Sexist video: “Sexism Sells–But We’re Not Buying It”

May 23, 2008

Women’s Media Center
decides to finally address sexism when Sen Clinton’s voters had been trying to get someone to listen for months. had the “Mad as Hell/Bitch” video site in April and it was also on You Tube. WMC came forward because it was a hot topic and it was safe to address it without hurting Obama. Pure political expedience.

2-8-08 Interesting quote from WMC President Ms Carol Jenkins:

The problem with the media’s conventional wisdom is that it is collectively white and male—and in the new dynamic of this presidential race—archaic. The candidacies of Barack Obama, a black man, and Hillary Clinton, a woman, have exposed mainstream media for its fundamental flaw: it is exclusionary to the point of embarrassment.

Who does she mention first? Right – the man. Ludicrous, innit? Racism over sexism.

5-20-08 WMC President Ms Carol Jenkins press release about video:

“We know that media companies today are under tremendous pressure to build audiences and drive ratings, but this type of vulgar, sexist commentary is not the way to do it. Women wield tremendous financial power in the United States. Our message to media companies: if you think that sexism sells, think again, because women in America are not buying it.

“As our new video shows, the media’s sexism is not specific to a candidate or campaign. But the presence of a woman, front and center at last on the national political stage, has sent shockwaves through a media grappling with ongoing problems of diversity. Hillary Clinton’s campaign has cast a spotlight on the institutionalized sexism that The Women’s Media Center was founded in 2005 to combat, providing us with a unique moment to examine ourselves and the media we consume. This is about the inherent and unnecessary obstacles that women face every day in speaking out and participating in the national dialogue.”

“the reason she may be a front-runner is her husband messed around” (MSNBC’s Morning Joe, January 9, 2008). Speaking for more than 15 million women across the United States, the coalition secured an on-air apology from Matthews, and assurances from NBC executives that steps were being taken to address the situation.”

“Yet the situation persists, which is why The Women’s Media Center is taking this next step, releasing a video and launching an online petition campaign to allow women to speak out against this continuing sexism.”

What about Glenn Beck? He said: “It cried.” It = Sen Clinton, as in a non-person. And if it were: “It cried.” in reference to Mrs Obama? Beck would have been fired immediately. Beck’s comments aren’t even mentioned on the WMC site and he was not reprimanded. How quickly was Imus fired? What’s the difference: “Nappy-headed ‘ho” vs “Bros before hos”. Sen Clinton = the ‘ho. And the list goes on. Complete double standard. Race before gender – always.

1-18-08 WMC Response to Chris Matthews/NBC “apology”. An apology only matters when you realize you did something wrong and plan on changing. Matthews has continued on and no one–not WMC– has held him accountable. He apologized only because he had to. How about Mika Brzezinski sitting next to Joe Scarborough ala Mrs Spitzer when he defended Matthews? And where’s the continued battering of NBC? WMC included 27 incidents – many already highlighted on the “Mad as Hell” video. I’m sure Matthews himself has made that many comments in the interim.

Ms Carol Jenkins:

“The Women’s Media Center appreciates Chris Matthews’ public apology for his ill-conceived comments about Senator Clinton on January 9, 2008. We hope it serves as an illustration of the damaging effects of sexist language in our society, especially when it emanates from powerful media. WMC has protested to NBC in the past about incidents involving Matthews. The network’s latest embarrassment, coming just as its Don Imus episode was fading, could have been avoided, if our concerns had been taken seriously from the beginning.”

The beginning? Of what? Time? It’s a damn joke. Racism will always top sexism and for that reason sexism will always be dismissed. Blacks–male and female–can both rejoice in a black president. Gender doesn’t matter. Carol Jenkins et al are a damn joke in my opinion. Much ado about themselves.

This whole election is a farce and our country needs a leader and none of the four qualify. History will prove who the most qualified was and how this election was a complete fraud.

Matthews: “her cosmetics and hair look good tonight.” This man has a daughter who has to explain his misogynistic behavior.