“Rahm Emanuel, even makes me anti-Semitic”

\Ad “Rahm Emanuel for VP” about the foul-mouthed pitbull in a yarmulke, Rahm Emanuel. He like many other was given a job by President Clinton only to refuse to endorse Senator Clinton. A senate seat beats “loyalty”. One wonders what Mayor Daley said to him.

Here’s some interesting quotes from the Chicago Tribune (Mike Dorning & Christi Parsons) on him dated Jan 19, 2007.

Emanuel’s dilemma is but one example of how Obama’s rapid rise is interfering with the former first lady’s carefully laid political plans and of the conflicting emotions of many Democratic activists now torn between loyalty to the Clintons and excitement over the party’s rising star.

On Clinton’s home turf, Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.), chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee and dean of the New York congressional delegation, encouraged Obama to enter the race and so far has declined to make an endorsement, antagonizing Clinton supporters who want the state’s Democratic establishment united behind her candidacy. (We know how “loyal” Charlie ended up being.)

In fact, several Illinois Democratic operatives who are drawn to Obama confessed to a bit of early trepidation about lining up behind the senator because of concerns that an alliance would provoke vengeance from Emanuel, a famously unforgiving politician.

During an April 21 appearance last year on HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher,” Emanuel did not equivocate when asked whom he would support.

I’m supporting Hillary Clinton. I’m public about it,” Emanuel responded.

But it was President Bill Clinton who took Emanuel from Chicago to the White House as a senior aide and then offered him unstinting support when Emanuel ran his first campaign for Congress in 2002. And Emanuel always has maintained that he placed a high value on political loyalty.

He insists his quandary is less about political calculation than personal considerations. “Everybody knows I worked for the Clintons. I’m very close to the Clintons. And I’m very close to Barack. Let’s be honest, does anybody want to pick among friends? It’s a human thing, not a political thing,” Emanuel said.

He added that he hoped to delay the inevitable choice “At some point, if I have to make a decision, I will. But I prefer, you know, they’ve got to go on and develop their campaigns,” he said.

Obama, for his part, has had little to say. Asked about Emanuel’s posture at a recent Tribune editorial board meeting, Obama smiled. “Rahm knows the right thing to do.

Said the ever arrogant messiah. June 4th Emanuel “officially” endorsed Obama though it was obvious for months. He called Senator Clinton.

Rahm named barry’s Chief of Staff

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