Quote of the day: “…fooled by George Bush?”

March 27, 2008
(Same day on The View Obama didn’t mention economy in his top 3)
Yahoo debate
Bill Maher

Video removed.

Maher: Senator Clinton all the senators here except Senator Obama voted for the Iraq resolution in 2002, saying that their decision was based on intelligence that they believed to be accurate at the time. In other words, George Bush fooled them. Why should people vote for someone who can be fooled by George Bush?

Maher is just as ignorant as Bush. Really, how stupid are these folks? barry didn’t vote for Iraq because he didn’t have a vote. He spoke out at Jesse Jackson’s rally. barry wasn’t even the main attraction.

NO VOTE. Just words – meaningless politically expedient words with absolutely no consequence and all you idiots fell for it and yet are quick to ridicule others. It’s shocking.

And something else he clearly doesn’t know is that barry said he didn’t know how he would have voted. On paper. On the record.

And that barry didn’t speak out at the democratic convention – didn’t speak out for over a year after getting to the senate and voted exactly the same as Clinton concerning Iraq.

And yet they are experts who can’t recognize a con man standing right in front of them.

Now look what Maher said about Senator Clinton on 2-21-08. He said: “I wonder how much Hillary’s cunt is worth.”

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