Male Minority Group??

No joke. This man wrote this in all seriousness. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how old he is. (Emphasis mine)

Male Minority Group
Will Fitzhugh Columnist

Male Minority Group

It is seldom acknowledged that the largest Minority Group (MG) in the United States is Males. There are several other important Minority Groups (MGs) of course, such as the Iraqi MG, the German MG, the Vietnamese MG, the Irish MG, the Brazilian MG, the West Indian MG, the Hmong MG, the Danish MG, the Jewish MG, the Apache MG, the Kenyan MG, the Italian MG, the Mexican MG, the Haiti MG, the Arapahoe MG, the Hopi MG, the Somali MG, the Cuban MG, the Hindu MG, and the Korean MG, to name just a few.

There are many important sub-groups within the Male MG, of course, including the Costa Rican American Male Group, the Apache American Male Group, the Comanche American Male Group, the Chilean American Male Group, the Havasupai Male Group, the Pakistani American Male Group, the Tibetan American Male Group, the Scottish American Male Group, and so on, including the males from the groups in the first paragraph, and from scores and scores more American Male MGs.

The Male MG exhibits a number of serious consequences of its marginalization and oppression. Members of the Male MG are disproportionately given drugs for ADD in schools, they are incarcerated as adults at much greater rates than the majority group, they are more likely to be abusers of alcohol and other dangerous drugs, and they are much more likely to drop out of school, and of those who do go on to higher education, fewer complete it.

The United States has a long history of accommodating MGs, from the Quaker MG’s policies of toleration toward the Pennsylvania Deutsch and the local Siberian-American population, to Washington’s letter to the Connecticut synagogue, and so on, right up to the present day. Apparently there are several hundred foreign languages spoken in the New York Public Schools now, and many of these foreign-language speakers are, after all, Male.

Women are the Majority Group in the United States of course, and they also make up the majority of the teachers in our schools and of the students in our colleges and universities. While they participate in at least half of the divorces in this country, it is not clear that there is much awareness on their part of the plight of the Male MG. One hears frequently: “You Go, Girl!” But hardly ever does one hear, “You Go, Guy!” And this is just one small symptom of the Majority attitudes toward the Male MG that contribute to its difficulties in our society.

[Participate in at least in half the divorces? Plight of the male MG?? Majority of teachers in schools? And how many tenured professors? You, go guy?]

What is interesting is that Diversity and Tolerance, which the country has been working on since the Founding, have only recently been discovered, it seems, by our educators in the schools. Diversity and Tolerance have been introduced into the curricula as though the United States and its citizens have not understood their importance since 1620 or so. One can only wonder, however, how many classes on Diversity and Tolerance in our schools now take into account the struggles and pains of the largest minority group we have.

Struggles and pains of the largest minority group we have? Earth to skippy!