barry refuses to shake Sen Clinton’s hand

January 31, 2008

barry refuses to shake Sen Clinton’s hand at State of the Union Address and literally turns his back on her. A real man. Sen Kennedy showed what a man and politician he is – even if he didn’t reach out to Sen Clinton first. Here’s good old Charlie Gibson’s voice when he was a staunch supporter of Obama. Really quite funny to go back and listen to people who weren’t barryfans and what they’re saying now.

Sen Kennedy had just endorsed barry on January 28, 2008 and Sen Clinton was the one who went over and shook Sen Kennedy’s hand. Say what you will about Sen Clinton – that took some guts and showed what a professional politician she is. It’s clear what type of politician/man Obama is from this. And Obama said he would sit down with rogue leaders and doesn’t even have the courage or grace to shake his fellow senator’s hand.

When questioned on his plane with no American flag,

barry: I was he was turning away because Claire asked me a question.

Senator McCaskill, delirious and lost in rapture, said:

It was not a snub. I had a ringside seat. It was just one of those “accidents” that happens that was caught on film.

Then why did she call it an “accident”. First she said nothing was wrong and then uses accident. She’s not a very good liar…it was early in the campaign…I found Whoopi’s take interesting. Wonder if she’d have the fortitude to say the same now.

Here’s Whoopi’s take.

I think he was wrong to turn away. If you are triumphant you don’t have to stand on the person’s throat. You can be a bigger person.


And Obama still hasn’t shown any respect to Sen Clinton or her voters to which is why they aren’t too pleased or excited to vote for him. What he doesn’t realize is that none of them are actively campaigning for him either. I find it hard to believe he actually wants to get a democrat in the White House because he isn’t doing everything he can go recruit voters – especially all 18 M Clinton voters who showed up to vote.

We’ll see how much of the youth/black vote show up in November. No matter what – it’s the women’s vote that will decide this election and it will be Obama’s fault – not Sen Clinton’s – if they don’t vote for him.

When is he going to get this?

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