And if barry were to be proven ineligible?

December 5, 2008

Birth certificate posts

For those wondering why barry wouldn’t be considered a US citizen even if his mother had given birth to him in Kenya, Canada or anywhere else – as I understand it – the law in 1961 said that a child born to an American outside the US could be considered a US citizen as long as the parent resided in the US for five years after their 14th birthday. Barry’s mother was 18 at the time of his birth and her age has never been contested.

I had no idea of all these laws and I’m not sure I have a full grasp of any of it. I thought a child born to an American citizen in any foreign country was an American citizen as long as one parent was a full legal US citizen. But a US citizen is not the same as native born (barry) or natural born. I personally doubt the Kenyan (or anywhere else) birth simply from a logistical and financial standpoint. Besides the fact Sr abandoned his pregnant tribal wife and their young child for a white woman from America…and then another.

And then there are his grandparents. I can’t imagine a mother of an only child and a father who fought to defend his country’s liberty would allow their grandchild to be born on foreign soil in the homeland of a man they had known for less than a year on a continent they had never visited. Especially if they were the typical white person racists barry has politically expediently made them out to be.

And as far as McCain, he was born to two American citizens on an American military base. Even though he was not physically born on US soil there is no doubt to his citizenship. It’s the “natural born” citizen part.

Who is so blind they don’t see all this? The angry bots mindlessly screaming it’s a right wing conspiracy (even though McCain was part of Donofrio’s suit) and it’s those frigid Hillary feminazis and well you know everybody’s a racist too.

How can so many Americans be so ignorant? Or at the very least uncurious?

I get the German people now and the true power of propaganda.

Ask yourself – even if you believe it to be a massive racially-motivated conspiracy brought on bitter Hillaryites, the KKK, disgruntled Republicans and/or Independents or by “people who don’t know what to do with their time” — why hasn’t barry just cleared Berg’s lawsuit up by simply producing the vault copy?

If he had produced it, and it was legal, there would never have been a Berg/Martin (et al) lawsuit and the DNC wouldn’t still be spending money defending him. barry can’t do anything about his British subjectness or his time in Indonesia when he may have surrendered his US citizenship. That’s what I would pursue – it would explain barry’s obvious hatred of his mother (and her race).

And take it a step further. If barry is not a natural born citizen and therefore ineligible to become president then he knew all along her was ineligible. He’s a constitutional lawyer. He knew, his lawyer wife knew, his campaign knew, the DNC knew and at least one person in the MSM knew and not one of them did anything to stop the election.

If it were to be true, each one was complicit in the systematic trashing of barry’s opponents. Unlawfully stealing the nomination from Sen Clinton (as well as the other democratic candidates), looking the other way when Chelsea Clinton was questioned about that woman, destroying the reputation of Gov Palin and exposing her teenage daughter to unbelievably cruel words and her husband to accusations of incest, dishonoring Sen McCain, who has served this nation for over 50 years – five of them being tortured in a POW camp – and allowing the former two-term democratic president – the last one to bring prosperity to the nation – to be called an array of things including crazy.

Pause and ponder what was done to Gov Palin’s teenage daughter. Think of what she has had to go through, is still going through and will always be scarred by. Her entire life out there in cyberspace for her child to one day read. To read about how barrybots called his/her grandmother a hypocritical liar and a Caribou Barbie, who should have just aborted the DISABLED INFANT retard because it was a sign from God of her wicked ignorance. How they called his/her mother a whore and other things not worth repeating. How his/her was a product of incest. Al Franken should rot in hell.

And Trig himself?

Imagine if barry knew he was ineligible to be president and allowed it to continue. It’s despicable in its own right – whether he is eligible or not – but his allowing it (Had barry said stop – it would have stopped.) to continue, knowing full well he was not qualified for the job, is a very special type of evil.

And what are Malia and Sasha going to feel when they read what their father allowed to be said about his opponent’s children?

Imagine if one of them were to become pregnant?

How would barry want them treated? Mrs barry?

All three of barry’s opponents were labeled racists and Senator McCain was compared to George Wallace, linking him to the evil bombing of a church and murder of four innocent girls. Something barry has never apologized for. Nor has he dispelled the ludicrous notion that Senator and President Clinton suddenly became racists after 30 years of public service and civil rights activism.

Any wonder why the non-obamerized are angry?

Or why Senator Clinton – besides being her nature – fought to the end of the primaries?

Would this have been allowed to go uncovered and unresolved if it were about barry’s opponents?

Would there have been even a whiff of convention capitulation?

Daily demands to get out?

A behind closed doors out of the way of cameras Michigan delegate hijack? Are any Michiganders suing for voter theft?

Think of the national outrage if the obamahoax were to be true. Well-educated, well-informed folks who deal with politics everyday haven’t heard of it and think it’s a joke and a “silly waste of someone’s time”. How are regular citizens going to see it as anything other than a conspiracy to prevent a black man from being president? And every step of the way barry knew he could count on this, as did the DNC.

barry would be the only one to unequivocally admit that what he did was illegal and he did it forethought and malice and that is as likely as him ascending to heaven.

And the global ramifications?

Do you want to live in that world?

It is the main reason it will never be successfully challenged. At this point, it is a true national and international security issue. Something else barry counted on. His true genius as a politically expedient politician is being ignored, while he is compared to great presidents, having done absolutely nothing but raise a lot of cash, lie and allow his opponents to be thoroughly destroyed. Forget great president – he is not in any way a man of principle.

There was never a chance he wouldn’t get the nomination and there is absolutely no chance that after 64 million voters voted for him he won’t become president.

End of story.

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