Gaffe of the day: "57 States"

May 9, 2008
Beaverton, Oregon

Obama says he visited 57 states.

How can a politician–let alone one for president–not know how many states there are?

He says one state to go and Alaska and Hawaii he couldn’t go because “his staff wouldn’t justify it”.

What about the staff he sent to Guam?

What about his tour of the world?

So was that the 60 states? France, Germany, UK, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Syria–his campaign fundraiser pal Tony “boneheaded mistake” Rezko’s birthplace–and the Palestinian territories?

He did make it to Hawaii when he needed to hide out when the Edwards’ story was finally unembargoed by the MSM.

Are there people in this country who don’t believe the MSM has done/will do anything to help barry win?

How many people have heard the media mention this?


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