Major gaffe of the day: “He paved the way for an Osama bin Laden”

July 21, 2008
Morning Joe
Tiki Barber, Mike Barnicle, Dan Rather, Mika

They’re discussing Jesse Jackson’s castration comments and nobody corrects Rather.

video courtesy of tikarules

TIKI [“You are a total medal c*nt“] BARBER:

In a different respect – you’ve been in the news business a long time. I want your take on this Jesse Jackson issue. First, on what he said. But secondly, and I think more importantly, the fact that it was released – because he was off-air. This wasn’t something that was for broadcast. What’s your opinion on that?


Well, these days with the 24 hour news cycles, you can never assume that anything is off-air or off the record. You have to – anything you say, you have to be prepared for it being on the front page of tomorrow’s paper after it’s been on cable television.

With Jesse Jackson – I recognize this is not popular said to alot of people – I have a great respect for Jesse Jackson. That he was important figure in paving the way for an Osama bin Laden to appear.

But this is one of those things, I think, that by the time we get to the convention nobody’s going to remember it – it doesn’t count for very much.

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