Wright: No honorary degree from Northwestern

May 1, 2008

Because of Wright’s comments and because of the distraction the media would bring, Wright will not be receiving the Honorary Doctorate of Sacred Theology degree at Northwestern. He brought it on himself and forced Northwestern’s hand. I’m sure it will only be temporary.

Official statement:Alan K. Cubbage, Northwestern University, Vice President for University Relations

Dr. Wright was quoted as saying that his invitation to receive an honorary degree was withdrawn by Northwestern President Henry Bienen because Dr. Wright “wasn’t patriotic enough.” If Dr. Wright was quoted accurately, that statement is not true. In his conversation and correspondence with Dr. Wright in March, President Bienen never characterized Dr. Wright’s views or made a judgment about them. The letter said, “In light of the controversy surrounding statements made by you that have recently been publicized, the celebratory character of Northwestern’s commencement would be affected by our conferring of this honorary degree.

UPDATE (11-10-08) Both Wright & Ayers spoke at Northwestern (11-7)