Donna Brazile: “I get two votes.”

February 9, 2008
CNN – Discussion of superdelegates

BRAZILE: (2:35)”796 superdelegates. I was appointed in 1998 by Bill Clinton and Al Gore and Dick Gephardt, and yes, our role is to help build the party, not to decide elections. I get two votes. I get a vote on Tuesday here in the Democratic primary in the District of Columbia. That vote is mine. But as a superdelegate, I believe that vote belongs to the American people…And Therefore I will withhold committing to any candidate until the voters decide…”

And how neutral was she? What a joke. She may not have officially committed but it was clear who she endorsed. Whatever integrity she once may have had is completely zip. Her attitude with Begala about white blue collar workers was insane. Just how many hardworking, blue collar or whatever else you want to say were Clinton’s demographic? How many black voters at all were going her way?

TIME’s MARK HALPERIN: “The superdelegates exist. And Donna and the others can say this is unfortunate, this shouldn’t decide it. I think two things are true: All this will be fine if the superdelegates take their responsibility seriously – if they pick the person who would be the best president, rather than whose the stronger arm twister when the people are trying to get their votes from the obama/clinton camps. The other thing is, what’s dangerous for the democratic party, if this is decided by the superdelegates…the loser is going to have to deal with the implications of that. And if the loser wants to take up the battle cry that this is undemocratic, the democrat party is going to have a hideous convention in Denver.”

HOWARD DEAN: I think we will have a nominee sometime in middle of March or April — but if we don’t, uhm, then we will have to, were gonna have to, uh, have, make some kind of, get the candidates get together and raise some kind of arrangement. Because I don’t think we can afford to have a brokered convention. That would not be good news for either party. (or his boy barry…)

FOREMAN: Chairman saying superdelegates are a bad idea, essentially, because if they really make the decision, they shouldn’t be making the decision. So why don’t you get rid of them?

BRAZILE: We should not get rid of the superdelegates. [because barry can’t win otherwise.] We should wait till voters in Nebraska, Louisiana, Washington State, West Virginia, North Carolina, Texas and Ohio. We should wait until they vote. Let’s listen to the voters in Pennsylvania – give them an opportunity to speak and at the end of the day, after all of the voters have spoken, if we don’t have a clear nominee, then the superdelegates should throw their weight around…

TOM FOREMAN: How can you possibly not have a clear nominee? In the end somebody gets more votes than somebody else. End of story. (haha) All the superdelegates get on board with the more popular one. Why not?

BRAZILE: …Why should we shut down a debate right now because of some fear of a brokered convention? This process will work it’s way out. At the end of the day we will have a clear nominee sometime in May.

FOREMAN: Democrats screaming about what happened to Al Gore because of the electoral college and the courts I don’t see how the party’s possibly going to say to their followers across the country, now we’ve picked a candidate who didn’t win the popular vote?

HALPERIN: Discusses vote vs delegates…”For this cycle, I think they all should just focus on a simple thing: Who they think the best president will be. If they do that, they can all have a clear conscience and the candidate can feel good about it and not think it’s based on BACK ROOM DEALS.

FOREMAN: What do you think happens if it goes down to the superdelegates and HC & BO are essentially tied?…You don’t tug on Donna Brazile’s cape….Comes to a coin flip and they become a ticket.” (7:40)

Brazile’s face shows no way the DNC & SD are going t allow that.

FOREMAN: “You have suggested that you will quit if you have to pick the winner.”

BRAZILE: I believe that if this process is prematurely shut down because we want to rush to get a nominee because we want to take on John McCain — meaning we will not hear the voters in the upcoming primaries and caucuses, I will vacate my position on the DNC….But I will not support a party that shut the vote down. On that note, we’ll have to do something about the vote in Florida and Michigan – those two states did not comply with the rules, but we should find a way to ensure that the voters in those two states have a voice in this process.

(September update: Now it’s ok to call this demographic white working class…walmart, hockey moms and barry still doesn’t have them. But Begala and Clinton are racists. Shows how little integrity she and the rest of the obama camp have and how they used the race card to win. Undeniable proof everywhere, especially when they tried to use the race card against McCain. (Dollar bills) And Halperin? SHRC took the high route that not a single obamabot would have taken. The country would have rioted. But SHRC?

And look at Brazile’s words about not shutting the process down and FL & MI having a vote. Did she stay true? Absolutely not. And Halerpins’s back room deal happened just as he said and Barry got votes from a state he was not on the ballot. COMPLETE AND UTTER FRAUD but in the favor of a black man and against THAT WOMAN so it’s perfectly reasonable.

OFUMedia provide video
Donna Brazile has been bought and paid for by the Clintons. “Shows just how out of touch bots were and still are. Brazile was in the bag for barry since the beginning.

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