Mo Dowd: "Sexism is poppycock.’

May 29, 2008

Meet The Press

This woman is supposed to have won a Pulitzer Prize. I find that hard to believe. She tries to pass herself off as witty with literary references but it’s clear her use of certain words and devices like alliteration are completely forced. Her writing has no sound of truth. She must really hate herself and her life. The vitriolic emptiness of her words reflect on an angry bitter soul.

Tim Russert shows clips of “Hillary” and Mr Bill talking about sexism.


Maureen Dowd, misogynist, gender bias, it seems as though the Clintons are being, trying very hard to lay that out as a premise for Hillary Clinton’s difficulties in this primary contest.

If one has their eyes open and are honest – one would realize they don’t have to “try” or even “try hard” to lay out anything. Russert is a culprit himself.

courtesy of ANTICONFORMIST911


I think it’s poppycock, really. I mean, Hillary Clinton has allowed women to visualize a woman as president for the first time in the way Colin Powell allowed people to visualize an African-American. And, she dominated the debates, she proved that a woman can have as much tenacity and gall as any man on earth. We can visualize her facing down Ahmadinejad.

But, the thing is Hillary hurts feminism when she uses it as opportunism.

And, she has a history of covering up her own mistakes behind sexism.

Can’t proinounce “Rorschach”.

Compares “Hillary” to Al Sharpton:

And now she’s doing the same thing, and it’s very, you know, in a way it’s the moral equivalent of Sharptonism. It’s this victimhood, and angry, and turning women against men, and saying that the men are trying to take it away from us. In the same way she’s turning Florida and Michigan, and riling up and comparing them to suffragettes and slaves, and it’s very damaging to feminism.

What does she possible know about sexism, feminism, gyne envy or castration anxiety when she says it doesn’t exist when it’s obvious that it does?

Russert includes quotes from RUTH MARCUS:

Hillary Clinton is not going to be elected the first female president – not this year anyway. The reasons for this have gratifyingly little to do with sexism.

…standing by her man, no matter how badly he behaved, made her a flawed vessel for the feminist cause.

Another ignorant woman. She then goes on about the gender card so completely clueless.

Don’t have the energy to take on three ignorant people. If one wants to talk about feminism – look at how Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Ms Chelsea Clinton turned out, despite what her husband and Chelsea’s father was doing.

And in person Marcus sings a different tune, with Dowd nodding along. It seems “Hillary” has made things “much better” for women in politics since her campaign and that “she’s ploughed the field very well for the next candidates to come along”. Then she calls the Hillary Nutcracker “regrettable”. If you watch her face and the twitch of her left shoulder, you can see she lies when she says: “Overall there has been very little of that.”

And then this ignorance:

MARCUS: Senator Clinton has been helped by her gender – not hurt by it.

Honestly what planet have these women been on?

How much of what they are saying and writing is so they retain their job?

If she bothered looking at the polls, folks are more willing to vote for a black man than a woman for president.

DAVID BRODY is such a moron he can’t hide his flushed face and has to look down. He calls Clinton “whiny”.

Then Russert chimes in that he souldn’t have invited two men. And why did he? Castration anxiety. And the fact he would be the sole XY in the room and he would have to answer to his own sexist comments.


The despair and the anger and the fury about this is real and that’s what she’s speaking to.

DORIS KEARNS GOODWIN changes Ifill’s words to “resentment”.

barry sycophant JON MEACHAM has the decency to refer to “Senator Clinton” but then says she’s free to run til Labor Day. Has he listened to the pundits or read his own barrynewsletter?

There’s more but not in this video.

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