Notable Bryant Gumbel quotes

Notable Gumbel political comments:

GUMBEL: To U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), April 15, 1993–

“If I’m a young black man in South Central L.A., where poverty is rampant and unemployment is skyrocketing, I see that Washington’s promises of a year ago have gone unfulfilled, I see that perhaps for a second time, the court’s inability to mete out justice in a blind fashion, why shouldn’t I vent my anger?”

GUMBEL: – Today, May 10, 1994.

“We’ve got an awful lot to talk about this week, including the sexual harassment suit against the President. Of course, in that one, it’s a little tough to figure out who’s really being harassed.”

GUMBEL: To Senator Ted Kennedy, March 15, 1995 Today –

“The Clinton White House seems to be having a hard time retaining high-profile minorities particularly. Do you think, Senator, they are being held to a higher standard in Washington than their white predecessors?”

From TV Guide’s June 17, 1995 interview

“Imagine NBC gives you a blank check ad says, ‘Go find the person to put in the chair next to you.’ Only one caveat: It can’t be Katie or Jane…Come on, just for fun. A choice of three.”


“Okay, here goes: my wife, June, to keep things peaceful at home. Oprah Winfrey, because she can do no wrong. And Hillary Clinton, just to tick off the right-wing extremists.

September 5-7, 1997 USA Weekend.

It’s hard to be defined as a conservative if you’re a black man and care about black people. I think it’s very difficult. Basically…’conservative’ says the status quo is good. I mean, how can you look out there at the vast majority of people of color and say, ‘Oh, yes. This is something I can applaud. It’s a situation I’d like to keep. This is obviously working.’ I don’t see that. There are some conservatives of great character and some conservatives with great caring who would argue that proper conservatism says, ‘Oh, no, we do want to change the status quo, but we want to do it in a different fashion than liberals want to do it’; i.e., Jack Kemp. I don’t have a problem with that.”

GUMBEL: To James Carville, January 28, 1998 Public Eye on CBS – “

Where does Lewinsky fit into this conspiracy theory? Is she victimizing the President or is she too a victim?”

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