Pfleger’s endorsement removed from barry’s website

May 31, 2008

This is from a cached version of the Official Obama website endorsement page.

Like the New Black Panther’s and Reverend Wright’s endorsements, Father Michael Pfleger’s was removed after he said the same thing barry has heard before. But Pfleger had the poor judgment to speak aloud from wright’s pulpit. It was a calculated move to get his 2 cents in.

They have know each other for years. Father Pfleger is a well-known activist in Chicago. Nothing happens to him because he has turned around the parish and there aren’t any priests to take his place. He really never was sanctioned by Cardinal George to the dismay of many Chicago Catholics. He just made Pfleger promise not to say anything political anymore…meaning till after barry is elected.

The outright double standard is appalling. But, hey, America has come along way so whatever it takes to get a black man in office – no problem. And who got edged out? That rich white lady who is more qualified to be commander in chief than he will ever be. Race over gender. Always.

Father Michael Pfleger

Father Michael Pfleger
Senior Pastor, St. Sabina Church, Chicago, IL

I’m concerned by issues of poverty and issues of justice and equal access and opportunity especially when dealing with children and education and healthcare. Also, the war in Iraq is non-negotiable: end it! The faith community has to be a prophetic voice to bring us to where we ought to be as a country. Its voice should call every individual to be their best and not assimilate into anything less. Obama is calling back those who have given up and lost hope in the political system both young and old in the belief that we can fix it. He has the intellect for the job and I haven’t heard anyone since Robert F. Kennedy who is causing such an emotional and spiritual awakening to the political possibilities.


‘WE’ reflects his connection to barry and understanding that he will have a part in the administration. They have known each other since barry’s “community organizer” days. They have been personal friends and their relationship includes Dick Durbin, Reverend Wright and Mayor Daley.

And in September 2007, Pfleger hosted one of several interfaith forums in Iowa at the bequest of the official Obama campaign and was a member of Obama’s official presidential campaign’s Catholics for America Advisory Committee . He had to step down after his first rant from wright’s pulpit about defending him and louis farrakhan. But his endorsement didn’t get scrubbed until he ranted about Hillary and the pro-obama MSM couldn’t not cover it.

What if there were no YouTube?

It would be a complete por-barry propaganda state.

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