Castellanos: “It’s time to take the family dog to the vet”

May 6, 2008

Indiana Primary

Donna Brazile, Wolf Blitzer and Alex Castellanos (GOP) among others are sitting on their primary night panels. Not a single Hillary person is there. Later they totally disrespect Lanny Watkins by making him wait and they never went back to him after Sen Clinton’s victory speech.

Castellanos is a pig. Period. He is a sexist maximus. Here is refers to Sen Clinton as the family dog. His way of saying she needs to get out of the race is to compare her to the family dog who needs to be put out of its misery.

CASTELLANOS: The Clintons have incited such emotions in Republicans over the years, that you get Republicans who, any chance they get to vote against a Clinton may do so. And then on the other side, you also have some Republicans who I think have found something in Barack Obama’s transformational message. You know, we can be better than we are. We can all come together and do something. So I don’t think it’s just strategic voting that Republicans want to cause chaos in the Democratic Party. This is democracy at work.

BLITZER: You think it’s going to be a split decision tonight?

BRAZILE: I think so. Based on the early polls and also based on the fact that I think Senator Clinton has tremendous support in Indiana. I mean, people talk about the northwest corridor, Gary, Indiana.

BLITZER: Basically a suburb of Chicago.

And an easy extension of the Daley Machine. The returns came back after midnight after CNN started to make comments. 11K absentee ballots appeared. High school kids were high jacked from school and told how to vote. Will anything ever happen? Nope.

BRAZILE: But she has a former governor, Evan Bayh. He’s an institution in Indiana, like Ed Rendell in the state of Pennsylvania. She also has — the governor of North Carolina came up.

So I don’t write Hillary Clinton off. I’ve never written her off. I didn’t write her off in New Hampshire, I won’t write her off tonight.

That is a complete and utter lie. An how many times has she said that Hillary should just get out.

BRAZILE: But I also believe that this is Obama’s moment to show that he cannot only stand against all of the things that’s come against him, but he can also rise again.

BLITZER: He’s going to be here in a few minutes, Evan Bayh. We’ll speak to him. Split decision, what does that say to you? What happens next? We wait next week for West Virginia?

CASTELLANOS: We wait again. Well, I think it puts the Democrats on the spot, because what that means at some point geometry won’t change. Barack Obama, it’s still his. They’d have to take it away from him at the convention.

I don’t think the Democratic Party is going to let that happen. So they’re going to have to take the family dog to the vet.

He just referred to Sen Clinton as the family dog and the need to kill her so barry can win. Nobody even reacts. Nobody sees anything wrong with it because there is no one there to speak of for Sen Clinton. And they defended themselves saying it was fair coverage. Oh what a world it will be when barry gets exposed.

CASTELLANOS: It’s not something we want to do. The Democrats love the Clintons. But the time has come after June 3 and the last primary, somebody is going to have to sit them down and say this has got to end.

BLITZER: But the math favors her, apparently, in West Virginia next Tuesday, a week from today. Based on the polls there.

BRAZILE: Barack Obama is about 276 delegates short, 136 delegates will put him in the lead in terms of earned delegates. So I don’t know if it’s about the math. It’s about the psychology.

BLITZER: No, I’m just talking about West Virginia, if she were to pull out a win next Tuesday in West Virginia.

BRAZILE: She can win the remaining eight primaries, but the math is the math. And again, if you want to change the subject to psychology, that’s a whole different topic. But right now the math still matters in terms of who wins the nomination.

CASTELLANOS: The last six big primaries coming up after this, none of them have over 10 percent black vote, unlike North Carolina in which it’s 40 percent or so. So they’re not good for Barack Obama, but it does not matter. It’s not enough for Hillary Clinton.

BRAZILE: Well, if you go by that, Barack Obama would not even be in this position, because African-Americans make up 12 percent of the population. And yes, there’s an overwhelming number of African- Americans in some states, but let’s give the voters in Iowa and all the other states that have voted for Obama some credit, because they voted for the candidate of their choice.

Funny how her comments change. What about all those bitter white racists in Pennsylvania and Appalachia?

BLITZER: We give all these voters a lot of credit, guys.

BRAZILE: I love them all.

BLITZER: We’ll see you later. Thanks very much.