Barry pouts after ABC debate

April 17, 2008
Day after ABC debate
Raleigh, North Carolina

Barry just can’t let it go.

video courtesy of RepublicanRanting

BARRY: …Senator Clinton (scratches face…arrogant anger) looked in her element. SHE was taking every opportunity to get a dig in there.

Twist the knife motion with the right hand and laughing. Messiah smile.

BARRY: You know – that’s all right. That’s HER right, that’s HER right (twisting). That’s why…SHE’s only airing negative attacks on TV IN Pennsylvania and other places. I understand because it’s the textbook Washington game. That’s how our politics has been taught to be played. That’s the lesson that SHE learned when the republicans were doing the same thing to HER back in the 1990’s.

So I understand it. When you’re running for the presidency, then you gotta expect it and you know, you kind gotta…

Shrugs his shoulders and then dusts them off dismissively. Crowd loves it. He can say all he wants he didn’t intend what he clearly does – but he is just as much responsible for the crowd’s reaction. He knows what they’re thinking and he doesn’t disavow them of the notion.

…let, you know. You know.

(Messiah smile.)

It’s what ya gotta do.

Chanting standing O by the obamerized crowd. He dusts off his pant and wipes his shoes…and the tell tale cheek scratch. Messiah smile.

That’s what ya gotta do.

But understand this – that is also why, precisely why I am running for president. To change that kind of politics…….fill in the blank

I’d say he was upstaged and pouting likre a child.

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