Sexist video: “Mad as Hell”

June 7, 2008

A nice collection of sexist comments about Sen Hillary Clinton from her friends in the MSM.

Make sure you notice Mika Brzezinski’s Mrs Spitzer impersonation. And “My goodness” from Rumsfield while “Hillary” talks in the Senate.


UPDATE: The audiotrack was taken off because of a “copyright” issue but it’s one more example of barrybots at work. Just like the musicians complaining about their songs being played at non barry rallies. It really doesn’t get more pathetic. It’s propaganda and censorship.

Here’s some of the things said from what I can remember:

Herr Obermann said she teared up one moment then went into attack mode the next. Then the tirade about Ferraro and David Duke. And then barry and her should go into a room and only barry come out aka murder her.

Jack Cafferty said she one minute she’s a mother scolding and then morphed into Someone with multiple personality disorder.

Glenn Beck:  “Hillary” has she spent decades stripping away all traces of humanity and femininity and called her “IT” as in “It cries” and that she smokes Kools and shaves  like a man doing it with a deep voice.

FOX man – she’s a bitch.

Rudov:“When Barack Obama speaks, men hear, ‘Take off for the future.’ And when Hillary Clinton speaks, she reminds men of their first wives and men hear, ‘Take out the garbage.’ The chiron read: “Rudov: Clinton’s ‘nagging voice’ is reason she lost male vote.”

Chris Matthews  said the only reason she was elected to the Senate was because of Mr Bill’s messing around. Tin Russert laughed – Joe Scarborough went on a rant to defend barama while Mika Mommy Brzezinski did her Mrs Spitzer impression.

Tucker Carlson who frequently talks about his castration anxiety – talks about Lorena Bobbitt.

Kristol: “white women are the problem “as the black man laughs – imagine the reverse.

David Shuster says Chelsea was “pimped out”.

Mike Barnicle she reminds men of the their first wife standing outside probate court.

Pete Snyder said: “Someone is going to have to go out there and take her behind the barn. I grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and that’s kind of the term they use for that.” ” aka rape/putting her down like a dog.

Then there’s some nasty headlines, pix, products. The last part I think was set to she’s a bitch, she’s a lover, she’s a mother.