Poll: proobama media bias

July 21, 2008
Rasmussen Poll

49% voters believe most reporters would help obama win (44% June)
27% democrats
78% republicans
50% independents

14% McCain
21% of democrats
12% independents

24% unbiased
37% of democrats
10% of republicans
21% of independents

45% believe reporters would hide info if it hurt their candidate
30% disagree
25% unsure

R and I are more likely to trust campaign info from friends and family rather than reporters
D evenly divided

50% reporters make economy appear worse than it is
plurality believe they’re making Iraq appear worse than it is

This poll was taken before the NY Times refused to print McCain’s op-ed challenging obama’s plan for Iraq.

In February 24% voters had favorable view of NYT because of its story on McCain’s ties to lobbyists. And 66% aware of the story felt it was an attempt to hurt McCain.