All Hail to the Obamessiah?

September 16,2007
Iowa Steakfry

Country First…barry style

Video (best muted)

Sen Clinton and the woman next to her are looking at the singer.

Gov Judas is watching the BBQ grill.

And the obamessiah is looking for the Star of Bethlehem to shine down upon him! and command everyone! to vote for him!

All Hail to obamamessiah, a Messianic Complex as great as another man, who rose to power with the aid of media corruption. But the German people didn’t have the internet to inform themselves. And yet what does it matter? It never mattered. He was always going to win.

Think of what happened behind closed doors re: Michigan votes The law requires the proceedings to be held in public. Period. Illegitimate forever more. No double standard? Would that have ever been allowed to happen if it were reversed? Absolutely not. Would he have been told repeatedly tor drop out when not a vote was cast at the conventions and he has as much of a chance to win as she? No. A simple resounding no.

Race worked as an advantage in this election. That will be irrevocably proven even to the obamerized. Those not hypnotized have seen it for 18 months – me for nine.

So there he stands, above it all barry the professor before his $150,000 shopping spree for his $1500 suits. Remember folks he was already running to be Commander-in-Chief. How many brave Americans hospitalized in Landstuhl wanted an explanation for this? Is that why he refused to go? His behavior is inexcusable. And 14 months later he is about to become president of the United States. Another example of the Double Standard. Pandering the Pledge of Allegiance before rallies doesn’t make up for this. What does Joe the Biden think? Lady and Gentlemen, it’s more patriotic to pay taxes than it is for his boss to honor the flag? Any wonder why barry’s gonna need help and why a flag pin isn’t gonna fix it?

Any wonder why a POW, who was tortured because of that flag, questions the patriotism of the man standing there refusing to honor it? Refusing to honor all the brave men and women who were injured, tortured, maimed or lost their mind and/or lives defending it?

Any wonder why his running mate, who has a teenage son on active duty in Iraq, has questions about barry’s patriotism when she sees this picture and then sees Ayers, a man barry passed off as “a guy in the neighborhood”, standing on the flag grinning?

The same man who was bombing American buildings and killing American citizens while her running mate was fighting to live. The same man, a domestic terrorist, who remains unrepentant and was so when he held barry’s coming out party, when Barry took $200 from him, when barry voluntarily sat on a board with him and even now when barry continues to lie about his relationship with him.

Yes, I can see why they are questioning barry’s patriotism. I can see why they would wonder if he would put country first.

Red, white and blue are the only colors that matter in this election but only black and white are mentioned.

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