Quote of the day: "A coven of hysterical liberal women who need drool buckets"

Hypocritical outrage about the MSM attack on Governor Palin. Where were they during the primaries? Why just now the outrage? See this video of Republican women finally speaking out now that it’s not Sen Clinton. It shows that sexism is conditional and the worst hypocrites are the women in the MSM like Mo Dowdy, Nanci Pelosi, Peg Noonan, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepherd, Barbara Walters, Katie Couric, Meredith Vieira, Soledad O’Brien, Gloria Borger, Mika, Donna Brazile, who rants about racist treatment of obama and never once brought up the sexist treatment of Sen Clinton. It shows exactly who those women are. They go along with the boys so they aren’t attacked. They are the weakest of all women.

Malkin: “I think that–I think it’s very damning that a lot of the working women in the media moms are standing by, sitting by and in some cases facilitating these attacks on Sarah Palin that somehow she’s not capable of holding down a job in political life at the same time taking care of her family.”

Malkin: “It points to the hypocrisy of the media moms who have young children as young as Sarah Palin’s are and have gotten to the top of their careers.”

In regards to the different treatment of McCain vs Michell and Barack Obama on ‘The View’. Malkin: “You have this coven of hysterical liberal women who need drool buckets when they’re around Barack Obama.” (3:20)

Video courtesy pundital

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