Quote of the day: “Modern technology has inspired whack jobs.”

July 19, 2008

The ever lady-like, eloquent, biased Peggy Noonan on Morning Joe in July.
Noonan: “McCain is as white and as pale as a pillar…I think he needs a tan…He needs a little oomph and color.”

She can write books and nasty articles on McCain and his age but is so totally clueless she says a melanoma survivor should get a tan.

Joe: “Young kids who are supporting him. They’re so angry, BO’s not an angry candidate but some of these netroots people are filled with rage.”

Noonan: “He should calm them down – it would help him if he did…the internet has empowered the polar, the perpetually enraged, the deeply immature. Modern technology has inspired whack jobs!”

Her advice for BO? “Tell the truth.”

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