Ad: Obama’s Iraq "Whatever the Politics Demand"

July 27, 2009

Barry and the many faces of Iraq. It is a FAIRY TALE. And has been so from the start – but it was what allowed him to sway voters – who still believe he had a vote and that what he said mattered and that he backed it up with action. NO. NO. NO. His “speech” was just that. He never followed up on his comments. His “speech” was not recorded: no video, audio, transcription, newspaper or media accounts. Unless something has appeared. There is no independent confirmation of what he said. So what did he actually say?

As usual, barry makes his own story. His autobiography is mythologized and no one cares to point it out. And whose dream is he living? His father’s? He didn’t know him (met once) and only went to find out who his father was after he was dead. barry’s father passed on his DNA and that is precisely what barry is using to his advantage. [And if you actually look -he doesn’t remotely resemble barry sr.] He has totally erased the importance of his upbringing by a white family. This point gets trotted out only when he needs it, like the Philly speech when he referred to himself as “biracial”.

How many times before or after has he done so?

Political expedience is what dictates barry’s decisions – not any inherent concern for “The American People” or integrity.

I hope someday his sister has the courage to be honest to set the record straight on her own dime. As is, she is stuck defending him and thus herself. He never mentioned her or their mother in his acceptance speech. That is pure egomaniacal evil. And I hope that his mother and grandmother are finally vindicated from the typical white person status and given their due as independent strong successful women, who laid the groundwork and sacrificed so barry could be where he is.

His father has nothing to do with it.

Obama Iraq Documentary: Whatever the Politics Demand

Barry’s website

In 2002, as the conventional thinking in Washington lined up with President Bush for war, Obama had the judgment and courage to speak out against going to war, and to warn of “an occupation of undetermined length, with undetermined costs, and undetermined consequences.”


It was politically expedient without consequences. They win – no problem. It ends up like this – he ends up like this. Obama = political expedience = obamanation.