Michelle Bernard (44) on feminism

March 21, 2008
PBS to the Contrary spliced video
Michelle Bernard on SHRC’s foreign policy experience
A curious thought. If your ancestors hail from Jamaica, why are you African American? Is every black person on this planet considered African whatever? Do natives of Jamaica refer to themselves as African Jamaicans? It’s crazy.

She is married to CNN correspondent, Joe Johns – who used to work under Tim Russert.

Found this interesting (6-28-08) article on TOY SOLDIER by TS:

Discussing Bernard’s idea of “feminism”. She’s not one who hates men or thinks they’re all rapists. What kind of feminists are these? And if one were to say I like black women but not those angry black bitches? Anyway read the whole article. There’s a video link of her but it’s no longer there. I have to wonder why.

TS: “However, apparently doing counts as anti-feminist, or at least that is the claim made on Feministing. Jessica Valenti linked to an interview Michelle Bernard recently gave while promoting her new book. What is interesting is not that Jessica and the majority of the posters on Feministing consider Michelle Bernard anti-feminist. What is interesting is what Bernard says in the interview about what she thinks feminism is. One can view the video here, but I have taken the time to transcribe her comments (minus the “uhs” and “ums”):

Q: Do you consider yourself a feminist?

MB : I do… sort of. It depends on how you use the term. I am, I would say I would be the sort of feminist that you would’ve seen in a much — in a bygone era that was fighting for equality for women, that was fighting for women’s suffrage, and that was fighting for the abolition of slavery.

I am not the type of feminist or the type of woman who sees every man walking down the street as a potential rapist. I am not the type of feminist that dislikes men. I am the type of women that just wants an equal society. There are some people that get locked into that camp where everything is anti-men. Well, I have a son and I have a daughter and I love them equally and I want them to have equal opportunity. So if that’s how you define feminism, that’s me!

In contrast, note Jessica’s response:

In the clip above, Bernard explains that she’s a “real” feminist – you know not like those nasty hairy man-hating kinds that want women to excel at the expense of men.

She also notes that women who call IWF anti-feminist just “think it’s cute to throw bombs.” I’d hardly say that calling IWF anti-feminist – an organization that exists to bash feminism and convince women that sexism is actually fantastic for them – is throwing bombs. It’s more like…lobbing marshmallows.

Just take this description of Bernard’s book:

Though many influential groups feed on the prevailing myth that women are oppressed, most women are healthier, wealthier, and better educated than ever before. Michelle Bernard, the president of the Independent Women s Forum, lays out the facts in a new book that will make life harder for radical feminism’s ideological hucksters.

Oh you caught us! We’re such hucksters…trying to peddle the myth of equality! For shame.

Here’s the curious thing – she thinks because BO became president her daughter can be too. How naive is that.