as she wants to. (Well, thank you, Mr President.) As far as the delegate count and the interests of a Democratic victory in November go, there is not a very good reason for drawing this out. But as I have said before, that is a decision that only she can make. (And yet you raged on the radio that she ought to get out and she ought to endorse barry.)

Senator Clinton has begun a tremendous career in the Senate, and she has a bright future ahead of her. She faces difficult decisions ahead, and I wish her the best.

He thinks women can’t understand: “bright future ahead of her”? Hear of racial “code words”? Well, there are even more sexist “code words” if the outright words and dismissive body language isn’t clear enough. “Bright future ahead of her” is what women hear when they’re being passed over by a man with little or no experience for the job.

Kennedys endorse Sen Hillary Clinton

August 30, 2008

January 29, 2008


Gaffe of the day: "She’s good-looking"

August 30, 2008

August 29, 2008
Toledo, Ohio

Biden’s comments about Governor Palin – who he doesn’t know.

Video courtesy of notpolitic

BIDEN: “Well, there’s obvious differences – she’s good looking.”

Then he goes over to a woman in the crowd member who says: “You are gorgeous!”

BIDEN: I haven’t heard that in a long, long time! And hanging out with this lean, young-looking guy is making me feel old. I thought I was in pretty good shape until I met this guy.”

Barry of course is loving it. Biden has more testosterone in his lips than barry has in his whole body

Ignorant quote of the day: "I love that he voted against the war."

August 29, 2008

November 29, 2007
The Apollo


Chris Rock:

I love that he voted against the war. He really voted against the war.

Informed voter?

Identity politics?

barry of course never had a vote – a notion he does not disabuse his fans of and they of course don’t care.

Anything would be better than Mr Bush.

Bet he didn’t realize what he said.

Barry before his patriotism was challenged.

Red screen like McCain’s green screen and no teleprompter. He had a little more energy back then.


I’m tired about reading about Jena.

He pronounced it “Gina” so he must really know alot about it.

I’m tired about reading about nooses.

How many nooses did he see hanging from a tree in Hawaii? Wasn’t ever in the south until stumping ad the first time he say his mother’s birthplace was on a stump.


I’m in this race because I’m tired of Democrats thinking that the only way to look tough on national security is to act and vote and talk like a George Bush Republican.

Hmm. Wonder what his VP thinks about this. He didn’t seem to care at the 2004 Convention.

When I am president (ego check which he could still do then) when I’m this party’s nominee my opponent will not be able to say I voted for the war – because I didn’t.

True, you didn’t have a vote and all your followers don’t care enough to ask and when a non-mesmerized tries to tell them they start their personal attacks as a way of endorsing their above the fray candidate.

They won’t be able to say I gave George Bush the benefit of a doubt on Iran – because I haven’t.

Yep. You didn’t know when the vote was and couldn’t make it back from NH. Political expediency all the way.

Why change something that has been proven to work?

Especially when no one cares about facts or reality.

The many face of Barack’s Iraq

August 29, 2008

August 29, 2008


Mark Halperin on Sen Clinton

August 29, 2008

March 28, 2008

Mark Halperin on why Senator Clinton should stay in the race….electability

courtesy of veracifier

Disgusting quote of the day: "Are you going to apologize for being a political whore?"

August 29, 2008

April 15, 2007
FOX TV Michelle Malkin & Malik Shabazz discussion of the wrongly accused Duke men.

Malik Shabazz, New Black Panther Party (who endorsed Obama on Obama’s official website and who provided protection for Wright) protesting against the Duke Lacrosse team and when they are exonerated Shabazz refuses to apology and says something is still wrong, implying they are guilty but got away with it because it was a rich white university and rich white men. The DNA from multiple men in her underwear – none of the three suspects – and her subsequent pregnancy and delivery 9 months later proves they were not guilty – reinforced by the DA Nifong.

Shabazz instead rants about the “over 1,600,000 black women have been sexually assaulted and raped by white men since we came here on slaves ships. None of them have been prosecuted. I will not apologize for defending black women.”

Where does this number come from?

And how is his disgusting treatment of these men related to slave ships?

They had nothing to do with that woman or slavery.

Malkin: You’re not going to apologize the Duke Lacrosse team that you smeared – you convicted. Didn’t you hear the North Carolina Attorney General’s statement? Did you hear that they say—

Shabazz: Did I hear—

Malkin: That the evidence is that there is no attack? What exactly–

Shabazz: No I didn’t hear that…

[Blah blah blah He says he is a criminal defense attorney. Rich white people against the poor black women. Same old same old.]

Shabazz: “All women who will bring sexual assault charges in the future will be adversely affected by this. So the victim-the accuser is a victim here as well. No, I will not apologize.”

Yes because she lied. It is her fault. She is not the victim – as least as far as this goes. She destroyed these men for life over a complete and utter lie and when she had the chance to make it right – she didn’t. She should go to jail. What other restitution is there? And then he tries to justify his smear by saying the accused were guilty of crimes of another nature. How evil is this man? In the face of irrefutable evidence of their innocence he refuses to apologize. How can this man’s word ever be worth something?

Malkin: “Mr Shabazz, you and your so-called party–how many members do you have? Fifteen? Have made a career out of stoking racial demagoguery.

Shabazz: Let me say this, let me say this. I would much rather be a member–

Malkin: Can I ask a question first, sir?

Shabazz: Go right ahead.

Malkin: And last May of your members said to Reade Seligmann one of the Duke lacrosse player, ‘that he was a dead man walking’. You’re not going to apologize for that?”

Shabazz: First of all, I can’t confirm that’s true. Will you apologize for being a political prostitute for Bill O’Reilly, a white male chauvinist racist of a woman of color?

Malkin: You’re calling me – you want to call me a whore on national TV?

Shabazz: Yes. A political–

Malkin: There’s only one whore on this split screen and it’s you, Mr Shabazz.

Shabazz: –as a woman of color you should be ashamed of yourself for being a mouthpiece–

Malkin: You should be ashamed of yourself for profiting off of your racial poison–

Shabazz: –for a male chauvinist racist Bill O’Reilly. You should be ashamed of yourself for defending and being a spokesman for Bill O’Reilly.

Malkin: You still supporting OJ Simpson, Mr Shabazz?

Shabazz: Do you support the acquittal?

Malkin: Are you?

Shabazz: Do you stand by or does Bill O’Reilly apologize when a jury verdict–

Malkin: Do you want to say some of your anti-Semitic propaganda that you’ve made your whole career about?

Shabazz : What is your point, Ma’am?

Malkin: What is you point is that you are calling me a political prostitute, when that is your entire life. And you will not apologize to these young men who have been exonerated. Uh, when was the last time you talked to the accuser in this case? [Crystal Gail Mangum]

Shabazz: I have…that’s between me and that family. Bit there are sources–

Malkin: Aha. Are you still providing security and protection for this woman?

Shabazz: Well…

Malkin: For this women who has been completely debunked and exposed?

Shabazz: This woman is a victim. Like many other women who will now be in fear – and you should sympathize with them who are afraid to go forth with serious charges because of prosecutors like Nifong-Neefong whatever it is.

Malkin: You’ve done treacherous harm not only to your own community [his beeper beeps] Mr. Shabazz but to every true and bona fide rape victim woman in this country.

Shabazz: “I am a defender of women, of black women, and I will not apologize UNTIL WHITE AMERICA DOES JUSTICE FOR THE MANY BLACK WOMEN WHO HAVE BEEN RAPED BY SLAVE TRADERS.

Malkin: No, it’s clear you will not apologize–


Malkin: Hmm-mm. Good-

How is that a defender of woman? It’s clear he is not capable of respect. Calling her a prostitute – that’s what the accused admitted to being — but he will defend her honor. He spews hate. Skin color doesn’t change that.

"He ventured forth to bring light to the world!"

August 29, 2008

July 25, 2008

Gerald Baker

Hysterical satire about barry. See link above for his article. Below is him narrating it. Enjoy!

“He ventured forth to bring light to the world!”


barry on The View: No taxes < 75K – doesn't even mention the economy

August 29, 2008

March 28, 2008
barry & the viewbots



All videos courtesy of kimktb



Ms Walters brings up barry’s comments about Imus.

BARRY: There’s nobody on my staff who would still be working for me if they made a comment like that about anybody or any ethnic group.

WALTERS: What’s the difference?


Two things: Rev Wright is retired – he is no longer the pastor of the church.

He says it’s a 99% white denomination, which matters none because barry isn’t going to other churches.


I never heard him say SOME of the things that I know have upset people…

I’m not vetting my pastor. I didn’t have a research team during the course of these 20 years go pull every sermon that he’s given and see if he’s said something.

The statements that were made were rightly [Wrightly] offensive. I actually think that some of them were offensive less in terms of race and more in terms of their characterization of America.

…I think a brilliant man who was still caught in a time warp…and had a sense of what America was and didn’t have a good enough sense of how it had changed.

It doesn’t excuse, but it explains some of these statements.

But it doesn’t explain why he went back after he knew of wright’s statements and of course Walters lets him off the hook.


Had the reverend not retired, were he still there, would you then have left the church or have said ‘and said I just can’t have anything to do with him?


Had the reverend not retired, and had he not acknowledged that what he had said had deeply offended people and were inappropriate and mischaracterized what I believe is the greatness of this country, for all its flaws, then I wouldn’t have felt comfortable staying there at the church.

Elisabeth brings up his 2004 Democratic Convention speech and barry says:

That was a pretty good speech.




What are the first three things you are going to do if you are elected president?


1-Call in joints Chiefs of Staff….and give them a new mission, which is to responsibly and honorably begin a withdrawl from Iraq. I want us to be as careful getting out as we were careless going in. I want our troops protected. I want Iraq to be stable.

2- Put forward legislation that would give every American healthcare.

3-I really think we’ve got to deal with our energy crisis.

If we do those three things I think we can back on track.


Then he adds:

There may some some crisis management that has to be down first when I take office. But as far as broad priorities go, that’s the direction I want to go.

Then he talks about his “toughness”.

I think that the way to handle attacks — wherever they’re coming from– and you know there have been some tough punches thrown here in this democratic primary. I mean it’s not like I’ve been taking a cake walk during this primary.

The way I like to handle attacks is to answer honestly, swiftly, forcefully and truthfully. I think the truth is a powerful weapon. And when you say what you really believe, and you don’t exaggerate, and you don’t try to respond to attacks by doing the same thing to other folks that they’re a doing to you, it can actually be disarming.

Take the high road.

And a lot of times, one of the ways I have been able to forge a lot of good relationships with Republicans some of the most conservative in the senate is actually I listen to them.


Will your wife sit in on your Cabinet meetings?


NO. She doesn’t want to because – Michelle is as talented a person as I know – and everybody knows now that she’s a better speaker than I am – but, she’s very clear about her priorities. And her biggest priorities are our two children. And she wants to first of all be a good parent. I think she’s gonna find projects, if she has the opportunity to be first lady, that will contribute to making sure that children are happy and healthy and thriving.

But she doesn’t have a burning desire to be a sort of a policymaker on a day-to-day basis.

That’s not her character and where her passions lie.



SHERRI sucks up and questions the “dirtiness” of the campaign.


I don’t think it’s gotten dirty. I think it has gotten contentious – sometimes with our surrogates….our supporters are very passionate and they say things – the press loves when people say crazy stuff…. and then that contributes to the sense of BITTERNESS.

The truth is, look, Senator Clinton is a bright dedicated public servant. She was my friend before this contest started and she’s gonna be my friend after this contest ends.

What I’m absolutely convinced of is that once we’re all done, the Democrats will come together, that they will have a nominee they can be proud of and who’s going to work on their behalf.

I trust that I’m gonna be able to [applause and laughter and smug smile–he puts out his hand (1:45) to shut up Elisabeth] Here’s what I was gonna say Elisabeth. After I beat John McCain – I am not one who believes the democrats have a monopoly on wisdom. I come from the Land of Lincoln.

I’ve got some very strong views on how we need to move this country, but I don’t presume I’m right all the time. I want to listen to people – something that I think our current president hasn’t done – get a diversity of opinion. And the one thing I’m convinced of as I travel around this country is we have so much more in common than what drives up apart...

But that is not what he is focusing on each time he points put he doesn’t look like the faces on the dollar bills. Neither does “Hillary” but you’ve never once heard her say it – and if she did she would be crucified.


What about the economy?  Talk about taxes. How are you gonna handle taxes?

barry makes a joke about him not liking to pay taxes.


I WANT TO CUT TAXES FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE MAKING THAN 75K A YEAR OR LESS.…Those of us who can afford to pay a little more pay a little more – those of us who need more help will pay less.

They Sherri makes a joke and Walters having to pay more.

Anyone who doesn’t believe their taxes won’t go up, are more than beyond delusional. It’s just a matter of whether he does it before or after he tries to get healthcare through.

Toni Morrison endorsement letter of barry

August 29, 2008