Oprah & Caroline Kennedy stump for Obama

February 4, 2008

Oprah disses her white audience because someone asked her in Iowa, “How could you?”

Oprah: She was surprised by that comment and insulted….I am not a traitor.

We are free to be led by our hearts.

We are free from the prescriptions of gender and race.

That would be funny if it were true. Ms Winfrey has remained out of politics for a reason and as soon as there is a biracial candidate she does?

Affected voice: “Trouble with your mens.”

Mind you, this was before her audience had begun to boycott her show and her ratings. And when that happened she suddenly disappeared from the scene. Integrity.

Ms Winfrey quotes Toni Bill is the first black president Morrison saying that Barry has “creative imagination”. True. But does he know how to use it in reality?

Morrison’s full letter of endorsement.

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