Sexist quote of the day: "Hillary is a drunk party guest"

May 27, 2008
Morning Joe

Tucker Carlson refers to Sen Clinton as a “trapped animal” & “she’s in feral mode” & “a drunk party guest”. This man has a very strange fascination with her…he is afraid of being castrated and is intent on sharing that every opportunity he gets. Take note of the laughing. And that Tucker admits the media’s in the bag.

Transcript via Media Matters (emphasis mine)

Let’s get back to Senator Clinton. What about this aspect of her campaign: How much credence do you put in the theory that some hold that in her heart of hearts, as a political person, as a politician, she knows that this is it, in terms of her and the presidency, this is the last, best, only shot she’s ever going to have at it?


Look, she’s a trapped animal, there’s absolutely no question about it. As I’ve thought to myself many times, if you’ve ever tried to get your cat in a box, you know what Hillary Clinton is doing right now. [Screeching cat noise], with all four paws out, all the hair standing up?

Look, she is in feral mode.

Mika “Mommy” BRZEZINSKI: I don’t know what to say.

That’s the problem. She not only doesn’t know what to say – she never says anything. Just smiles like the pretty young thing that got her job because daddy is famous. And her Mrs Spitzer-like imitation when Joe said Matthews didn’t have to apologize for his comments about Clinton being a senator only because Bill messed around.

CARLSON: This is true, you know this is true.

BARNICLE: Tucker Carlson, ladies and gentlemen.


And I say that as a compliment, I admire her tenacity. I do.

One helluva compliment. Tucker has an issue with strong women probably all women. The bowties were the first tip off. As Freud said, it’s a tipoff of a small penis. He thinks women’s resentment with men started with Lorena Bobbitt and is afraid of being castrated by Sen Clinton…as if she would go near that pansy.

And ditzball Mommy brings it back to her body because they’re clearly not interested in her mind.


I’d just like to point out, I have scars from trying to do that to one of the cats that I own.


Yes. OK, then you know how Obama feels right now.



Very cute. All right. Well, right now the candidates are Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the cat in a box as Tucker so aptly put it, and John McCain. And the Republican and the Democratic front-runners definitely going at each other on foreign policy, we’ll have a lot more to talk about that, the editorials are great today.



Hillary Clinton, as I’ve said many times, is the drunk party guest who won’t go home, the cab’s idling out front, and she’s opening a new bottle of wine. And the hosts —


Again nothing from Mommy. And it’s not just because she is a barryfan.


That’s exactly right. And the hosts of the party, the press and the Democratic establishment, want her to go home, and she won’t.

Now that is truth.

BRZEZINSKI: I — you know what? Tucker —

BARNICLE: So we’ve gone from a cat to a drunk party guest.

BRZEZINSKI: I am sorry. I think that’s just just too far. That’s just not true.

What the feral cat, the drunk party guest or the fact the DNC wants her to get lost so eunuch barry has a chance?

BARNICLE: That’s Tucker Carlson, ladies and gentlemen.

BRZEZINSKI: Our love for Barack Obama?
Tucker. I just, I–


Everybody in the press loves him. Mika you know that. Look into your heart, you know that’s true.


All right, do the cat in the box thing just one more time before you go. Who’s the cat in the box?

CARLSON: [Screeching cat noise]

BRZEZINSKI: Oh, come on.

Love women – lust men.  Another nugget of truth from pinkie finger.

CARLSON: Of course it’s true.

What more is there to add? This goes on day after day and no one cares. At least someone finally admitted out loud that the press loves barry and the DNC wants her to get lost.