Obama & Gumbel having a good ol boy chat

April 15, 2008
HBO Real Sports
Bryant Gumbel & Barack Obama on dissing Sen Clinton

Gumbel: Do you believe you can you tell a man’s character from watching them on the basketball court?
OBAMA: No. But I do think you can tell something about people from how they play basketball. For example, people (reference to Sen Clinton) who keep on shooting (smiling) even though they have no jump shot…
(Big arrogant smile and laughing with Gumbel gives it away)
OBAMA…you can tell there’s a certain delusional aspect…
(Gumbel laughing – barry grinning – no doubt about it)
OBAMA: …to their game. Right? (turns head) That, that says something about who they are.

Then they cut to Obama campaigning. CHANGE! (7:00)

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