Google CEO endorses Obama

October 20, 2008

Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, officially endorses Obama – but states that Google is neutral. Who does he expect to believe this? He has already been advising obama’s campaign on technology and energy issues and is sitting on a panel today in Florida with other experts. Good idea, but why so late? Couldn’t barry have thought of it while he waited out the bail out? Calm and cool = obamanating. Problem is in a few months it won’t work anymore and then what? Joe Biden speaks the truth.

Anyway the WSJ’s MONICA LANGLEY & JESSICA E. VASCELLARO go into detail about the connections and possible conflict of interest. Of note:

Google employees have contributed $487,355 to Sen. Obama’s campaign and $20,600 to Sen. McCain’s as of Aug. 31.

Mr. Schmidt hasn’t donated to either.

Lawmakers’ and regulators’ scrutiny of Google, in particular, is intensifying. The company’s proposed ad-sharing agreement with Yahoo Inc. triggered a Justice Department probe into whether the deal would give Google too much control over the market and lead to higher prices for online advertisers.

“My sense is, the Justice Department makes judgments on these issues independent of politics,” Mr. Schmidt said. “It would be unfair to Justice to imply [that supporting Sen. Obama] would make a difference.”

“It would be unfair to imply.” He doesn’t say wrong to imply. Very different things.

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