Olbermann: “somebody who can take [“Hillary”] into a room and only HE comes out”

April 25, 2008

Herr Olbermann wants someone to take “Hillary” into a room and then come out alone aka he wants someone to kill her to get her out of the primaries. Period end of story. Whether he meant it literally doesn’t matter. Imagine Bill O’Reilly saying someone – a woman – should take barry into a room and only she come out.

Mein Gott. We’d be hearing about assassination and it’s of course racist.

But if it’s about Chelsea’s mother it’s just fine.

It’s clear there isn’t anything they won’t do to get barry elected. And it’s clear no one is going to call them on it.

This was when Howie Fineman was still dyeing his hair for barry and calling “Hillary” vacuous and desperate.

His response to Olbermann’s comment?

“Yes. Exactly.”


(3:00) HERR OLBERMANN: Somebody takes her into a room and only HE comes out. [snorts]

And then this. The verbal glutton who parses his words more than barry says it was a pronoun problem.

RACHEL SKLAR: from Huffington Post got a statement from MSNBC:

It is a metaphor.

I apologize: the generic “he” gender could imply something untoward. It should’ve been “only the other comes out – from a political point of view.”

You could’ve called for reaction first if your main motive had merely been criticism.

Main motive criticism? He doesn’t get it. It’s just like the folks who say: ‘If I offended someone’.

How often does he call people he rags about? Does he call “Bill-O the Clown” before he names him as his “Worst Person in the World?

And here’s his “apology” on his show tonite.


A clarification tonight of something I said here Wednesday, in the wake of Pennsylvania, Howard Fineman observed that the Democrats needed someone to stop their fight like a referee.  “The super-super-superdelegates were going to have to decide this,” he said.

My response was, quoting myself, “Right, the one somebody who can take her into a room and only he comes out.”

It‘s a pretty common metaphor even just in politics, but it‘s also pretty that the pronouns there made that statement inappropriate.  I apologize that generic “he” gender, could imply something untoward happening to the “her.”

I should have said: Only the other comes out from a political point of view.

That doesn’t even approximate what he said in context. It had nothing to do with a “political point of view”. Their entire discussion was about getting “Hillary” out of the primaries. He even says “stop their fight” – not a disagreement of point of view. Listen to it again. He clearly makes a point of saying HE and the meaning of it was perfectly clear.

They both go in and only HE comes out.


It’s bad enough to be a misogynist – but then to lie about it and somehow try to blame it on Howie Fineman proves he’s a complete eunuch. He can rag all he likes about “Hillary” but when he gets called on it he doesn’t have the nads to admit to it.

Olbermann Watch in reference to olbermann’s “apology”

Fat Ass is really a man of courage, isn’t he?

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