Sexist quote of the day: "Periodically, when she’s feeling down."

February 15, 2008

I don’t think there is enough room to include all of his sexist belittling remarks. I am so tired of hearing his whining and talking about the “American people” that he hasn’t deigned to speak with, but when he loses it’ll be because they’re all racists. This guy is beyond a fraud.

barry: I understand that, ya know, Sen Clinton, uh, periodically when she’s felling, uh, down, uh, launches attacks, uh, as-as-as a way of-of, ya know, trying to boost her, uh, boost her appeal. But I think, ya know, these-these kinds of gamesmanship, uh, is not what the American people are looking for.

The American People are looking for a leader and he aint it.

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