Michelle Obama’s $195,052 raise = $1M earmark?

May 28, 2009

Mrs Obama did such a good job at University of Chicago her salary jumped from $121,910 to $316,962 just two months after barry became senator. Alas! He couldn’t come through on his end of the bargain. The $1 million earmark he asked for didn’t get through. I’m sure it was a boneheaded earmark conflict of interest mistake.

barry won’t shop at Walmart (5-17-07). Problem is he forgot his wife was still “working” for Tree Foods, whose largest customer is WalMart. Five days later the Mrs decided that life was too hectic and she needed to resign (5-22-07). Had to be tough letting go of that extra 50K/yr.

Who needs special interests?

He won’t shop at WalMart but has no problem handing out licenses to the illegal immigrants who work there. Or has he changed his position again? Which panders better in Florida? And in the (1-22-08) debate, which got more play: Clinton being a WalMart lawyer (on the board 86-92 vs the Mrs’ more recent connections) or Rezko the slumlord, who is now a convicted felon?

Proobama media bias a myth? Take your pick.