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drew peterson interview on CBS

September 30, 2008

September 30, 2008

Drew Peterson interviewed by CBS News with his lawyer Joel Brodsky. They discuss his deceptiveness on his lie detector test. His body language is quite telling. Just the way he sits with his legs splayed open and his arms holding on to his chair. He answers nonchalantly and with no evidence of concern, worry, love or even humanity. He only time he looked human was when he talked about Stacy loving her children and that she wasn’t the type of mother to run off. Most notably, he talks about Stacy in the past tense. He also says he was going to move to California and then changes it to Arizona. He then mentions that Stacy was under psychiatric care and on medicine and didn’t get along with her family. Just like he trashed her before about plastic surgery. He is a pig who should be removed from society.

CBS (Meg Oliver)

Sexist quote of the day: "Shut up, Nancy!"

September 30, 2008

September 30, 2008
Hardball with Buchanan & Nancy Skinner

Chris Matthews has a daughter – beautiful sweet-looking young lady. How can he be so selfish as to keep up his misogynistic tirades? He’s her father and she has to answer for him. Imagine if her friends’ parents are SHRC supporters?

Pat Buchanan & Nancy Skinner, Democratic strategist. What in the hell is a Democratic strategist? The only ones I saw were barry operatives. And how hysterical they have black republicans who get so defensive when their black democratic counterparts get in their face. It’s evil. The way the barrybots went after Sen Clinton’s black supporters – especially the ever lively and sadly missed Rep Stephanie Tubbs-Jones of Ohio and Rep Shirley Jackson Lee of Texas. I read a quote of Tubbs-Jones lately where she responded to barry’s questioning of her loyalties to SHRC and she said “That’s what it means to be a friend.” Great line isn‘t it?

So they’re discussing the VP debate and all three are talking at once and Buchanan shouts:

Let me let me talk Nancy!

Nancy makes a face like whoa! but says nothing. Same with Michelle Bernard – they make faces but say nothing.

Laugh of the day: Can you attack a woman in a debate?

September 30, 2008

September 30, 2008

Where’s Ann Curry been the last two decades and the 21 democratic primary debates?

She actually asks Biden if you can attack a woman in a debate or is there a double standard? Yes. There is – but the double standard applies only to SHRC. Do whatever you want to her because she’s just THAT woman. Absolutely ludicrous.

They can’t even see what they’re saying anymore – nor do they care.

Ann Curry:

When you debate someone (she keeps pointing at him), when you’re verbally attacking someone (pointing), can you attack a women in a debate just like you would a man. Can you hit a woman? Is there a double standard?


I have no double standard. Look at my debates. I’ve debated Hillary Clinton 12 times! (Indignant) Tell me she’s not a competent debater?

I love how their words come back to haunt them.

When SHRC is their adversary, she’s a bitch without scruples or experience who is not competent to do anything and is only where she is because of Mr Bill.

As soon as they need her or she is no longer their adversary, she’s brilliant. (She is.)

During the Veepstakes the first thing they wrote down in her column was undeniable experience. And now Biden is using her to show what a tough guy he is having gone up against her. I don’t know how Hillary keeps on going. She knows all this and presses onward – even working with these a@@holes.

Worst liar of the day: Stephanie Cutter

September 30, 2008

Stephanie Cutter, Michelle Obama’s Chief of Staff is the worst liar out there. Somebody should send her back into hiding. The first time I saw her was the “lipstick on a pig” insult. She was raging and so obviously in a panic trying to cover for barry – her Irish face red and indignant. Me thinks she was most definitely protesting too much. They all were. I never knew there were so many democratic females until that day. Where were they when Sen Clinton was being bashed? There had to be close to 20 who came out and said it wasn’t a sexist statement. (It was.) Now she’s trying to answer for Biden being Biden and she has a tight smile on her face like your mother used to get when she couldn’t hit you in public.

Obama devotee, Norah O’Donnell: “Joe Biden has continued his verbal gaffes out on the campaign trail, is that a big concern as you get ready for Thursday’s debate?”

Ms Cutter shakes her head (good Irish girl can’t tell a lie) and blinks giving her away. “I think the gaffes that people will remember (head shaking, blinking) in this campaign…goes to McCain’s…it doesn’t take away Biden’s that play on You Tube forever.”

Most of the Obama folks are bad liars…probably because no one ever challenges them. barry’s body language gives him away so easily. Axelrod is a terrible liar (and worse human being). His voice, lips and shifty eyes give him away. Gibbs is an accomplished liar or at least able to maintain for his small video bites.

Gaffe of the day: "Then send him to hell!"

September 30, 2008

September 28, 2008
Detroit, Michigan

Joe Biden’s out there again. He was stumping with Barry sitting next to him and said:

John McCain said he’ll follow Osama Bin Laden to hell.

Well, let me tell you something – President Barack Obama will follow him to where he lives and then send him to hell!

Drawing a rousing ovation and a clap and smile by barry.

Eddie Vedder: “All the Way”

September 30, 2008


Mr Cub, Ernie Banks, when he found out Pearl Jam’s Eddie Veter was a musician, asked him to write a song for him and this is it. Includes a pix of Ronnie.
“All the Way”

Gov Palin should give more interviews

September 30, 2008

Don’t you love it? Now the obama camp is saying that Gov Palin should give more interviews. How stupid do they think people are? Michelle Bernard in her usual obvious underhandedness proclaimed this yesterday on MSNBC. Joan Walsh was making faces like no way. Walsh seems to go back and forth on Obama. What is her real view?

Rachel Maddow: gay card?

September 30, 2008


CHRISTOPHER GOODWIN’s (The Guardian) article about Rachel Maddow. He describes who she is starting with self-proclaimed ‘butch dyke’ then ‘the first openly gay Rhodes scholar’ and she didn’t have a show “not only because I am gay, but because of what I look like. I am not a Barbie girl with Barbie doll-like looks.'”

Isn’t that the gay card?

She didn’t get a job because she’s a dyke?

Who the hell cares. It’s MSNBC not FOX. I find her offensive because she is a clone of Herr Olberman: the same gotcha inanity, the same haughty look at me I’m smart, the same denial of sexism, the same intonations, the same all around negativity.

Who wants to listen to someone ranting every single night?

Especially following an avowed I call everybody a racist to make barry love me openly misogynistic I rant because I’m too fat to see my penis rage-filled man?

This quote is simply insane. What would she say and who would she attack if she wasn’t underwhelmed? She’s as much infatuated with the self-proclaimed I am who we have been waiting for messiah as the rest of the MSNBC cult followers.

Maddow is no knee-jerk liberal and says she is ‘frequently underwhelmed’ by Barack Obama. Although she believes he was right to oppose the Iraq war, ‘his war policy stuff now is total bullshit. [Withdrawing] one or two brigades a month? You want your son to be in the last brigade?

Notice she said SON. And she is just one more of the pro-obama media who ignorantly believes that what barry said about Iraq somehow had relevance. Stunning ignorance coming from a Rhodes scholar of whatever sexual preference.

Yo Rachel barry’s war policy stuff has always been bullshit. You fell for it like the rest of the mesmerized masses. Will you have the integrity to admit to it?

That would be worth tuning in for.

Sexist quote of the day: “They’ve nominated a complete bimbo”

September 30, 2008

September 30, 2008
The View
Bill Maher

Maher is talking about Gov Palin again. Seems his vocabulary is limited to “bimbo”.

MAHER: She must have thought it was a cooking segment….I’ve seen her twice try to speak. The sentence to nowhere. If Joe Biden had made some of the comments she said to Katie Couric, we’d think he had brain damage.

JOY BEHAR: Mentions that Bush was idiotic and Quayle was moronic.

MAHER: Republicans are so cynical. Three times in 20 yrs Bush Quayle and Palin they have nominated a complete bimbo.


MAHER: She’s a bimbo

This Bud’s for Lou!

September 29, 2008

Lou Piniella

Poll discussion

September 29, 2008

Hey. Use this area to comment on the polls. If you have any suggestions or more comments made about Sen Clinton, please share. If there are other misogynists out there that we’re missing, let us know. Andrew Sullivan is not worth mentioning. Updated with “Most Vile”. Thanks.

1984 Miss Alaska Pageant

September 29, 2008


“God has made us this promise: If we will commit our works to Him, we will succeed. Our lives can be enhanced by applying this, and by thinking optimistically. In Alaska we have mosquitoes; we also have the most beautiful mountains in the world. The choice is ours as to which we’ll focus on.”


"We Will Not Be Silenced"

September 29, 2008

Documentary by GIGI GASTON regarding fraud in the Democratic Presidential Primary. Very enlightening.



Part 4

Another one bites the dust…

September 29, 2008

September 28, 2008
Didi Lima, Clark County GOP Spokesman
Swing state: Nevada
Obama with slight bump in the polls after Debate 1.

Didi Lima was fired from her voluntary role on the Nevada Hispanic Leadership Team. And why? Race. Why not go back to a tired and true method of attack that got him the nomination. Now it’s just not “WHITE AMERICA.” It’s “BROWN AMERICA”. Problem is it’s T minus 37 and he’s running out of people. If things go bad he’d probably start in on subsets like Puerto Ricans (who love Hillaria) or Arab Americans or Jewish Americans. He’s already finished with the bitter subset who “have antipathy towards those not like them”.

Didi Lima: “We don’t want Hispanics to to become the new African American Community. And that’s what the Democratic Party is going to do to them, create more programs and give them handouts, food stamps and checks for this and checks for that. We don’t want that. I’m very much afraid that the Democratic Party is going to do the same thing they did with the African American culture and make them dependent on the government and we don’t want that.”

Remarked a Wright’s church member after questioned about Wright’s “social gospels” regarding rich white folks who ain’t never been called no ni**er: “What’s wrong with it? It’s true.”

When the mesmerized and those who refuse to see because of white guilt emerge from their Kool-Aid coma, they’ll see this campaign for what it is: The Daley Machine. Textbook corrupt politics. It’s not Old Washington, which is why he can say it so convincingly. Many examples – obvious proof – Indiana Primary in Lake County. No results until the others were back so they could see if they could put the fix on. Valiant effort – they got within 15K.

Barry operatives – the MSM – reported it and another one bites the dust.

McCain spokesman, Rick Gorka: “Didi Lima is no longer a part of this campaign, her comments don’t reflect Senator McCain’s beliefs and are not tolerated on his campaign.”

Clark County Republican Party Chairman Bernie Zadrowski: “She was speaking for herself, not the Clark County Republican Party. And she won’t be speaking for the Clark County Republican Party anymore.”

Obama campaign spokeswoman Kirsten Searer said the remarks were “proof of how out of touch John McCain and Republicans are with the issues facing all Americans today.”

Is there a template for these “statements”. If one has to make a statement after a comment – it is an admittance – not “clarification”.

Sexist quote of the day: "All she drinks is Haterade."

September 28, 2008

September 28, 2009


Hasselback mentions at a GOP luncheon that Michelle had preconditions and specified which questions could not be asked.

How many such interviews has Hillary Clinton been allowed to have?

Hasselback: “She didn’t come with a list of topics we weren’t allowed to touch.”

Why the uproar? It’s true. And it wouldn’t have taken weeks to come out and there wouldn’t be outrage – there’s be laughs and high fives.

Rolly-polly Martin:

Elizabeth gets her information from Sean “Little ball of Hate Hannity”.

All she drinks all day is haterade.

Then he mentions Whoopi and Sherry about Cindy McCain. He puts it in racial terms. RACE RACE RACE RACE RACE RACE It’s ok for them to talk about White American and all the “white racists” (when did racism become color coded?) and yet everything said about michelle/barry obama is race. Race is going to keep barry from winning? It’s what got him the nomination.

Rolly-polly Martin:

WE’RE not surprised about by it. THEIR political views have come out in the open.

And Whoppi, Barbara, Sherry and Joy?

Is there anyone on this planet who doesn’t know who they want or how they gang up on Elisabeth?

Rollypolly has absolutely no credibility. How far has anyone come when everything said about Michelle is racist?

And it’s ok to call Hillary Clinton a whore, a cunt, a bitch and all sorts of other things and that’s not sexism?

This race is a joke with a glaring double standard and no one cares.

“Give her the dignity she didn’t give Michelle Obama.”

DIGNITY? Did you hear what I heard? How much dignity has anyone treated Hillary Clinton with? Absolute madness.

“Demand that she make an apology.”


Speaking the truth about a woman who happens to be black or because she’s a racist. How will there ever be equality if every remark is thought to be racist? What kind of person likes to be defined like that? What kind of integrity does one have? She’s white pink brown yellow or anything else and it’s a simple comment of truth. If it was Hillary it would be she’s a whiny old sow – with absolutely no apology.

Race in this race has been ridiculous.

RANT of the day: barry & rezko….

September 28, 2008

Well. It’s happened. As predicted. Tony Rezko’s about to give it up. The question is how much and about who? He didn’t like sharing undies with fellow prisoners and it must’ve gotten him thinking about the next 20yrs. Maybe he took a final look at his former friend, grant bestower and boss’s poll numbers and figured he couldn’t quite count on a presidential pardon. Curious how his sentencing was pushed back to late October. Wonder how much they want about barry vs Mayor Daley vs Gov Blagojevich? They have bunkbeds up in Wisconsin? Rezko, Ryan and Blagojevich can all be suitemates…keep the bed waiting for another famous IL resident. Imagine if it was McCain’s former campaign finance advisor? His governor? It’s absolutely laughable what the MSM has allowed barry to get away with. Why don’t the Rep care? Do they want to win or not? I get the sense that McCain enjoys knocking the barrybots (including the DNC/MSM) off their game…not that it’s very hard. Axelrod finally came out of hiding and while he whined Burton came out and did an about face. They don’t have a damn clue what’s going on without the MSM tearing apart his opponent. Howard Dean’s brother’s ad is just another example of how low the bots will got to get their Chosen One coronated. They’re letting Begala go after the GOP even though Jane Sixpack Brazile…why was that not racist? and how much campaigning is she doing?…threatened to beat him up. She’d have had him easy…but that Susan Rice is righteously bitter. Who in their right mind is allowing Rice and Boykin to go back on air? Hello. What are they gonna do? Call for Mccain to drop out and rage at his racist voters? Who is running this campaign? Bash the Clinton people until you need them…because you always do…and they help…because they always do…and then when something goes wrong you blame them…because you always do. It is very sad and makes me think of what Chelsea must go through everyday. Anyway. Why hasn’t anyone wondered where barry’s own state governor is? They gave him quick face time at the convention and that was it. Daley was there to promote the city and the Olympics. Never gonna happen. Though one wonders if the large population of arab americans…palestinians…living in the southwest suburbs would protect somewhat against the evildo-ers. Then again they wouldn’t have far to travel from the Bridgeview Mosque where al qaeda was hated into being. Rezko is not going to be the only October surprise. There will be 3 more internal and one external. This campaign is a farce. The only suitable candidate for president is being ‘pimped out’ because barry & joe can’t do it themselves. they need the Clinton’s help after all and barry still hasn’t shown respect to SHRC or her voters. It’s his ego alone that is keeping those voters from crossing over to him and it’s gonna be that ego that jeopardizes thousands of democratic politicians. Why aren’t they waking him up? I bet joe talked and talked till he roused barry from his messiahship and introduced him to the realities of politics and called Bill “Mr President”. Part of the bargain? Or Biden threatening the same as Rev Jesse? Has anyone checked the birth certificates of Malia and Sasha? Has anyone done DNA testing to prove they’re his children? Incest maybe? How more despicable does it get? This all such a hoaxical farce captured on You Tube every hour. The closer it gets the more pist off wright is going to get and he’s going to escape from his NOI captors (how much of barry’s half billion is rev wright hush money?) and Roland BLACK AIDS Martin is too damn fat to catch him and Bob HE’S BLACK! HE’S BLACK! RACE CARD! PHALLIC SYMBOL Herbert’s too busy baa-baa-baaing and waa-waa-whining. yo bob…barry becomes president and you’re tired old racist rants will be compared with the new ones against barry and the entire cosmos will see into your bitter soul and misogynistic words. How much talent does it take to rant about race as the problem without a hint of anything else at play? Is ‘bitter’ a racial code word for ‘angry’? Big deal about the racist code words but no one cares about the sexist code words straight from the messiahs’s mouth. It’s coming. The MSM is going to be exposed as corrupt. The proof is everywhere. But right now none of it matters. It’s surreal theater while the roof burns.

Does anyone not know barry is black?

September 28, 2008

September 16, 2008

Sebelius: Have any of you noticed that Barack Obama is part African American? I think that is for a number of people difficult. I think we need to talk about the fact that that is a real issue.

Why must people keep being reminded?

To continue using the race card that worked so well for barry in the election. He has to keep his black voters behind him so there is no complacency and he has to keep hitting hard on white guilt.

What is the point?

Who keeps bringing up this perceived discrimination?

And by doing so, who is undermining his legitimacy as a presidential candidate who happens to be biracial?

They do it to hide the fact that there are other reasons people are uncomfortable with him like: he has DONE nothing and continues to lie about his background and meager accomplishments. Oh well, it’s not worth a rant. It’s sad that that is still their go-to argument.








And how will that reflect on the black community itself?

Who is bringing in race as an issue on a daily basis?


When Sen Clinton brought up the issue of media bias and sexist treatment she was bashed for complaining that someone voted against her for being a woman.

Anyone see the hypocrisy?

People weren’t voting against Clinton they were ALL voting FOR barry. And ALL the people voting FOR Clinton were voting AGAINST barry.

Anyone heard a word of dissent from barry the “post-racial” candidate?

The one who pontificated about race in his speech but has not done anything about it in action. He has continued to let race drive the election – start to finish – and the pro-obama media playing happily along. He himself addressed it (as in words followed by no action) only as a matter of political expediency, which is why he was so pissed with wright for saying it. Holds a lot more weight coming from his spiritual mentor of 20 years.

Can’t claim prejudice on one hand and dismiss it out of hand on the other.

Race has consistently been an issue in this election because barry and his camp (MSM/DNC) continue to introduce it.

How far have we come when the first measure of dissent against barry is adjudged to be because of race?

McCain ad: Obama: "John’s right."

September 27, 2008

September 26, 2008
McCain ad after Presidential Debate 1. Thing is it’s what Obama does when he doesn’t know something.

OBAMA: “I think Senator McCain’s absolutely right that we need more responsibility.”
OBAMA: “Senator McCain is absolutely right that the earmarks process has been abused.”
OBAMA: “He’s also right that oftentimes lobbyists and special interests are the ones that are introducing these requests.”
OBAMA: “John mentioned the fact that business taxes on paper are high in this country, and hes absolutely right.”
OBAMA: “John is right we have to make cuts.”
OBAMA: “Senator McCain is absolutely right that the violence has been reduced as a consequence of the extraordinary sacrifice of our troops and our military families.”
OBAMA: “John — you’re absolutely right that presidents have to be prudent in what they say.”
OBAMA: “Senator McCain is absolutely right, we cannot tolerate a nuclear Iran.”

Has somebody put together a montage of Obama saying: I agree with Hillary on that…?

Presidential debate 1: Overview

September 27, 2008

Here’s a few interesting comments by Mark Impomeni. I find it hard to believe that people honestly feel Obama won the debate. BO far exceeded what he has done before in debates against HRC and McCain looked (devilishly) at home and enjoying himself. He is a worthy opponent – no matter how the BO camp tries to paint him as ‘unstable’, ‘erratic’ or ‘ ready to explode’. I liked McCain’s: “My friends.”

Political Machine’s
MARK IMPOMENI: (emphasis added)

Sen. Obama is more comfortable talking about the economy, and it showed in this portion of the debate. Sen. McCain did not make any major mistakes, and managed to score some good points on Obama’s earmark requests and out of control government spending. But a fair assessment of the first portion of the debate has to lean toward Obama.

The earmark discussion was what I think hit home most. The comment about BO has a million/day earmarks -especially when Gov Palin’s have been discussed.

“He didn’t happen to see that light during the first three years as a member of the United States Senate, $932 million in requests….that’s a million dollars for every day that he’s been in the United States Senate.”

Obama: “Well, Senator McCain is absolutely right that the earmarks process has been abused, which is why I suspended any requests for my home state, whether it was for senior centers or what have you, until we cleaned it up.”

Favorite McCain wording: We had an energy bill before the United States Senate. It was festooned with Christmas tree ornaments. It had all kinds of breaks for the oil companies, I mean, billions of dollars worth. I voted against it; Senator Obama voted for it.” Festooned with Christmas ornaments!

IMPOMENI: But Obama’s barbs did not stick to McCain, who has a long history of opposing his party on any number of issues. One particularly effective way McCain demonstrated this was when he rattled off a list of U.S. military actions and explained why he either supported them or opposed them. Another tactic McCain used effectively was to point out that he has traveled to many of the world’s hot spots, like Georgia, Pakistan’s frontier, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and has seen first hand the security challenges each poses to the United States. McCain demonstrated a depth of knowledge of world affairs that Obama, however well studied and prepped he may be, cannot possibly match.

(Nor could he Clinton.) Though I’m not sure how that knowledge will matter to BO’s youth support. They weren’t alive, so they don’t exist and substance points are not necessarily something they care about. And they think that Obama actually ‘voted’ against the war…still.

Liked the shout out to Sen Clinton holdouts. McCain: “Nuclear power is not only important as far as eliminating our dependence on foreign oil but it’s also responsibility as far as climate change is concerned and the issue I have been involved in for many, many years and I’m proud of the work of the work that I’ve done there along with President Clinton.” Subtle but effective. Didn’t look like he was waiting to deliver the line like many of Obama’s planned canned responses.

And here’s a shout out to his VP, Gov. Palin. McCain: “It’s well-known that I have not been elected Miss Congeniality in the United States Senate nor with the administration. I have opposed the president on spending, on climate change, on torture of prisoner, on – on Guantanamo Bay. On a — on the way that the Iraq War was conducted. I have a long record and the American people know me very well and that is independent and a maverick of the Senate and I’m happy to say that I’ve got a partner that’s a good maverick along with me now.”

Unfortunately, she has to go for McCain to really have a serious chance. Palin on Couric was bad…very bad. I can’t watch her interviews…too painful. I find it sad that BO’s camp continue to pile on – we can all see and hear. Piling on it makes BO look even more elitist. When are they going to learn? November 5th?

IMPOMENI: McCain also succeeded in getting under Obama’s skin with his criticism of Obama’s understanding of world affairs. That led to Obama interrupting, protesting, and attempting to correct the record while McCain was speaking.

BO even jumped in when McCain had trouble pronouncing “Ahmandinejad”. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Somebody better rein in his arrogance. I didn’t know about Gore’s “sighing”. Will have to check that out. I didn’t watch politics till seven months ago.

IMPOMENI: Obama’s interruptions are a tell for when he feels that he has been hurt by something McCain has said. McCain, on the other hand, was cool and calm throughout, except for one time when, appearing exasperated, he cut into an Obama answer on meeting with Iranian President Ahmadinejad. But even that was an effective moment for McCain, as he made the point that Obama’s desire to talk to the Iranians is naive and showed some emotion in doing so.

I really and truly was surprised with McCains’s command of foreign policy – especially with Russia, Georgia and the area. I thought his Sunni/Shiite was a big deal.

Obama: You were wrong. You said that there was no history of violence between Shiite and Sunni. And you were wrong.”

BO had to be pleased he didn’t have to go first and LEHRER give him BO a hand: “You see any — do you have a major difference with what he just said?”

Obama:“No, actually, I think Senator McCain and I agree for the most part on these issues.” His advisors had to have a collective groan there and the McCain camp had an ad put together before the debate was over.

IMPOMENI: McCain gets points for his vastly greater knowledge and experience in dealing with foreign policy issues and for taking Obama off his game and making him play defense. Stylistically, McCain wins again for frustrating Obama into losing his poise a little.

Obama does give away a lot with his body language, though he was much more in control than usual. Must have been schooled by a body language expert. But he couldn’t control is facial expressions, especially the one where he puts his chin up like he’s better than everyone. Biggest zinger was when McCain said I know the veterans – they trust me.

McCain: “As far as our other issues that he brought up are concerned, I know the veterans. I know them well. And I know that they know that I’ll take care of them. And I’ve been proud of their support and their recognition of my service to the veterans. And I love them. And I’ll take care of them. And they know that I’ll take care of them. And that’s going to be my job.”

Obama’s face at that moment is priceless. He knew he opened the door with: We haven’t adequately funded veterans’ care. I sit on the Veterans Affairs Committee, and we’ve got — I meet veterans all across the country who are trying to figure out, “How can I get disability payments? I’ve got post-traumatic stress disorder, and yet I can’t get treatment. and the “old man” happily skipped right through it – but did so in a heartfelt way – not – yeah, and your camp says I use the “POW card”? And he only directly mention his POW experience after Obama did his “my father’s from Kenya – no where on earth could this happen line. Guess McCain learned something from Leno.

McCain: But, also, I have the ability, and the knowledge, and the background to make the right judgments, to keep this country safe and secure. Reform, prosperity, and peace, these are major challenges to the United States of America. I don’t think I need any on-the-job training. I’m ready to go at it right now.

Game, set and match.

BO had to look down at his bracelet for the fallen soldier’s name, who died in a roadside bombing in 2006. It was very sad. “I’ve got a bracelet, too, from Sergeant—from the mother of Sergeant Ryan David Jopek, given to me in Green Bay. She asked me, ‘Can you please make sure another mother is not going through what I’m going through?’ No U.S. soldier ever dies in vain because they’re carrying out the missions of their commander in chief. And we honor all the service that they’ve provided.”

I hope the family is ok with that.

UPDATE: As it turns out, his mother didn’t want Obama to say anything but after he did she’s “ecstatic”.

Jopek acknowledged e-mailing the Obama campaign in February asking that the presidential candidate not mention her son in speeches or debates. But she said Obama’s mention on Friday was appropriate because he was responding after Sen. John McCain, the Republican nominee, said a soldier’s mother gave him a bracelet.

Jopek says Obama’s comment rightfully suggested there’s more than one viewpoint on the war.

What else is Mrs. Jopek going to say? And why did the press fell the need to descend upon her? Once again barry says one thing and does another…

Full coverage of Jopek story from Media Matters.

(Misleading) Poll: Round 1 goes to Obama

September 27, 2008

September 26, 2008

Of course CNN would say that. That is so laughable. I couldn’t believe he actually used the “I agree with Sen Clinton…” line. Especially with Russia. Obama got luck McCain went first. Just like Medvedev.

LEHRER: You see any — do you have a major difference with what he just said?
OBAMA: No, actually, I think Senator McCain and I agree for the most part on these issues.

17/18 paragraphs in – the truth:

The results may be favoring Obama simply because more Democrats than Republicans tuned in to the debate. 41 % Democrats, 27% Republicans, 30% Independents.

The…sample is roughly 5 to 7 percentage points more Democratic than the population as a whole.

Do the math. D 41 R27 I30. And which way are Independents turning? Crazy the lengths MSM will go to make Obama look better. Matthews was harping on his demeanor and how McCain wouldn’t look at Obama. Hello? Can’t you see he can’t rotate very well from his injuries? He tried at least twice that I recall. Matthews looked like his dog got run over. And what the hell was he doing covering it? Olbermann too?

Did Like McCain’s: Are you afraid I couldn’t hear him?” & “I won’t set the White House visitor schedule before I’m president. I don’t even have a seal yet.”

Sexist quote of the day: Two Fat Thighs with Small Breast and a Left Wing

September 27, 2008

Two Fat Thighs with Small Breast and a Left Wing
Can you imagine this about Mrs Obama, Mrs Biden, Nancy Pelosi or Governor Palin?

Need a laugh?

September 27, 2008

September 26, 2008
Day of Presidential Debate

Need a laugh? The video is worth watching. I couldn’t embed it. WFTV-9 (Florida) Barbara West interviews Joe Biden via satellite. They discuss McCain’s behavior before the presidential election, the financial crisis, the middle class. Then she says last quick question and he says sure. He really is quite affable and certainly somebody to knock one back with – he just doesn’t know when to hit the mute button. Fine for a crazy old uncle – not so for the VP. He should take the pen out of his hand.

WEST: (4:50) There’s been a lot of speculation on the internet that after the vice presidential debate you’re going to announce some kind of health problem and drop out of the race, which will pave the way for Hillary Clinton to step in to be the vice presidential candidate.

BIDEN laughs openmouthedly as was I. Even Ms West thought it was funny. Of all the things in the blogosphere this is what she asks.

WEST: What’s your reaction other than laughter?

BIDEN keeps laughing. I thought you were going to say I was going to drop out and make sure some great baseball star or somebody came in. To the best of my knowledge, and God willing my health and the creek’s not rising my health is holding. If you take a look we’re doing just fine. Not only healthwise but also in terms of helping this ticket. And ends with his trade mark smile. That’s good question. He was serious like that was one I never heard before.

See here and here for his October 23, 2008 interview with her that didn’t go so well. It took place after his worse than a gaffe “he’s gonna need help” remarks.

Another one bites the dust…

September 27, 2008

September 26, 2008
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Fernando C de Baca, Chairman of the GOP, Bernalillo County
Swing state: Nevada
Day of Presidential Debate 1
Obama 3 points up on McCain

Original comment aired (emphasis added)


C de Baca, 70, was quoted in a BBC News blog last week as saying: “The truth is that Hispanics came here as conquerors. African-Americans came here as slaves. Hispanics consider themselves above blacks. They won’t vote for a black president.”

How is this any different than the daily discussions by the pro-Obama MSM about the whites who won’t vote for a black man? His party demanded he be shamed – and then a second BBC audiotape was released. (At whose urgence?)

In that interview, he said older Hispanics would not support Obama “primarily because there is a strong feeling that African Americans during the civil rights movement took advantage, full advantage, of all the benefits and programs that the government offered, that were supposed to be offered to all minorities. But we were left behind, we were left sucking air, and we resented that ever since the ’60s, and I don’t see how a black president is going to change that.”

And then the expected flurry:

Fernando C de Baca: It’s time to step aside and let the candidates and the political races that are so important to this country and democracy be placed in focus, have the focus placed where it needs to be.

State GOP Chairman Allen Weh: Mr. C de Baca has worked hard on behalf of the party, and his contributions should be appropriately recognized. We are glad this matter has been resolved and wish him well.

Carlos Sanchez, Obama New Mexico spokesman: No comment. None needed. Mission accomplished.

E. Lena Brown, NAACP chapter president in Albuquerque: His comments were without merit and foundation. New Mexico is a multicultural state. Now I hope some of this stupidness will stop.

Ryan Cangiolosi, treasurer of the county party, will take over as chairman.


Debate 1: Robert Gibbs

September 27, 2008

Norah O’Donnell talking to Robert Gibbs, Obama’s Communications Director about McCain’s statement accusing Obama of “political posturing” yesterday in White House meeting.

Gibbs: Talked about the events of yesterday. That when McCain suspended his campaign they were close to the principles a deal and five hours later (after CBS interview) when he got to Washington there wasn’t a deal. He thinks McCain participation in the legislation process was a dramatic negative. One giant political stunt and photo op, the failure of which is only eclipsed by Washington Mutual Bank being seized by the federal government.

O’Donnell: Axelrod said that McCain has used this crisis to advance his campaign. Be specific – how has he used this crisis to advance his campaign?

Gibbs: “Let me disagree with David. I think it’s dramatically set back his campaign. I totally agree with David that what John McCain tried to do was create a political stunt with a photo op and pretend that he was going to sweep into Washington and save the American people from themselves. Again I think it has been a spectacular failure…I think John McCain has done nothing to help this crisis. Last two weeks have seen Barack Obama be steady and cool under pressure during this global economic crisis to fight for principles that he wanted to see as part of this agreement.”

O’Donnell: (With an insider smile.) “Are excited about tonight’s debate?”

Gibbs: “Of course.”

Axelrod sounds panicked. Gibbs dismissive.

Cafferty on Palin

September 26, 2008

September 26, 2008
Cafferty goes off on Palin: “THIS Woman” Most pathetic piece of tape I have ever seen.

Video courtesy of tpmtv
September 29, 2008

McCain hasn’t used a lot of “good judgment”. Same as always.

(Misleading) Poll: Obama’s lead nearly doubles!!!

September 26, 2008

September 26, 2008

Ha-ha. How desperate are bots getting to make the Messiah look like he’s about to sprint to victory? Seems they’ve forgotten the 11-in-a-row limp home and free ride home by the DNC. It’s pathetic. The post-debate CBS/CNN poll was intentionally skewed because it polled more Dems (41%) to Rep (27%) to Ind (30%). .

TPM’s ERIC KLEEFELD’s sensationalized title: “Obama’s Lead Nearly Doubles in Today’s tracking Polls”

Makes you think he broke out to a 8-10 point lead. And the truth? Not even going to bother with analysis.

• Gallup: Obama 48%, McCain 45%, with a ±2% margin of error. (yest 46%-46%)
• Rasmussen: Obama 50%, McCain 45%, with a ±2% MOE (yest 49%-46%)
• Hotline/Diageo: Obama 49%, McCain 42%, with a ±3.2% MOE (yest 47%-43%)
• Research 2000: Obama 48%, McCain 43%, with a ±3% MOE. (49%-43%)

Adding these polls together and weighting them by sample sizes, Obama is ahead by a margin of 48.9%-44.5%, almost double his margin from yesterday’s 47.7%-45.3%.

(9/26) 48.9 – 44.5 a whopping 4.4 compared to (9/25) 47.7 – 45.3 2.4

How utterly laughable is this? How many times has he even reached 50? The bots can’t seem to make up their minds. No cellphones so the polls aren’t reliable and then they believe them so much they parse a tiny little lead. Makes no sense and smells of desperation. Too bad barry doesn’t care…he can blame his loss on WHITE AMERICA.

POLL: NY TIMES/CBS before Debate 1

September 26, 2008

September 26, 2008

“More voters expressed confidence in Senator John McCain’s ability to deal with national security and foreign policy issues than in that of Senator Barack Obama.”

By a margin of 23 points, voters were more likely to say Mr. McCain was very knowledgeable about world affairs than they were about Mr. Obama, and 21 points more apt to say it was very likely Mr. McCain would be an effective commander in chief. Voters were also much more likely to express confidence in Mr. McCain’s ability to protect the country from a terrorist attack.

Of course, they chose selective graphics and leave the reader to go look at a pdf file…so I figured there would be some interesting tidbits and there were.

I found this most interesting…
Biden Favorable 33 Not favorable 17 Undecided 18 Haven’t heard enough 32
Palin Favorable 37 Not favorable 29 Undecided 14 Haven’t heard enough 18
32% haven’t heard enough from Biden to make an opinion. Meaning not heard enough of him or heard from him but not enough about what he was supposed to say?

How knowledgeable of world affairs?
McCain Very 45 Somewhat 42 Not too 7 Not at all 3 (87/10)
Obama Very 22 Somewhat 51 Not too 17 Not at all 5 (73/22)

How confident are you in the candidate’s ability to make the right decisions about the economy?
Very 17 Somewhat 38 Not too 25 Not at all 20 (55/45)
Obama Very 29 Somewhat 35 Not too 20 Not at all 14 (64/34
2/20-24 Very 20 Somewhat 46 Not too 19 Not at all 12 (66/31)
So, in seven months, Very/Somewhat went from 66-64 and Not too/Not at all 31-34. The economy has tanked completely and BO is no more trusted than he was then.

How confident are you in the candidate’s ability to deal wisely with an international crisis?
McCain Confidence 49 Uneasy 47
Obama Confidence 41 Uneasy 53
2/20-24 Confidence 47 Uneasy 47
So, seven months ago, more people were confident 47/41 and less uneasy 47/53 in BO’s ability to deal with international crisis. Scary.

Effective as Commander-in-Chief?
McCain Very Likely 48 Somewhat 29 Not too 11 Not at all 8 (77/19)
Obama Very Likely 27 Somewhat 35 Not too 20 Not at all 16 (62/36)
2/20-24 Very Likely 23 Somewhat 46 Not too 15 Not at all 13 (69/28)
So, in seven months, Obama’s very/somewhat likely went down 69-62 and not too/at all went up from 28-36. Scary. Guess that trip didn’t help as much as he paid for it. Landstuhl and that picture of him in Iowa are hard to forget. Sen Clinton trounced him on C-I-C like 90-10.

How confident are you in the candidate’s ability to make the right decisions about the war in Iraq?
McCain Very 30 Somewhat 28 Not too 20 Not at all 21 (58/41)
Obama Very 26 Somewhat 30 Not too 24 Not at all 18 (56/42)
2/20-24 Very 20 Somewhat 37 Not too 21 Not at all 19 (57/40)
So, nothing has changed in seven months, except he has developed the “good judgment” to realize his Iraq story was indeed a fairy tale. But it took Bill O’Reilly to make him admit that the Surge succeeded beyond our wildest dreams”.

How confident are you in the candidate’s ability to make the right decisions about foreign policy issues?
McCain Very 23 Somewhat 44 Not too 19 Not at all 13 (67/32)
Obama Very 24 Somewhat 38 Not too 23 Not at all 12 (62/35)
Obama Very 20 Somewhat 37 Not too 21 Not at all 19 (57/40)
So, in seven months and with the addition of Joe Biden only 5% are more confident in Obama’s ability to make the right decisions about foreign policy.

If elected president, would the candidate make the US’s image in the world better, worse or would it have no effect? (Question asked to favor non-incumbent party-Obama.)
McCain Better 23 No effect 43 Worse 26
Obama Better 53 No effect 29 Worse 12

Kind of person who is able to admit he made mistake? (New question – as close as they can get to “irrationality” or senility.)
McCain Yes 49 No 38 NA 13
Obama Yes 60 NO 27 NA 12

What would concern you more about the candidate’s handling of problems with other countries?
Too quick to take military action?
McCain 63
Obama 10
Spend too much time on diplomacy?
McCain 17
Obama 67
Neither/No opinion
McCain 20
Obama 23

How confident are you in candidate’s ability to make the right decision when it comes to protecting the US from a terrorist attack?
McCain Very 40 Somewhat 35 Not too 13 Not at all 10 (75-23)
Obama Very 28 Somewhat 32 Not too 20 Not at all 17 (60-37)
I don’t even want to comment on this one.

*Polls 9/21-24
936 adults, including 844 registered voters.
The margin of sampling error is plus or minus three percentage points.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell is talking to Dr Richard Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations. (How many foreign relations committees/councils do we have?) She asked what are the biggest differences between the world view of Obama & McCain?

Dr Haass said Barack Obama favors diplomacy and a willingness to work with adversaries and John McCain seems to be taking a more MUSCULAR approach. Interesting word, eh?

Sexist video: ‘We’ve come a long way, Baby!"

September 26, 2008

More fine examples of sexism. I truly cannot understand how people continue to deny that sexism exists. It’s clear they choose not to see. The older women like Clift (68), Mitchell (61), Noonan (58), Dowd (56), Borger (56), Brazile (48), Mika (41) are the true beasts. They do it to so it won’t be done to them. And how clueless are the Kliffettes who write: “Sorry, Hillary, girls already rule!” Ms Kliff, are you getting paid as much as your male coworkers? Have you gotten the same promotions? The same jobs? Were you hired on merit or to fill a quota? What’s percentage of the seniority are men?

Going public?

September 26, 2008

hey mattie, are you going public soon? i don’t have much energy to create posts. i’d rather make comments. later

Obama yells! at woman in Iowa

September 26, 2008

November 19, 2007
Jane Svoboda from Tama, Iowa
Grundy Center, Iowa

This is Obama in his younger days…before the adoring masses…when he had a spine…when questions weren’t screened and scripted. Before he acquired his messiahood of the traveling feinters and mancrush MSM. This is who Obama is inside. This is why he doesn’t do townhalls. Terrorism? Immigration? Did you hear an answer? But he “studied deeply”.


At least he didn’t call her “Sweetie”. It certainly belies the “cool exterior”. Forced not authentic. That’s that’s the difference between him and Gov Palin. I imagine this might have gotten Ms Svoboda’s claws out about the potential commander in chief.