Women’s suffrage

http://nazret.com/blog/index.php?m=20080212A Susan B. Anthony dollar coin

Who else doesn’t look like those presidents on the dollar bills? Which sex has never had a paper dollar bill and only a coin? What’s taken more seriously? Who is most qualified to lead this country? Who has been talking about the economy since day 1 of her campaign and who didn’t even mention the economy on ‘The View’ 3-29-08. In touch with The American People?

And of all, who looks presidential?

Susan B Anthony:

Woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself.

I know nothing but woman and her disfranchised.

She died 14 years before passage of the 19th Amendment. And women who were born before women had the right to vote will not in their lifetime see a woman president – though they may well see a biracial president. No matter his racial background – he is still a man. He is a black man with absolutely no connection to the Oppressed Southern Negro except that his mother’s ancestors owned slaves. And the fact that he has the slimmest resume of all of the Democratic and Republican candidates, including the first woman proves that once again race takes precedence over gender.

One wonders how far Obama would have gotten if Senator Clinton was a man of any color. And if Senator Obama were a woman? He would have been laughed out of Iowa, if he got there at all. And he most certainly have gotten the massive assist by the MSM.

1870 15th Amendment:

Black suffrage – men only. Passed on the first vote. Thomas Mundy Peterson was the first black man to vote on March 31, 1870. Thus, a black man was able and did vote and held elected office half a century before a woman of any race or color could vote. After the passage on a per capita and absolute basis, more blacks were elected to political office during the period from 1865 to 1880 than at any other time in American history. In New Jersey, March 31st is annually celebrated as Thomas Mundy Peterson Day to mark the right of all citizens to vote.


Harvard Law School grad, LINDA MONK:

Some leaders in the women’s suffrage movement felt deeply betrayed. This wasn’t healed until the end of the 19th century.

Has it healed?

1915 Supreme Court overturned the requirement to pass a literacy test.

1920 19th Amendment. Gave women of any race the right to vote. Took 4 years to pass. Mississippi was the last to officially ratify on March 22, 1984.

1964 24th Amendment: Voter’s Rights Act Abolished the poll tax. Took 5 months to pass.

1968 Rev Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I have a Dream Speech”. (Video & Transcript)

1995 First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton “Women’s Rights are Civil Rights” (Video & Transcript)

8-26-2008 88th Anniversary of woman’s right to vote
Sen Clinton Convention Speech (Video & transcript)

8-28-2008 45th Anniversary of Rev. Martin Luther King’s speech

barry Convention speech (Video & transcript)

88 years vs 45

88 years and counting…

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