Wright controversy continues at Northwestern

Zachary Parker, Coordinator of For Members Only, the Black Student Alliance is protesting and attempting to get Wright’s honorary degree reinstated. Never gona happen and there is one person on the planet that will be very happy it doesn’t: barry. The last thing he needs is Wright popping back up again. It took him long enough to distance himself as it was. And it took Wright’s mentioning that barry gave the speech out of political expedience. The pastor knows his congregant.

May 11, 2008
Open letter from Zachary Parker to Northwestern University President Henry Bienen

FMO’s Reinstatement petition

UPDATE: September 30, 2008
NorthByNorthwesterns’ Alex Campbell and Chelsea Finger

Bienen wrote, “It is not Dr. Wright’s views per se or the controversial nature of them that led us to rescind his invitation for an honorary degree. Rather, we want Commencement to be a focus on graduating students and their parents and families and we do not want Commencement overwhelmed by controversy.”

UPDATE: November 10
Wright & Ayers spoke at FMO sponsored event. Still no honorary degree. Wright behaved himself long enough for Barry to be elcted 44th President of the United States.