barry: “I’d be upset if there was too much civility in this debate”


South Carolina Democratic Debate 1-21-08 (Part 9/12)

What barry said then must have had an expiration date because he’s been whining ever since. Oh and he had no problem whining that the Clinton’s are racists to get the black vote behind him. Proof is in the polls. barry is a fruad of the highest magnitude that would not be tolerated if he were white or a woman of any race. Geraldine Ferraro was correct. And Mr Bill was correct: Iraq was a fairy tale. Sen Clinton was right: Rezko was a (now convicted) slumlord.

BARRY: And I have to say Wolf, I especially appreciate the fact that Hillary and John were giving me a tough time, cuz shows I’m doing pretty good! I-I-I would be upset if there was too much civility in this debate because it’s competitive.

Gender vs race.

BARRY: Focus on my race or Hillary’s gender in terms of choosing a candidate that is not to say we should be ignoring the very real problems that still exist in terms of race and merit. If I am president I will have a civil rights division to work on local levels….

Sen Clinton jumps in and mentions gender equality. Women’s pay inequity 77/67. Always at the ready and barry’s taking over the reins? Don’t think so – it’s clearly not on his mind. Clear how he’s prioritized race and gender.

Then he started to point to Sen Clinton. I imagine from his mother teaching him manners – something we don’t know because she isn’t spoken about and his sister isn’t either. Then he edited and pointed to himself my RACE – Hillary’s gender.

Race over gender every time.

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