dear oprah

April 2, 2008

I respected you when you said you would remain out of politics but you did anyway. How else can your endorsement be explained other than identity politics?

How much pressure were you getting from the black community?

Did they not think you were “black enough” with your screaming rich white lady audiences and white hollywood celebrities?

How could you pretend it was ok to endorse someone who has been wright’s disciple for twenty years?

You know who wright is, you know what he represents and you know who he associates himself with and yet you said nothing.

You have lost my respect.

Why did you go into hiding after Iowa? Because your ratings dropped?

And why did you reappear after he secured the nomination?

This is what I wonder most: you established your school in South Africa because you believed women are the key to solving the problems in the world and yet when the most qualified American woman runs for the most powerful position in the world you endorse the most inexperienced man on the ticket.

How else to explain but identity politics?

What did your girls think?

It’s ok you picked a man because his father was Kenyan?

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