Brazile nasty email

Toward the end Donna Brazile was sending vile venomous emails to supposed SHRC supporters. I’m sure that many many of them were disgusting. Frannie sent her an email inquiring about her comments made on CNN. See what you think. Frannie was entirely sincere but the final response was downright nasty.

FRANNIE: Hello Ms Brazile: I apologize for all the nastiness Clinton supporters have vented on you. They represent a derange faction and don’t speak or reflect the majority of Clinton supporters. Our group has nothing but love for you and wish you well. We heard your words on CNN and wonder how much you meant them?

CNN Transcript June 1, 2008
BRAZILE: Anderson, you know, I’m in — this is Sunday. I will give her my delegate if that would tell them to show some love. Show some unity. They can have my vote. I’ll cast it for Hillary Clinton. But don’t tell me after we have sat down for two days spent the entire week getting e-mails from people who are strangers threatening us if we don’t do what they want us to do they’re going with John McCain.

11,295 Clinton supporters who had planned on writing her in on the ballot will vote for Obama and actively campaign for him until November. Not a threat or ill will or anything else. We’re simply curious if you will really stand behind your offer. None of us would ever vote for McCain.

Your words. Your choice. Your integrity. Thank you for reading this and enjoy this historic day! Whatever happens – It’s been a long, a long time coming…

BRAZILE: To let you know how much I appreciate your email and tone, Sen Clinton has not asked me for my help or support. I have gone out of my way to be gentle and kind, but there is nothing they want from me or others who stayed neutral or undeclared. I saw it in the Rules meeting and understood on Sunday what I know right now — they don’t want it. For the record, I reached out to Maggie Williams before Sat and asked if they needed anything. Let me now do what is right starting tomorrow. Tonight, i salute the season and will not declare for anyone.
God bless you and I pray you are indeed sincere.

FRANNIE: Thank you, Ms. Brazile, for holding off until tomorrow. Please make sure your vote is meaningful, 2115 or so, because it will signal victory for Clinton supporters as well. (Frannie didn’t quite get how the voting went.) Congratulations to you, your community, and to all Obama supporters! I pray Senator Obama is wise enough to use you high up in his administration. You’ve earned it. Any help in getting CNN to give Senator Clinton break for once, if only tonight, would be greatly appreciated. Enmity, too, shall pass. Peace. 9They didn’t give her a break and Brazile was part of the nastiness.)

BRAZILE: Your email and others are unproductive and disrespectful to Senator Clinton. Thus, I understand and appreciate the desire to inject your anger on the last day. But you must understand this, we are human beings as well with deep emotions as well that must be acknowledged.

Ouch! What? Frannie sent a confirmatory email saying that she was indeed sincere and blamed the anger on the email being sent to the wrong person. She couldn’t find the last one to include here.

And then there’s Brazile’s tirade at the rules committee about people in this room she nods her head and eyes toward the pink-faced men next to her having made the rules – generalizing to the whites. Could you imagine someone making a face and dismissive gesture like that to Mrs Obama? Someone should remind Brazile that women weren’t included in the “all men are created equal” either. And that black men voted in 1870 and held office – in larger proportions than any time hence. Think about that. Women couldn’t vote until 1920 and they marched and got beat and jailed. It doesn’t lesson either – it just goes unnoticed. Black men could vote in the South – although there were literacy tests and a poll tax – they had the right. Blacks in the North voted between 1870 and 1920 when women did not have the option of literacy tests or anything else. The first black man to vote did so in New Jersey.

See here for more on suffrage.