RANT of the day: barry & rezko….

Well. It’s happened. As predicted. Tony Rezko’s about to give it up. The question is how much and about who? He didn’t like sharing undies with fellow prisoners and it must’ve gotten him thinking about the next 20yrs. Maybe he took a final look at his former friend, grant bestower and boss’s poll numbers and figured he couldn’t quite count on a presidential pardon. Curious how his sentencing was pushed back to late October. Wonder how much they want about barry vs Mayor Daley vs Gov Blagojevich? They have bunkbeds up in Wisconsin? Rezko, Ryan and Blagojevich can all be suitemates…keep the bed waiting for another famous IL resident. Imagine if it was McCain’s former campaign finance advisor? His governor? It’s absolutely laughable what the MSM has allowed barry to get away with. Why don’t the Rep care? Do they want to win or not? I get the sense that McCain enjoys knocking the barrybots (including the DNC/MSM) off their game…not that it’s very hard. Axelrod finally came out of hiding and while he whined Burton came out and did an about face. They don’t have a damn clue what’s going on without the MSM tearing apart his opponent. Howard Dean’s brother’s ad is just another example of how low the bots will got to get their Chosen One coronated. They’re letting Begala go after the GOP even though Jane Sixpack Brazile…why was that not racist? and how much campaigning is she doing?…threatened to beat him up. She’d have had him easy…but that Susan Rice is righteously bitter. Who in their right mind is allowing Rice and Boykin to go back on air? Hello. What are they gonna do? Call for Mccain to drop out and rage at his racist voters? Who is running this campaign? Bash the Clinton people until you need them…because you always do…and they help…because they always do…and then when something goes wrong you blame them…because you always do. It is very sad and makes me think of what Chelsea must go through everyday. Anyway. Why hasn’t anyone wondered where barry’s own state governor is? They gave him quick face time at the convention and that was it. Daley was there to promote the city and the Olympics. Never gonna happen. Though one wonders if the large population of arab americans…palestinians…living in the southwest suburbs would protect somewhat against the evildo-ers. Then again they wouldn’t have far to travel from the Bridgeview Mosque where al qaeda was hated into being. Rezko is not going to be the only October surprise. There will be 3 more internal and one external. This campaign is a farce. The only suitable candidate for president is being ‘pimped out’ because barry & joe can’t do it themselves. they need the Clinton’s help after all and barry still hasn’t shown respect to SHRC or her voters. It’s his ego alone that is keeping those voters from crossing over to him and it’s gonna be that ego that jeopardizes thousands of democratic politicians. Why aren’t they waking him up? I bet joe talked and talked till he roused barry from his messiahship and introduced him to the realities of politics and called Bill “Mr President”. Part of the bargain? Or Biden threatening the same as Rev Jesse? Has anyone checked the birth certificates of Malia and Sasha? Has anyone done DNA testing to prove they’re his children? Incest maybe? How more despicable does it get? This all such a hoaxical farce captured on You Tube every hour. The closer it gets the more pist off wright is going to get and he’s going to escape from his NOI captors (how much of barry’s half billion is rev wright hush money?) and Roland BLACK AIDS Martin is too damn fat to catch him and Bob HE’S BLACK! HE’S BLACK! RACE CARD! PHALLIC SYMBOL Herbert’s too busy baa-baa-baaing and waa-waa-whining. yo bob…barry becomes president and you’re tired old racist rants will be compared with the new ones against barry and the entire cosmos will see into your bitter soul and misogynistic words. How much talent does it take to rant about race as the problem without a hint of anything else at play? Is ‘bitter’ a racial code word for ‘angry’? Big deal about the racist code words but no one cares about the sexist code words straight from the messiahs’s mouth. It’s coming. The MSM is going to be exposed as corrupt. The proof is everywhere. But right now none of it matters. It’s surreal theater while the roof burns.

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