Brazile: “My mama taught me to play by the rules”

May 31, 2008

[The original video that I transcribed to got taken down. So the times are a little off.]

At the farce that was the DNC Rules Panel, discussing MI & FL, Donna Brazile, Superdelegate and Rules Committee Member lectures former Michigan Governor Blanchard.


This goes to what my mama taught me. (evil look 2:53) My mama – you mentioned your mother – if I was doing what I normally do on Saturday, I would give you something to take home [like she said to Begala] – but I’m not. But my mama always taught me to play by the rules and respect the rules. My mama taught me…when you decide to change the rules, especially, middle of the game, end of the game, that is referred to as cheating.

[Another evil face 4:04]

Angry: So, in that spirit, in the spirit of unity that we all come here today, we come hear in the spirit of unity- we come here in the spirit – not because we everything that we will do here today will be reflected in all of the rules that we have…

(4:12) she nods her head to the pink-faced old men next to her – she’s clearly being racistly dismissive – how many of the white men in the room wrote the constitution? FYI angry Donna, women didn’t have the right to vote when they wrote it either and black men voted 50 yrs before any woman could.

...and there are people in this room people who have written these rules since the beginning of time and I am sure WE will change them before the end of time…but we come in the spirit of unity because we come from a party that have worked for at least the last 4 decades, especially since Lyndon Johnson said voting is the lifeblood of our democracy. He put his pen on a document that came about because people marched and they died for this right to vote, so I just hope that as we talk about fairness and what’s flawed and what’s principle and what reflects the true intention of the voters, that we also pay tribute to those who might have written in and those who may have not have showed up because they didn’t think their vote would matter that day–so we reflect them all. And I’ll compromise and I just wanted to put that on the record as well.

Race in America is a goddam joke. Black men had the right to vote since 1870. President Johnson abolished the conditions that blacks had to meet in order to vote. The first black man vote in 1870 and and women 50 yrs later. Blacks were still voting between 1870 and 1964. Women didn’t have a chance to pass the literacy exam or pay a poll tax and when they marched they also got beaten and jailed.

How many black men stood next their sisters in the fight for women’s suffrage?

And how many white woman stood hand in hand with black men on the march?

The primaries were forever tainted by the back room brokering. Except this time it wasn’t just pink-faced men. After their closed proceedings – a violation – they came out and give Obama delegates from a state in which his name was not on the ballot. Hos is that not cheating by any mama’s standards?

The nomination of barry was fundamentally illegal. Thus the entire process is tainted start to finish.

Step back and think if the colors were reversed. Never happen. That is prejudice. ‘That is The Double Standard.

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