The many face of Barack’s Iraq

August 29, 2008

Only some of barry’s views and statements on Iraq. Conveniently left out is how he took his famous speech off his website when he was running for Senate. And he was not in the midst of a heated senate campaign.

He spoke in October 2002 six months before Bush was given authorization. It was a speech of absolutely no consequence – pure political expedience. If thingd go well – no problem. If they don’t – suddenly he has “superior judgment”.

And he lied about the circumstances:

barry: My objections to the war in Iraq were not simply a speech. I was in the midst of a U.S. Senate campaign. It was a high-stakes campaign. I was one of the most vocal opponents of the war.


He announced his bid in Jan 2003. He did not use it as a campaign platform.

And you all believe his every word. Don’t you ever get embarrassed?

He did not speak out at the convention against Kerry and Edwards…Kerry says he “was covering for them.

He said he didn’t know how he would have voted.

He admitted he did not have access to the documents at the time.

Once elected his speech went back up on the website.

He said he was worried Iraq would take away from Afghanistan and yet never had a meeting and refused to travel there during his Codel in 2006.

He said nothing – did not speak out against it for over a year.

He said he agreed with Bush’s handling of the war.

He voted the same as Sen Clinton.

He had no committee meetings on NATO and Afghanistan.

Said he was running for president (on his good judgment about Iraq).

In 2007 he said he had a plan to bring the troops home by March 2008–five months before the convention and nine months before inauguration.

He has changed his view on withdrawal and time lines and whatever else.

He said the surge would never work. He refused to admit it until he went on O’Reilly and then said it exceeded out wildest dreams.

Since then he has gone back to saying he would still oppose it. And back to a slow withdrawal – nothing resembling the fairy tale he told in Iowa.

This is the potential commander in chief. The man who refused to see our brave men and women lying injured, maimed and mentally exhausted in a hospital on foreign soil searching for hope. The man who would be C-in-C couldn’t find the time to see the same people he will be sending into battle.

I am politically neutral but as an American he disgusts me.

1 Withdrawal before he gets into office
2 Complete withdrawal of troops from Iraq ASAP despite conditions on the ground
3 16-month time frame
4 Not a complete withdrawal but doesn’t mention the number of residual forces
5 Withdraw responsibly according to General Petraeus
6 Surge wouldn’t work, exceeded wildest dreams, still wouldn’t vote for it, won’t admit he’s wrong
7 Time line with Iraqi minister – Bush’s timeline.
8 No one is asking anymore because of the economy
9 What will he do when he gets in?


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