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"Bob the Undertaker"

October 31, 2008

October 31, 2008
McCain on the stump in Ohio. He’s pointing out signs people are holding up (signs people held up when Sen Clinton stumped) like Jim the Soccer Dad, Mary the Businesswoman…and then he gets to Bob the Undertaker and says something like: some democrats are going to need your services after this election.

If McCain does manage somehow to pull it off, the folks at MSNBC might have a hard time paying for theirs when the time comes. Who is ever going to hold the pro-obama media responsible for their bias? Non-obamerized bloggers?

Hillary 2008 Vinyl Sticker Hillary Clinton takes the form of Rosie the Riveter in the We Can Do It pose.

Dear Pro-Obama media members:

October 31, 2008

1 – Why haven’t you pressured barry to release his full medical records? Why is it acceptable that The American People do not have full disclosure from a self-proclaimed healthy 47 y/o candidate? What is he hiding and why aren’t you asking?

2 – Why haven’t you demanded barry release his Columbia transcripts? Why should a presidential candidate, who touts his intelligence and grasp of the constitution, not want to release his records? What is contained therein that he does not want The American people to know? What is he hiding and why aren’t you asking?

3 – Why haven’t you demanded barry go on record during his hourly softball press interviews to state unequivocally that he was born in the US, has never gave up his US citizenship and is presently, and has always been, a US citizen? What is he hiding and why aren’t you asking?

4 – Why haven’t you demanded barry release to the press the original copy of his birth certificate so that it can be documented as 100% authentic?

5 – Why haven’t you made him state on camera that the copy he posted on his website is not a fraud?

6 – Why haven’t you investigated the various lawsuits challenging barry’s constitutional eligibility to be President of the United States and instead chosen to investigate whether Joe the Plumber is, in fact, certified to be a plumber?

7 – Why haven’t you had a hard-hitting barry press conference to question him live and on camera about his stand (d’jour) on the issues, instead of playing snippets of his stumps and edited, scripted video bits of interviews done by obamerized, pro-obama media members?

8 – Why haven’t you pointed out that Biden has refused to take questions from his pro-obama press corps in over six weeks? Why haven’t you hounded him like you have Gov Palin?

9 – Why haven’t you had the journalistic integrity to admit to your (irrefutably proven) pro-obama bias and the effect it had on the primary and general election?

10 – Why haven’t you had the personal integrity to say on camera, at the beginning of every broadcast (or in the byline), who you are backing?

jonjon alter’s idea of a "DISABLED INFANT"

October 31, 2008

newsweek’s jonjon alter: “But many voters will nonetheless wonder whether Palin should undertake the rigors of the vice presidency (and perhaps the presidency) while caring for a DISABLED INFANT.”

Then he went on to say how it will make the rounds on shows like Oprah. He should have said The (obamerized) View. His original post was “corrected” which removed more of his inhumane, misogynistic, pro-obama comments. Explains why jonjon and herr olbermann are tied in the polls as “Most Vile” – even beating out fellow misogynist “thrill up my leg” chris matthews. How can matthews continue to be such a flamingly rude misogynist when he has a beautiful daughter, whom he showed off on camera, forever linking her image to his? Does he ever even consider how she must viewed by her friends, schoolmates, teachers and by the parents of her friends and other adult women because of her father’s incredibly sexist comments? How can a father be so selfish? Will his granddaughter look back at granddad’s work with pride and honor? Will granddad? And what if his teenage daughter were to become pregnant?

(pix courtesy of tomkat)

berg v obama/dnc response to stay

October 31, 2008

October 31, 2008


BARACK OBAMA, et, al.,


Appellant Philip Berg has appealed from the decision of the District Court dismissing his complaint for lack of subject matter jurisdiction and failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted. Memorandum and Order, Berg v. Obama, Civ. No. 08-cv-4083 (E.D. Pa. filed Oct. 24, 2008)(“District Court Decision”), attached hereto as Exhibit 1. Berg has now filed a “Emergency Motion for an Immediate Injunction to Stay the Presidential Election of November 4, 2008 Pending Resolution of the Petitioner’s Appeal” (“Emergency Motion”).

Pursuant to FRAP 27(a)(3) and this Court’s Order of October 30, 2008, appellees Senator Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee (“DNC”) hereby respond to the Emergency Motion.

The Emergency Motion should be denied for three reasons.

First, Berg’s Emergency Motion is effectively a new original case, seeking directly from this Court relief not sought below and based largely on facts and legal grounds not raised in his complaints. Accordingly this Court lacks jurisdiction over the Emergency Motion. The All-Writs Act does not afford any basis for jurisdiction in this case.

Second, Berg failed to comply with Rule 8(a) of the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, requiring that he move first in the district court for any order granting an injunction while an appeal is pending.

Third, there is no possibility that Berg will prevail on the merits. Not only are Berg’s allegations patently false, but, as the District Court correctly found, he lacks standing to bring the action and there is no federal cause of action in any event for enforcement of the constitutional provision he invokes


On August 21, 2008, appellant Philip Berg filed a complaint in the District Court alleging (falsely) that Senator Barack Obama is not a “natural born citizen” and is therefore ineligible to serve as President of the U.S. under Article II, section 1, clause 4 of the Constitution, the Natural Bom Citizen Clause. Berg sought a declaration that Senator Obama is ineligible to run for President and a permanent injunction enjoining him from running for President and enjoining the DNC from nominating him. On September 24, 2008, defendants Senator Obama and the Democratic National Committee (“DNC”) filed a motion to dismiss, pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 12(b)(1) and 12(b)(6), for lack of subject matter jurisdiction and failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted.

On October 6, 2008, Berg filed a First Amended Complaint, adding several new defendants and asserting causes of action under the Civil Rights Acts, 42 U.S.C. §§1983 and 1985, the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 as amended, 2 U.S.C. §§431 et seq., the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. §552 and the Immigration and Nationality Act, 8 U.S.C. §1481(b). In his First Amended Complaint, Berg sought the same relieras that sought in the original complaint and, additionally, an order compelling the FEC and the U.S. Senate Rules Committee to conduct an investigation into Senator Obama’s citizenship status and an injunction barring the Pennsylvania Department of State and the DNC from placing Senator Obama’s name on the presidential general election ballot.

On October 20, 2008, defendants Obama and the DNC filed a motion to dismiss the First Amended Complaint. That motion was granted by the District Court on October 24, 2008. See Exhibit 1 hereto. The District Court found that Berg lacked standing to assert any claim under the Natural Born Citizen Clause and that his complaint did not state a claim under any of the other statutory provision he invoked.

Berg has now filed his Emergency Motion, again alleging falsely that Senator Obama was not born in the United States, setting forth various other allegations about the Senator, and requesting an injunction “to stay the Presidential Election of November 4, 2008 pending the resolution of Petitioner’s Appeal.” Emergency Motion at 17.


The Emergency Motion should be denied. First, this Court has no jurisdiction to entertain the Emergency Motion. It is not a motion for stay of the judgment or order of the District Court pending appeal and does not address the merits of the District Court’s decision at all. Nor does it request that the relief sought from the District Court be granted during the pendency of the appeal.

Rather, the Emergency Motion seeks a form of relief which was not requested at all in either the original Complaint or First Amended Complaint, namely, an order enjoining the conduct of the Presidential general election next Tuesday, November 4, 2008. Further, the Emergency Motion includes a number of factual allegations not included in either the original Complaint or First Amended Complaint and not otherwise raised in the District Court. See Emergency Motion fl 4, 5, 6, 19-25. Among other things, attached to the Emergency Motion are two affidavits, one from a “Bishop Ron McRae” and another from a “Reverend Kiori,” both executed after the District Court issued its decision.

In these circumstances, this Court lacks jurisdiction to consider the Emergency Motion. The Emergency Motion is an original action seeking relief not sought in the court below and based substantially on different factual grounds. In the absence of a special statutory basis for jurisdiction, however, a Court of Appeals “cannot take evidence or hear matters initially.” In re Montes, 677 F.2d 415, 416 (5th Cir. 1982).

Nor does the All-Writs Act, 28 U.S.C. §1651(a), relied upon by Berg (Emergency Motion at 11), provide any basis for the relief sought in the Emergency Motion. Relief under the All-Writs Act is not available unless the applicant has “no other ‘adequate means to attain the [desired] relief. ..”In re School Asbestos Litigation, 921 F.2d 1310, 1314 (3d Cir. 1990), quoting Kerr v.U.S. District Court, 426 U.S. 394, 403 (1976). Such a showing cannot be made where the petitioner has “made no effort to secure relief from the trial court involved….”//! reMontes, 677 F.2dat416.

To be sure, this Court may also issue a writ in order to preserve its own jurisdiction over an appeal. E.g., United States v. Rowlands, 451 F.3d 173 (3d Cir. 2006). Berg has not made any showing, however, that enjoining the Presidential election is necessary in order for this Court to review the District Court’s ruling that Berg lacked standing to assert his constitutional claim and that his complaint failed to state a claim under any of the other statutory provisions invoked in his complaint.

Second, Berg also failed to comply with FRAP 8(a)(1) and (2) by failing to seek the requested relief first from the District Court. “Application for a stay may be made in the first instance to the court of appeals only when application to the district court for the relief sought is not practicable. Since the [appellant] has not applied to the district court for a stay we cannot consider such a motion.” United States ex. Rel. Barnwell v. Rundle, 461 F.2d 768, 769 (3d Cir. 1972).

Finally, the factors regulating issuance of a stay or injunction pending appeal dictate denial of the Emergency Motion. Those factors are

“(1) whether the stay applicant has made a strong showing that he is likely to succeed on the merits;

(2) whether the applicant will be irreparably injured absent a stay;

(3) whether issuance of the stay will substantially injure the other parties interested in the proceeding; and

(4) where the public interest lies.”

Hilton v. Braunskill, 481 U.S. 770, 776 (1987). Here there is no possibility whatsoever, let alone a likelihood, that Berg will succeed on the merits.

As the District Court correctly concluded, Berg does not have standing under Article III to bring a claim under the Natural Born Citizen Clause. District Court Decision at 9-17. Standing requires an injury in fact that is concrete and particularized Lujan v. Defenders of Wildlife, 504 U.S. 555, 560 (1992). It is well established that a “voter fails to present an injury in fact when the alleged harm is abstract and widely shared or is only derivative of a harm experienced by a
candidate.” Crist v. Com ‘n on Presidential Debates, 262 F.3d 193, 194 (2d Cir.2001)(per curiam). For that reason, a voter does not have standing to challenge the qualifications of a presidential candidate under the Constitution. Hollander v. McCain, No. 08-0099, 2008 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 56729 (D.N.H. 2008); Jones v. Bush, 122 F. Supp. 2d 7133 (N.D. Tex. 2000).

With respect to the other causes of action asserted by Berg in his First Amended Complaint, it is clear, and the District Court correctly held, that no no cause of action lies under the Civil Rights Acts, §§1983, 1985 or 1986; the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971, as amended; the Freedom of Information Act; the Immigration or Nationality Act; or under theory of promissory estoppel. Berg does not, in his Emergency Motion, take issue with the District Court’s rulings that none of these theories affords Berg any basis for the relief he sought.


Therefore the reasons set forth above, the Emergency Motion should be denied.

I, John P. Lavelle, Jr., Esquire, the attorney for Defendants Senator Barack Obama and Democratic National Committee, hereby certify that the foregoing Response of Appellees Senator Barack Obama and Democratic National Committee to Appellant’s Emergency Motion complies with the type-volume limitation set forth in Rule 32(a)(7)(B) of the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure. The total number of words in the foregoing Brief is 1,495.

John P. Lavelle, Jr.
Attorney I.D. Pa. 54279
1735 Market Street, 51st Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103-7599
(215) 864-9125 (Fax)

Joseph E. Sandler
General Counsel, Democratic National Committee
300 M Street, S.E. #1102
Washington, D.C. 20003
Telephone: (202)479-1111


Robert F. Bauer
General Counsel, Obama for America
607 Fourteenth Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20005-2003
Telephone: (202) 628-6600

Philip J. Berg, Esquire
555 Andorra Glen Court, Suite 12
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444-2531
Benjamin A. Streeter, III, Esquire
The Federal Election Commission (FEC)
999 E. Street, NW
Washington, DC 2046

Page 11

Alma (Campbell) Brown’s youth vote

October 31, 2008

October 31, 2008
Rant alert

Here’s Alma Campbell Brown’s comments. Recall how she and most every other pundit has said the reason barry won’t become president will be because of “racist white America”. Because America is still a “nation of racists”. Even though a black [biracial, when politically expedient. How is his typical white person grandmother doing now that barry’s case has been thrown out? What kind of man hides out in Hawaii and doesn’t stay just one more day for his grandmother’s 86 birthday? Her health was so precarious that he had definite plans of when he was returning? How moronic do you think we are?] man is the nominee of the Democratic party and is favored to win the presidency – Americans are racists. Even though Rep John Lewis can make disgusting irresponsible statements about an American hero, POW and presidential candidate weeks after a black man was coronated the nominee and weeks before he most likely becomes the president of the United States. Oh yes. America is racist because they see all black men as the same. And McCain is just the same as Wallace because they’re both white Republicans?

What happened to President Bill Clinton when he made a comment that was perceived to be a comparison between one black man and another? A comment that Rev Jesse Jackson said did not offend him? A man who had served the country during it’s most prosperous times in recent memory is suddenly a racist just because he is running against a black man. How many voters in the black community know that barry’s camp headed into SC with a plan to paint the Clintons as racists? That they had a strategy already laid out to get the black vote (who hadn’t been backing barry) even before Mr Bill said a word? How many black voters know that the fairy tale comment was about barry’s stance on Iraq – not his presidency? Donna Brazile doesn’t even know. It is a fairy tale and it has been proven to be so. Look at how his position has changed just while running for president – most marked after her got the nomination.

How many voters of any color or party still believe barry had an actual say on Iraq?




And when he did have a say he didn’t back that “judgment” up and still everyone falls happily in line.

Mr Bill gets reviled in the press for “not coming around” and yet the press seems to overlook that barry refused to reach out to him until he had to. That barry’s camp (which includes the MSM and the DNC) were cruel and vicious to the Clinton’s about the convention.

If Jonathan Capehart had an ounce of integrity he would have written that story.

And what would have happened to him if he had? Who would have gone after him and why?

White guilt + black silence + absolute media corruption = 2008 presidential election.

Post racial and post partisan?

Journalistic integrity?

Thanks for the comedy.

It was/is barry’s arrogance and egomania that directly resulted in Mr Bill’s “not coming around”. barry was coronated head of the Democratic party and refused to reach out to the previous leader because he hates the former president’s wife.

Oh, yes, hallelujah, praise Jesus! America is electing a new type of politician. Or as Bob HE’S BACK! HE’S BLACK! Herbert proclaimed him to be: the “Herald of New Politics!” Kumbaya, My Lord, Jesus! Kumbaya.

And who has done a study of whether America is still a country of misogynists?

Every poll has shown that America feels less ready for woman president (and obviously VP) than a black male president. We keep seeing these videos shot by bot operatives about people not wanting to vote for a black man – they were not voting for him or any other Democrat anyway. But how is that received in the MSM? Not mentioned. Just used as a platform for another discussion by the liberal white press. And what type of servants do they have cleaning their house while they’re at work pontificating about minorities being foreclosed? The WalMart moms and Joe the Plumbers. And Mika and Joe sit back drinking their $5 Starbucks and chat about mortgage foreclosures and racism in America.

Where are the videos from the black community saying no way they’d ever vote for a woman and certainly not no “rich white woman who ain’t never been called a nigger”?

I still can’t believe he said that. Well, not that he said it. The fact that he was allowed to stay an official campaign advisor for 3 more months before anyone said anything and even then it took three tries to get rid of him.

Nope haven’t seen a single video of folks who voted FOR barry just because they didn’t want a woman president.. Instead it’s videos of folks who thinks he’s a Muslim.

And who the hell cares if he is?

What does that say about the MSM pointing it out like it’s a negative or scary thing?

What does that reveal about their own preconceptions?

Who’s automatically associating it with terrorism?

Have they ever had a poll on McCain or Senator Clinton’s religion? The whole question is skewed. And how about the interviews of barry’s church members who said wright was telling the truth when he was ranting about “Hillary”?

How is that not considered racist? This whole race issue is a damn joke.

BROWN: And if Democratic candidate Barack Obama wins, it will be the youth of this country who gave him the presidency.

Here’s a hint: It’s a new school year. It’s no longer “cool” to be a barry fan. The attention span is milliseconds – not 8 hour voting lines. Had someone found a way to integrate it into a blackberry or iphone like barry did with his X-Box ads then he’d win by 20 million.

Donna Brazile appeal to would be voters

October 31, 2008

October 31, 2008

Brazile: For some, here’s the best reason to vote: All the cool people will be wearing “I Voted” stickers. Join them.

Explains why the definition of Change! never mattered.

Have you seen barry or biden’s ankles?

October 31, 2008

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Today all we saw were crotch shots of McCain’s khakis so we could see “Defiance” (Getty). Carlos Barria (Reuters) prefers Gov Palin’s legs. Wonder where the hidden cameras are located so they can see up her skirt.

Dear Pro-Obama media members:

October 31, 2008

Instead of fantasizing and writing ridiculous stories about what president barry (who has spent more time running for president than actually working in the senate) most compares to – please tell me what senator he most compares to. Thank you.

Quote of the day: "What? They need Viagra?"

October 30, 2008

October 30, 2008
Chris Matthews talking with Howie Fineman and some other guy.

Fineman: I was in Harrisburg where a lot of THOSE people are. There’s one category of them, who live in the nice suburban towns — “upscale” soft Republicans and there are “downscale” soft Republicans. “Soft Republicans” the use in the obama headquarters in Chicago. The upscale ones are worried about taxes – more about Sarah Palin – and the downscale ones who want help on healthcare, but who think obama is a little strange. That’s basically it.

MATTHEWS: Soft Republicans, uh? What’s that? They need Viagra? What are we talking about here.

Please hardball – the visuals.

Demographics are fine unless Sen Clinton is referring to them. Then they become racist code words. And how is it howie knows what goes on in barry’s headquarters? “If you read me on a regular basis, you know that I do my best not to take sides.” Didn’t believe him then. Never have believed it. He has the chutzpah to say it while jonjon doesn’t bother.

Women’s suffrage

October 30, 2008


If Obama does not become president…

October 30, 2008

October 30, 2008

Joe Madison:

The black vote has always been the margin of victory or defeat.

Likewise, should barry not win the presidency, it won’t be because those bitter white racists in Appalachia voted against him – it will be because 8 million eligible black voters never bothered to register to vote for him.

Biden laugh of the day: Hello?

October 30, 2008

October 30, 2008
Williamsport, VA

Biden laugh of the day

Stumping talking about McCain and Bush. What else. I know more about what Bush has done and what will McCain will do similar than I do about what they will do different.

Folks, as recently as this past Sunday, John McCain said, “He and Bush share a come philosophy. As if we didn’t know. As my 7 y/o grandchild would say: Hel-looooo!

He’s making fun of them calling each other a maverick.

They should call themselves sidekicks. And what is he? A trusted sidekick?

Malaysia: No tomboys allowed

October 30, 2008

October 24, 2008

Recall Iranian Hitler proclaiming there are no homosexuals in Iran. He was referring to men. Now Malaysia is going after “tomboys” – the code word for short-haired, sweatshirt and birkenstock wearing man-behaving lesbians. From the AP.

The National Fatwa Council [Malaysia’s main body of Islamic clerics ] forbade the practice of girls behaving or dressing like boys.

Harussani [Muslim legal expert] said an increasing number of Malaysian girls behave like tomboys, and that some of them engage in homosexuality. Homosexuality is not explicitly banned in Malaysia, but it is effectively illegal under a law that prohibits sex acts “against the order of nature.”

I wonder if this was directed at bestiality.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a law or not. When it’s wrong, it’s wrong. It is a sin,” Harussani told The Associated Press. “Tomboy (behavior) is forbidden in Islam.”

Under the edict, girls are forbidden to sport short hair and dress, walk and act like boys, Harussani said. Boys should also not act like girls, he said.

“They must respect God. God created them as boys, they must behave like boys. God created them as girls, they must act like girls,” he said.

A well-known Malaysian Muslim actress caused an uproar last year when she shaved her head bald for a film. Harussani and other muftis urged Muslims not to watch the movie, arguing that the actress had violated Islam by making herself look like a man.

It was not immediately clear what kind of punishment awaited those who violate the tomboy edict, or “fatwa.” Malays generally follow the council’s “fatwas” out of deference, but violators rarely get into trouble unless the edict is incorporated into national or Shariah law.

Is that the actual word they use “tomboy”? How is this new requiring a fatwa?

And what about alopecia or chemotherapy-induced baldness?

It’s hard to believe they haven’t been punishing them for years. Do they still stone people? Can you imagine being buried up to your neck, having men whipping stones at your head, all the while chanting Praise Allah! until you mercifully die? And all the husband has to do is allege adultery.

It’s curious, isn’t it, what is “forbidden” under Islamic law and what is sanctioned? Death to Infidels! No short hair! No walking like boys! Who determines this? And what about effeminate men?

If it has been forbidden under Islamic law, then it has been forbidden for 13 centuries. So what is the need for a fatwa?

What matters is the women haven’t, aren’t or aren’t capable of doing something about it.

What if the women of al Qaeda refused to lay down with them to have more hate-filled babies? Who controls the population? What kind of women continue to give birth knowing their sons will grow up hating and aspiring to kill people they don’t even know in a country they have never lived in under the ungodly cover of jihad? How does one reconcile this?

The women of al Qaeda and all the other terrorist organizations hold the key to ending the violence. The question is where do they stand and what will they do? How many women truly want their sons to be martyrs? How many are truly proud of who they are as wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers?

How soon will the women start fighting their own battle so it doesn’t spill over to peace-seeking nations?

Hate-filled murderers do not raise themselves.

Quote of the day: “I do American politics – I don’t do Alaska”

October 30, 2008

October 30, 2008

Chuckie T talking to Stu Rothenberg discussing the senate seats.

CHUCKIE: What about Alaska?

STU: I do American politics, which means I don’t do Alaska.

Barry: I didn’t go to Alaska – my staff wouldn’t justify it.

And the world tour? The staff sent to Guam? The multi-million dollar styrofoam speech? $4M infomercials? 2500 staff members?

Berg v Obama/DNC Injunction to stay the election

October 30, 2008


Independents have had enough already!

October 30, 2008

October 30, 2008

Yo, axelrod – 18 independents have emailed me this morning saying they’ve had enough of barry. They’re wondering why he needs so much help to win. The view of him in the “Oval Office” sent them all over the top – 3 convinced it was taped in the spring before he had the nomination. 12: 7 black, 2 hispanic, 3 white said they have been waiting for barry’s apology or endorsement of President Clinton to the black community. That it’s the only thing keeping them from voting for him. All 18 are proven voters who crossed over when Clinton was running. 10 voted for barry – 8 for Senator Clinton. They’re pissed barry is dissing the last democratic president whose economic policy allowed them to send their kids to college, pay off their mortgage and retire. They’re pissed he is so arrogant that he thinks he can make it on his own and that he did nothing but sit back during the economic crisis. They’re pissed because he always says “when Bush came into office” not when President Clinton left the White House.

These are the things non-obamerized notice because they actually listen to his obamanating and not to the deafening obamerized chanting change! when none of them can define it. And when barry tries, he shifts positions to suit the mood and polls of the week or maybe because he doesn’t know enough about it or doesn’t really care. All 18 think he wants to be President of The American People he’s always talking about (but never to) instead of being The American People’s president.

None of them said race was an issue but all 18 thought barry has used it throughout the campaign. All believe that the media is blatantly pro-obama. 4 women mentioned how uncomfortable (aka unpresidential) barry looked sitting in the White House meeting about the bailout and that he looks a lot different when he has his own camera crew. They wonder which one they’ll get as commander-in-chief. 11/18 are women still angry barry never mentioned his sister or mother during his acceptance speech and find it suspicious he has never allowed his grandmother to speak freely to the media. They are convinced he is hiding something and that is what is keeping them from voting for him. And they are still angry that he wouldn’t look Sen Clinton in the eye when he “thanked” her for speech at the convention – the speech without which he would have lost a great deal of her supporters who actively campaigned for him anyway.

These are the gist of their comments and I just got 9 more emails. I wish they would just comment here. These are the people who are narrowing the gap. 8-9% undecideds are a big swing. Each one said they could live with McCain because they are worried about Biden’s comment of a threat. 7/18 are veterans who believed Colin Powell’s endorsement was directly disrespectful to a fellow soldier and was based solely on the pressure he was getting from the black community. It didn’t escape them how pro-Iraq Powell was and how it demonstrated – once again – barry’s waffling on Iraq. 5/7 veterans said both would do the right thing about Iraq. All 18 believe that McCain knows how to assemble a Cabinet – none were confident barry can. All expressed reservations over Governor Palin and do not want her to be the first female on the ticket – they think it should BE Senator Clinton. All said they would have voted and campaigned if she was #1 or #2.

I don’t care what you do. They asked me to comment publicly. I did.

Dear proobamedia members:

October 30, 2008

Can you please tell me why Gov Palin mentioning Bill Ayers is racist?

A man barry willingly lied about and tried to minimize his relationship with? Might you just look at the one “attacked” vs the attacking racists (aka all barry naysayers)? Barry says he’s just a guy in the neighborhood which was a blatant lie and what have you done since then? Lied and spun for him. Do you know how utterly pathetic that is…even for you?

Here’s a few of the hall of famers.

Democratic Rep. Gregory Meeks:

He’s ‘not one of us’? That’s racial. That’s fear. They know they can’t win on the issues, so the last resort they have is race and fear. They are trying to throw out these codes.

To Republicans – Barry is “not one of us” simply because he is a democrat. The same argument would be playing if it were Sen Clinton who palled (palling was the wrong tense – there was the problem) but of course that would have never happened because she has been vetted as completely as any human being on this planet. More even that Mr Bill.

Codes. We’ve documented them: racist (anything), sexist (quit whining, back in the kitchen and iron my shirt) and ageist (you gotta be kidding me he’s an erratic old man who needs Depends).

This election will be looked back on as historic and the degree to which racism was brought in not only to defend barry on any and all avenues of attack but also to attack any and all of his opponents.

I watched barama matthews and some democratic “strategist” fighting with Republican Ron Christie. Who are these people and why don’t they have a real job? And if they can be paid to sit and destroy barry’s opponents – then why aren’t they out stumping?

Anyway. Ron Christie was on yesterday and was being savaged as usual. The poor man doesn’t get to complete three sentences. Here is a black man being attacked by two white folks while they complain about white folks attacking barry because he’s black.

Here is the madness of the proobama media bias: they will attack any person of any race, who isn’t a barry supporter, for being a racist. And as anyone can observes the MSM on TV is predominantly white and predominantly male.

Christie was trying to say how upset he was as a black man that barry has introduced race at every turn in the election. He was trying to convey his disgust and embarrassment over it and was attacked for just trying to say it. Christie said Rev Wright is a racist and the white Dem strategist made a face like yeah right. Maybe he’s been in a lot of “black churches”. My guess is that Christie has the edge on that.

Why must people keep being reminded barry is black? To continue using the race card that was truly barry’s main strategy. If it’s not about race what is it about? CHANGE! Exactly what Bush ran on as well as “Read my lips – no new taxes”. What’s barry’s tax break set at? 75K? He has to keep his black voters behind him so there is no complacency and he has to keep hitting hard on white guilt. What is the point? Who keeps bringing up this perceived discrimination? And by doing so, who is undermining his legitimacy as a presidential candidate who happens to be biracial?

They do it to gloss over the fact that there are plenty of other real reasons people are uncomfortable with him like: he hasn’t done anything and has never made an independent decision with consequences. And then there’s the fact that he continues to lie about his background and meager accomplishments.

Newsflash: Not every vote for barry’s opponent is a racially motivated vote.

Some voters will vote for barry precisely because he is black. Notice how he downplays his biracialness? It wouldn’t be a true triumph is he’s only half black. He says “it’s not about race” and then brings it up at every turn and says his election will be historic. He’s a man so he’s clearly referring to race.

People have plenty of reasons to not vote for him but it will all be reduced to race should he lose. And how will that reflect on the black community itself?

barry’s the one bringing in race as an issue on a daily basis.

And when Sen Clinton brought up the issue of media bias and sexist treatment she was bashed for complaining that someone voted against her because a woman. They don’t bother listening to themselves they are so obamerized.

So people weren’t voting AGAINST Clinton they were ALL voting FOR barry. And ALL the people voting FOR Clinton were voting AGAINST barry.

Barry does not ‘deserve’ a single vote – nor is he ‘owed’ any. And not every vote for barry’s opponent is an active vote against barry. Hard to believe I know but people can see right through his empty rhetoric.

Anyone heard a word of dissent from barry the “post-racial” candidate? The one who pontificated about race in his speech but has not done anything about it in action – like his entire political career. He has continued to let race drive the election – start to finish – and the proobamedia playing happily along. He himself addressed it (as in words followed by no action) only as a matter of political expediency, which is why he was so pist with wright for calling him out on it.

Can’t claim prejudice on one hand and dismiss it out of hand on the other. Race has consistently been an issue in this election because barry and his camp (MSM/DNC) continue to introduce it.

How far have we come when the first measure of dissent against barry is adjudged to be because of race?

McCain ad: Preconditions

October 30, 2008

October 30, 2008
Talks about obama’s willingness to sit down with “rogue” leaders. Now they’re whining about “Muslim music”. It doesn’t dignify a comment. Ask yourself one question: Why did obama hide his middle name? Why wasn’t he up front about it from the beginning? Answer that and you get to the bottom of the issue.

Quote of the day: "He didn’t mean a word of it."

October 30, 2008

October 29, 2008
Florida stump

McCain: If you are watching this gauzy feel-good commercial just remember that it was paid for with broken promises. Senator Obama signed a piece of paper committing to public financing of his campaign if I did.

He didn’t mean a word of it.


October 30, 2008

CNN’s JOHN KING reports that The New Mexico Sun News has gone Dewey and pronounced barry the winner with their “Collector’s Edition”. Who has more merchandising: Disney or Obama? I wonder how Governor Judas will react if/when obama loses. Maybe that’s why his suit was so wrinkled. Anyway the paper comes out every two months thus the prediction.

Editors: “When it comes to calling the winner of a presidential election, everyone wants to be first. The New Mexico Sun News hereby claims that achievement.”

Haven’t the MSM been doing that for over a year? The DNC promised it to him in 2004. I’m sure Fineman, Alter, Meacham and Wolffe already have their articles written and are half-way through their books.

The liberal leaning alternative newspaper ended by imploring its readers to get out and vote, “even if we did spoil the ending for you.”

Swing state? Are there barry ads? Do ACORN workers deliver the papers? How much more blatant pro-obama media bias can there be? Nothing subliminal about it. It’s basically a campaign flier. I wonder if they printed his inauguration speech. Will Bob HE’S BLACK! HE’S BLACK! Herbert recognize the landmark this time or will he imagine more phallic symbols?
The most recent edition of the New Mexico Sun News

Quote of the day: "giving him a big fat wet kiss"

October 30, 2008

October 30, 2008
Morning Joe

Mika, Barnicle, Joe, Willie & Tucker Carlson taking about the obamessiah and his rain gear yesterday and the pix of the front page of the NY Times.

BARNICLE: It looks like a clip from a movie trailer.

JOE: Imagine the NY Times would make him look like a movie star in the closing days of the campaign.

TUCKER: He looks majestic. He has the burden of so much unrealistic hope on shoulders. There’s no way he could possibly live up to it.

Mika looks upset…and guilty.

JOE: The press is setting him up for failure. We’ve talked about how they’ve had schoolgirl and schoolboy crushes on his guy. They have done him a great disservice by giving him a big fat wet kiss over the past 12 months.

Tucker then talks about the fact that the media has a vested interest in his success they’ll look like fools when he fails.

TUCKER: So, because the press has this passionate, not at all platonic, but much froppy love—

JOE: It’s much deeper. It’s HOT. It’s hot love.

TUCKER: It’s hot. It’s way hot. [creepy even for Tucker] Because they have invested so much in Obama, they can’t turn around tomorrow and say ‘oh he’s a schmuck – he’s blown it.’ There’s no way—

JOE: They did it to John McCain.

TUCKER: Yes, but it took eight years. I’m talking about the base. I’m talking the average Starbuck’s baristas who believes he’s going to make the lame walk and blind see and redeem their sins.

Joe laughing hysterically. Mika sips and clutches to her coffee, rocking like a child…she’s one of the barista’s…customers.

TUCKER: Seriously they’re going to be upset when the world isn’t perfect on the 5th of November.

MIKA: I hope I can still get my coffee.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Today Show: Drew Peterson re: Stacy’s disappearance

October 29, 2008

Updated: Drew Peterson posts (5-9)

October 28, 2008

Drew Peterson along with his attorney Joel Brodsky talk with Matt Lauer on the one year anniversary of Stacy’s “disappearance”. Peterson still maintains that Stacy left to be with another man despite his own words that Stacy “was” a great mom. He has told his children that their mother went on vacation. They still ask when she is coming home but he says the questions are becoming less and less. They have never had any type of therapy to deal with their loss not has Savio’s children.


Not a complete transcript – just relevant quotes.

LAUER: Can you look me in the straight in the eye and tell me you had nothing to do with the death of your third wife, Kathy or the disappearance of your 4th wife, Stacy?

PETERSON: I had nothing to do with either of those two incidences.

LAUER: Some people say, it’s a year later, you’re sitting on the couch here on Today Show, and you’ve gotten away with at least one, perhaps two murders. Do you understand why people feel that way?

PETERSON: I understand very well. The media has done everything they can to keep me in a position – looking guilty. Or appearing guilty.

They didn’t exactly twist his arm to go there and he has no problem getting the press around him when he wants it. The media can’t get at him if he wants to avoid them.

LAUER: Have you done anything to contribute to that air of guilt?

PETERSON: They said my behavior was bizarre or unusual. But again, I have no books or guidelines on how to act. I was very afraid of what was going on and I just acted knee jerk reaction

Why would he be “afraid”? And for whom?

Lauer missed the chance to trap him. He was already thinking of his next question. Nancy Grace would have stuck Peterson to the cork with a pin and then proceeded to dissect him.

Lauer brings up the lie detector test, which showed he was deceptive 3/6 questions, including whether Stacy told him she was leaving him and whether he know where she is today.

Peterson says he doesn’t know why it came off deceptive.

Brodsky says why are people focusing on the 3 and not the 7 that weren’t deceptive. Bad argument. Especially since he said that he doesn’t believe in polygraphs. Then he said he had nothing to do with the questions and that the polygrapher has impeccable credential. He advised Drew not take it. And mentions that Peterson passed every single question on Kathleen Savio.

Why did Peterson take it?

PETERSON: There was a big outcry for me to take it from alot of people and I thought that might help clear things up.

Does he expects to be charged for the murder of Kathleen Savio or the murder of Stacy?

PETERSON: I really don’t know. I would hope not. But all I can do is mentally prepare for it. My main concern is preparing for the well being of my children.

I would hope not?? Where is the outrage of a falsely accused loving husband? Where’s the why would I be? And the I didn’t do anything to Stacy and Kathleen’s death was an accident?

Again Lauer misses the opportunity. He really is into a very good interviewer because he doesn’t listen. He has a script that he adheres to.

Brodsky goes off saying that Glasgow is a politician and that his comments about solving the case and that a pending arrest are politically motivated.

Why isn’t Peterson with his children today?

PETERSON: I’ll be with the children later on this evening. We figured that we had to talk with somebody. And we pretty much stayed consistent. We started with you and we’re finishing with you.

Lauer brings up Peterson’s creepy reaction last year when he told her to come home and then laughed like yeah right that’s not possible.

LAUER: What would you say today if Stacy is out there watching

PETERSON: Show yourself. Put an end to this nightmare.

Effigies: more double standard

October 29, 2008

October 29, 2008

Palin effigy story finally makes it on MSNBC but only because there was an Obama effigy found hanging at University of Kentucky. And they’ll be more as long as Palin’s lynched effigy remains suspended in the noose with her hands tied behind her back as “art”.

“[University of Kentucky] School President Lee Todd says that he plans to personally apologize to the Obama family on behalf of the university and that he is “personally offended and deeply embarrassed by this disgusting episode.”

Why is one effigy more offensive than the other?

No, don’t give me that pat answer. Two major candidates’ human likenesses are being hung from a tree. How is one any less evil than the other? And yet, one gets more outrage than another.

Ones racial bias is revealed in what one considers acceptable behavior concerning one race and unacceptable concerning another. It shows once again the double standard between race and gender, with race always winning.

West Hollywood pigs: “If it’s a political statement, it’s that (McCain’s and Palin’s) politics are scary to us. This is our palette and this is our venue of expression.”

And if it were a different color palette? It wouldn’t be a venue of expression protected under the first amendment – it would be a hate crime.

Did I miss barry’s campaign asking them to take it down? Did he tell them they should apologize to the Palin family? Just more of the same obamanating: lofty words – no action. Transcender of race! Great Uniter! Man above the Fray! does nothing to stop the attacks on his opponents and keeps shelling out cash for McCain attacks ads. If Obama loses, it will because of the barrage of those ads, not “McCain/Palin racists”.

It’s the second time an effigy has been found on a college campus recently. Earlier this week, George Fox University in Oregon said it was punishing four students who confessed to hanging a likeness of Obama from a tree.

See AP for rundown of effigies and an inflatable doll. Note that these events took place after the Palin effigy “art” was lynched. And had the Palin effigy been addressed immediately and properly?

So, two universities this week. At one, four kids are punished and the other is extending a personal apology to the Obamas. And after three weeks, Gov Palin’s effigy remains hanging from a noose with her hands tied behind her back as an “art” exhibit. Yes. I understand the historical differences and residential property vs school property.

NEITHER are right and BOTH should be treated the same.

Gov Palin’s effigy has been hanging with a noose around her neck for three weeks with nary a concern by the neighbors or federal investigator until it hit the news. An unsubstantiated threat of “kill him” got national press and even more outrage heaped on McCain. barry did not hesitate to play the race card by announcing the unsubstantiated claim to the entire debate audience. The final debate – ensuring no retraction – as was intended. Has barry made a public apology for his false allegation that can never be unheard? That can never be taken away from the consciousness of the debate audience – potential voters?

Who in their right mind still believes that barry has not used the race card at every and all turns?

Who believes that what he did was not intentional?

Who can possibly continue to say that his campaign has been the most honorable in history?

It will be chronicled to be the most deceitful and deceptively vicious as there has ever been. Mark my words – though it may take longer than six months and may only come to light after barry needed help with that international crisis Biden already knows how he will handle.

And has barry publicly decried Rep Lewis’ statement that admittedly so angered barry’s own camp? Where was Jesse, jr’s comments? Or on Biden’s “false tears” during the debate? Typical pick and choose according to political expediency and what most helps barry and what most damages is opponents, with the pro-obama media happily playing along. What about every comment Senator Clinton, her husband and camp (allegedly or not) made? Senator McCain? Governor Palin? And the pro-obama media go on and on how McCain has disgraced and dishonored himself, while peering blindly into the eyes of the messiah, who meanwhile laughs behind the stooges’ backs.

Has the pro-obama media forced barry to do what they have hammered McCain/Palin for not doing? How can someone respond to something that was never said? Has the pro-obama media mentioned the one allegation was completely debunked by the Secret Service as: “THAT’S him”? No, of course not. How would it further barry’s cause? Just like all the misinterpreted comments made during the primary. Imagine the outrage if the skin colors were reversed. Racial equality in America? And the pro-obama TV personalities, including Whoopi, Mika, Martin, Gergen, Olbermann, Brazile and Behar still don’t know that DAVID SINGLETON [I am exercising my first amendment] TOTALLY MADE IT UP. Either for his own personal gain or in cahoots with the Obama campaign – my opinion is the latter.

Would the barry effigies have happened if Palin’s effigy had not been given so much press and written off as Halloween “art”?

How do Gov Palin’s daughters feel seeing it on TV and hearing the pro-obama media laughing and saying that’s where their mom belongs?

How do you think her son feels over in Iraq knowing that no one cared that his mom’s likeness was hanging from a noose with her hands tied behind her back and that even after it was brought to the pro-obama media’s attention it was allowed to remain?

How do you think her husband and parents feel about it being written off as “art” and touted as a tourist attraction?

Do you think Gov Palin’s children feel any less offended or afraid than Malia and Sasha?

Do you really need a study to prove pro-obama media bias exists?

Quote of the day: "I wish he wouldn’t have said it that way"

October 29, 2008

October 27, 2008
Morning Joe
Sen McCaskill tries to cover for barry’s “redistribution of wealth” comments to Chicago Public Radio and Joe the Plumber. (Joe the Plumber or as Donna Brazile called them “Jane and Joe SixPack” were Sen Clinton’s demographic.) Biden didn’t do a very could job laughing off Barbara West so here’s McCaskill’s attempt. She lost every ounce of credibility she might have once had by covering for barry about his snub of Senator Clinton. It was obvious as was her transparent lie that it didn’t happen and showed how easily he will throw anyone uner the bus and smile doing so. She looked like the chubby cheerleader who finally gets noticed by the nerdy chess club captain. She is one of the most glassy-eyed of the obamerized. Nancy Keenan from NARAL looked the same when she endorsed barry. McCaskill should have just admitted she didn’t want anything to do with Hillary Clinton because she hates Bill and “wouldn’t want him around her 12 y/o”. And yet she pals around with someone she doesn’t even know.

Did she clear anything up or just get more press for Missouri? And just how much is barry going to associate with her when she doesn’t get him a win? She has to know that’s why she was on board. How much has Gov Sebulius been mentioned since the VP selection charade and Sen Clinton voters “got in line”? What about the other swing state expedients? Richardson, Ritter, Bayh, Kaine and Rendell? Trotting out Gore in Florida? You don’t believe barry’s campaign is vicious? Why did he hire Patty Solis Doyle? And who has been spinning the bidengaffing? Her or Stephanie Cutter? Why? So as not to remind Clinton voters who barry really is? As if they need reminding.

“It’s called tax cuts for working people.”
“The haves and the havenots”
“I wouldn’t have said it that way.”
“I wish he wouldn’t have said it that way.”
“He said over and over and over again the right way.”

Maya Soetoro-Ng

October 29, 2008

October 29, 2008

Birth certificate posts


Sexist quote of the day: "just a hick from the sticks?"

October 29, 2008

October 29, 2008

New York Daily News headline: “The Great Palin Debate. Is she a modern role model or just a hick from the sticks?” Original, eh?

Mika: That is just wrong.

Morning Joe: Hard to say. Six of one half dozen of the other.

Mika: I have a complicated view of her.

Joe: (Messes up teleprompter, blushes, embarrassed) I was just thinking of Larry O’Donnell’s opinion of Sarah Palin. It’s not complicated at all. (smiling)

Mika: (Smiling) Not at all.

Barnicle: What’s he say?

Joe (lewd smile): He LIKES her. A LOT.

Mika: Yeah, after seeing her.

Barnicle: He said she was hot.

Joe: I’m not going to say it. That would be sexist.

[Don’t have to say anything – your face and the rest – including Mika says it all.]

O’Donnell the lecher (10-24-08): “It (fill in the blank) is one of my ambitions.”


October 29, 2008

October 29, 2008

As Biden would say: Folks, you cannot make this stuff up.

In Michigan, fliers were sent out for barry (with his pix) urging voters to submit an absentee ballot…problem being the number supplied was a phone sex line. Must be where all the money is going.

UPDATE 1: Berg v Obama

October 29, 2008

October 29, 2008

Birth certificate posts

Obama’s eligibility to be president of the United States.

Ok I found the update. The judge dismissed the case on Friday 10-24-08.

And where was barry?


Far far away if the judge ruled the case had merit. He said Berg had no standing to file the lawsuit and dismissed it. Berg has filed an appeal.

The most curious (and most ridiculous) part of the ruling was the judge’s incredulity that this would be an issue after the primary when he said Obama was “excessively vetted”.

I guess the judge watches MSNBC & CNN and never steps into cyberspace. No one else would say such a ridiculous thing and certainly not use the word “excessively”.

Only one question: why won’t barry produce the documents?

He is being sued in Hawaii as well. Andy Martin filed (10-17-08) a lawsuit against the State of Hawaii to require the state to open Obama’s birth records. Governor Linda Lingle and Director of the Department of Health Dr Chyime Fukino are named as defendants.

Dismissal of Berg’s lawsuit per WorldNetDaily’s DREW ZAHN.

Case was dismissed becuse ordinary citizens can’t challenge whether the candidate meets the constitutional requirements and it seems Congress is the only one who can. Read the article in full for the legal technicalities.

It was dismissed based on a similar lawsuit about McCain’s eligibility since he was born in Panama Canal Zone. Key being McCain’s father was in the military and he was born of two United States citizens on a US military installation. Not the same with barry. His father was not an American citizen and Berg asserts that barry was born on Kenyan soil. (Emphasis added)


In a 34-page memorandum that accompanied the court order, the Hon. R. Barclay Surrick concludes that ordinary citizens can’t sue to ensure that a presidential candidate actually meets the constitutional requirements of the office.

Surrick defers to Congress, saying that the legislature could determine “that citizens, voters, or party members should police the Constitution’s eligibility requirements for the Presidency,” but that it would take new laws to grant individual citizens that ability.

One would think that a man who claims he has good judgment and is transparent and above the fray would have enough integrity to settle the matter by producing the document. If The American People can not trust him to tell the truth about himself how can he be trusted on anything? How many lies does he have to spout before his “judgment” is questioned?


Until that time, voters do not have standing to bring the sort of challenge that Plaintiff attempts to bring.

If anything were actually to be proven – I’m sure there’d be an amendment to the constitution.

Surrick did not rule on the birth certificate controversy, though he did express skepticism over the notion that a foreign-born Obama would have escaped the primaries without being discovered.


Plaintiff would have us derail the democratic process by invalidating a candidate for whom millions of people voted and who underwent excessive vetting during what was one of the most hotly contested presidential primary [sic] in living memory.

He didn’t even bother to do any research. He must have taken for granted the press did their job – they didn’t.

What does this say about the integrity of our judicial system?

First the DNC, then the MSM and now the Court. What’s left?

Nanci Pelosi? The president?


The alleged harm to voters stemming from a presidential candidate’s failure to satisfy the eligibility requirements of the Natural Born Citizen Clause is not concrete or particularized enough to constitute an

See more from KENNETH TIMMERMAN at Newsmax (10-24) article about the court ruling and birth certificate.

Philip Berg’s website.

Next he appeals to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals and then to the United States Supreme Court.

Is barry’s “birth certificate” a fraud?

October 29, 2008

October 29, 2008


Berg challenges barry’s citizenship

October 29, 2008

October 29, 2008

Birth certificate posts

I tried to find my original post on this and can’t find it so here’s the video courtesy of Illuminatitv. Philip Berg is a lawyer from the Philly area who filed suit on 8-21-08 that alleged that Barack Obama has not proven he is a US citizen and therefore ineligible to become president. I know I went through all this before. I’m not sure if the judge decided if the case is meritorious. I can’t imagine any judge short of the Supreme Court ruling on this.

The question remains: Why hasn’t barry produced the documents?