oprah & gail on "white folks"

April 4, 2008

Here’s an interesting conversation between Oprah and Gail. Making fun of the white folks in her office and getting away with it because they’re black. I’m sure they had quite the chuckle once they got behind closed doors.

It’s too bad this is just the audio.


GAIL: YOU could work for some good white folks.

OPRAH: (affected voice) I hope you get some white folks like I did. I worked for some good white folk.

GAIL: They’re so nice to you. They give you clothes and food to take home.

OPRAH: They give food and clothes to take home. And they give you good clothes too – not all worn out. That’s what my grandmother used to say. And now say that I wish she would have lived to see that I did grow up to get some good white folks…working for me.


GAIL: Working for you.

OPRAH: Working for me. Look around here. All these good white folks.

(Laughing – at people – not just laughing)

GAIL: There’s white people everywhere.

OPRAH: Everywhere. (affected) One black man in here.


OPRAH: There’s one everywhere you look. There’s George. More white folks thumbing up.


Here Gail goes one step further.

GAIL: Yeah, George is giving a thumbs up. (Laughing.) ‘I’m a good white folk.

Imagine Ellen talkin bout black folks this this. It’s okay for Oprah because it’s black folks talking about white folks?

Because Oprah’s ancestors were slaves and the white folks in the room are descendants of slave owners?

How many white folks gave their life fighting slavery?

How many white folks have Irish ancestors who were discriminated against?

How many white folks helped black folks on the road to freedom?

And who exactly are these “white folks”?

White folks who arrived in the US after slavery?

White folks who arrived after the 60’s?

What percentage of these white folks in the US have had anything to do with Oppression of the Southern Negro?

barry has nothing to do with any of it. His father was from East Africa and his mother’s ancestors held slaves. Look at him on a piece of paper and he’s part of the white folks’ problem. As a representative of his white family he would directly be responsible for “reparations”.

So why is it American blacks don’t draw the distinction?

Because of the the color of his skin?

Why is it they suddenly backed barry when they weren’t previously?

Because of the color of his skin?

Identity politics at it’s finest.

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