Obama’s "surprise" appearance at the Convention

August 27, 2008
Democratic Convention
Denver, Colorado

Obama’s Convention “surprise” appearance. Here is where his absolute egomania and Messiah Complex was on full display. He had to have the last word. He came out and was greeted by a crowd frenzy…because he had deigned to visit the peasants in their hovel before his heralded entrance in front of the styrofoam pillars. How ridiculous that all seems now.

Anyway. He came out and gave a huge disgusting vacuum kiss to Mrs Biden that she couldn’t away from fast enough and Joe stepped in in front of her. Then he gave Joe a hug and almost kiss on the lips. He said: “That was unbelievable. Trust me.” He had this caveman predatory grin on his face and they were looking at each other’s lips. Creepy. Then he took in his adoration. Anyone struck by the fact that Mrs Obama was not down there? So then come the thanks to the peasants.

“I just wanted to come out here for a little…(he catches himself from saying adoration) for a little something to say. I want everyone to now understand why I am so proud to have Joe Biden and Jill Biden and Beaus Biden and Momma Biden and the whole Biden family with me on this journey to take America back.” (He points forward and then looks to the right at the Mrs.) “I think that Michelle Obama kicked it off pretty well dontcha think?

‘If I’m not mistaken Hillary Clinton rocked the house last night.”

He uses if I’m not mistaken like he did “she’d be on anyone’s short list” – not his. He doesn’t directly thank her. He can’t look at her and turns his head to the right, purses his lips and takes three steps back, showing his complete disdain–hate for her. How dare she stop the messiah on his way to conquering the world? This is when his (lack of character) came through without a doubt. He never personally thanks her and looks up but not at her. She of course is gracious and mouths ‘thank you’. Then he puts his nose in the air and starts clapping falsely looking to the left. He really has hate for white women of his mother’s age…except Jill Biden.

“And just in case you were wondering, (he looks left and right) I think, President Bill Clinton reminded us of what it’s like when you’ve got a president who actually puts people (me and the black community although I will never admit that) first.” He looks up directly, makes 2-second eye contact, puts up his left hand, “Thank you, Mr President.” and looks away to his left.

Bill Clinton bows and mouths ‘thank you’ with (not at all loyal) Charlie Rengel to his left clapping. Obama fake smile. He goes on to explain why they’re going to a stadium. He wants everyone to join in the party.

**”That change is brought about because ordinary people do extraordinary things.”

So the celebrating begins and he basks in the adoration even allowing others to rejoice in his messiah’s glow. He leans over and says to Biden: ‘”I had to come.” From Biden’s reaction (negative) I took it to mean that he had to show up to thank “The Clintons” officially in public.

The chosen one deigns to shake hands with the democratic peasants in the receiving line – all with their adoring glazed-eyed looks mouthing or saying thank you! Nancy Pelosi stands like a proud mother and looks primed for a big kiss. She puts her hands out palms up like, see, I told you – I did it – you must thank me and he does by giving her a kiss on the right cheek and she leans forward and crushes him with her silicon breasts.

He gives John Kerry a big old handshake and then he gets to Howard Dean who says: “Great job, man. I appreciate it.” And the Mrs is up in the crowd cheering an Obama doesn’t even invite her down – or make sure she is brought down.

There’s no doubt they told Obama he had to show up and they were thanking him because he did. It made me sick knowing that SHRC was cheated out of the nomination and that will be proven very soon. And what will it be chalked up to? THAT woman – not sexism or affirmative action. And who is going to suffer? The American People that Obama really does not care about.

Gregory with the very disturbing mouth to Daschel: The notion that a former president would stand up here who has specifically criticized bo and said it was a roll of the dice to make him the president has been very tepid before tonight about whether he was prepared to be president.

Afterwards came the breakdown with Daschel who said: “I think tonight was the answer to the critics from last night. I though Hillary Clinton gave the speech of her life last night. But all through the day I heard some comment that ya know she could have said a little more about Barack Obama personally – tonight Bill Clinton hit it out of the park….Clinton was exactly on the mark. This was a home run TONIGHT….He proved he was a very successful president.”


**UPDATE. I had heard this particular quote almost verbatim before so I checked and found a few interesting things.

Interview with Studs Terkel 5-16-2007 by Amy Goodman
TERKEL (a Chicago legend): “…because ordinary people are capable of doing extraordinary things”

Found on Steve Chase’s “The Well-Trained Activist blogsite:

He wrote a review on “We Make Change” a book about community organizers written community organizer Joe Szakos and writer/editor Kristin Layng Szakos. Note that the term “community organizer” is not a code word for Obama being black.

Deepak Bhargave, Executive Director the Center for Community Change in Chicago who Obama knows personally, held the Heartland Democratic Presidential Forum (12-1-07), which featured Obama who pledged to work with ACORN. He commented on the book prior to the post 6-17-07 using these words:

“We Make Change is an inspiring, optimistic book about the people who are doing the hard, creative work to renew American democracy. It puts a spotlight on community organizers, who are the neglected and hidden heroes that are developing the capacity of ordinary people to do extraordinary things. In these difficult and dark times, this book provides hope for the future of America. It should inspire thousands of people to find their calling in organizing.

But most importantly, Harry Emerson Fosdick:

Democracy is based upon the conviction that there are extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people.

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