Gaffe of the day: “They’re both not ready!”

March 7, 2008
Susan Rice in response to 3 am ad.

They’re both not ready to have that 3 am call. When they answer the phone for the first time, who is going to have the right judgment? Who is going to make the right decision?

On the critical foreign policy decisions of the day – whether it was the decision to go to war with Iraq or the decision to give President Bush the benefit of the doubt and beat the drums of war with Iran, Hillary Clinton has made the same decision as John McCain and George Bush.

Barack Obama has made a very different judgment.

There was no judgment. Judgment requires a consequence. All he did was talk. He made a speech out of political expediency that if we won – no problem and if we lost he becomes the nominee.

And the Iran guard vote? He couldn’t obamanate as usual aka vote *present* so he said he didn’t know there was going to be a vote and hid out in NH. The others on the trail made it back.

Barry’s judgment? It’s the judgment of the bots that is clearly as demented as the botleader.

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