Quote of the day: "If my aunt had a male appendage, she’d by my uncle."

May 6, 2009

Indiana Primary

Nobody from Clinton’s side is on the panel. There are Republicans and barry people and Gergen, Brazile, Martin, Cooper, Toobin and King who pretend they’re not for barry. And Jamal Simmons as usual shows his classy side. It’s clear what Freud would say about Simmons’ comment – did he even realize how what he said reflects on his own appendage?

Watch how immature the whole panel is and how rude anderson cooper is. John King lies and says he doesn’t have a horse in the race. Who believes this shit?

video courtesy of veracifier

Lanny Davis has been kept waiting all night.


It’s all part of the conspiracy against Hillary Clinton, I suppose.

They aren’t even aware that the truth comes unsolicited out of their own mouths.

Jamal Simmons says HC can’t close with Independents when his buddy barry couldn’t close after winning 11 in a row. Doesn’t get more effeminate than that, eh?

JAMAL SIMMONS: I know Lanny is agitated.

And then he goes off on more BS.

LANNY DAVIS: Are you sure you want me to respond to that?

ANDERSON COOPER laughs: Not really.

Davis mentions how barry refused to have a revote in Florida and how he cheated and advertised.

Classy as ever JAMAL SIMMONS:

Here’s the problem with the Clinton campaign. They want to come back in and change all this at the end of the day. If Michigan counts…if Florida counts. If my aunt had a male appendage, she’d by my uncle.

Him and his bud Bob Herbert sure have phallic preoccupations.

ANDERSON COOPER: Whoo. Elections center late night!

All the children laugh.

More rudeness from SIMMONS:

If we counted American Idol vote. If we counted straw poll votes. They don’t matter according to the rules.

The rules set in place by the DNC to favor barry. They moved up Nevada and South Carolina – to favor whom? Get real. And had they allowed Florida and Michigan to be the two states? The DNC manipulated the results before the voting ever began by choosing NV & SC. Period.

DAVID GERGEN chimes in. Lanny responds how barry refuses a revote in Florida and then queen of nasty cuts Davis off.

DONNA BRAZILE classless as ever wants to fight. She wanted to beat Paul Begala up earlier.

You know, I wish you would have been with us last August when we avoided this track wreck. I was there, Lanny. I said on May 31st, the Democratic Party with work with Senator Obama and Senator Clinton to come up with a resolution, Lanny.

If you want to keep fighting – let’s fight. Let’s you and I go into the Green Room and fight and not keep this fight up.

Wants to beat up Paul Begala also. Her other line is how she’d cook for them.

The rest chime in — Castellanos, Wolf, Roland Martin and the fat pink-faced guy who has a fascination with”Hillary’s” ankles says “it’s not going to be a quiet exit by Hillary Clinton as one of her advocates said tonite and that’s indicated by what we’re hearing from Lanny “.


I do think there are people around her who are going fight – bitterly – right to the end, and I think Lanny has some of that spirit that a lot of people have around her. And fine – good for him.


We are delighted by the results tonite. With all due respect to David Gergen, the reference to  the word bitter and me is a cheap shot. I am happy – not bitter. I am committed – not anger. We’re happy tonite…this is really a sense of onesidedness in interpreting these results.

They cut him off and never went back to him after Sen Clinton’s victory speech. Daviss complained to CNN who said their coverage was not biased. Lying in the face of video evidence. No one was even in the studio representing Senator Clinton. How more delusional does it get? They’re not even trying to hide it anymore.

Pro-Obama media bias at it’s most obvious and most sanctioned and most irrefutable.

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