Larry Summers

November 7, 2008

Al Gore look-alike, Larry Summers; barry commemorative foreign donor $1000K Bill.

There are a few people barry’s going to have to talk to before he appoints Larry Summer as Treasury Secretary. Larry’s signature is already next to the presidents on the dollar bills barry likes to point out he doesn’t resemble. Wonder if he’ll have him make up a faux dollar the way he had a faux presidential seal made.

Summers exhibits poor emotional intelligence, does not like to be challenged and is used to being in a position of power, where he ruled over people he considered innately inferior to him: women, and perhaps African Americans. Maybe that is not disturbing to barry, since he tolerated a pastor of 20 yearscomfortable enough to have him baptize his children – who practiced bigotry of all varieties: Catholics, Jews, rich women, rich white men, former President and First Lady of the USA (wonder how he’ll react when folks do that to barry), white America, US Government, US Military, Italians…

The nomination will show whether barry puts his ego and need to rule first. Whether he is willing to admit he isn’t the expert on something. Whether he acts with characteristic obamanator political expedience. What else has he? Or whether he does the right thing for the The American People, who he said should trust him without him having done anything with consequences.

He didn’t have any concrete plans on the economy during the primaries, except spreading the wealth around: “And as our economy changes, let’s be the generation that ensures our nation’s workers are sharing in our prosperity.” Senator Clinton did from day one, (The View 10/07 said she had an economic plan that she “I will start working on that IMMEDIATLY with Congress,” which is why she came on strong, as barry limped home and was carried over the goal line. He didn’t have the economy in his top three at the end of March on The View and probably wouldn’t have mentioned it if Elizabeth hadn’t brought it up, even as he dismissively flipped his hand at her. Seems the viewbots forgot that show.

That was March 08 – Remember the promise (speech) when he announced his bid for the presidency in Feb 07? “That’s why I have a plan that will bring our combat troops home by March of 2008.” He announced he would have them home five months before his coronation and 10 months before his ascendency. Even the obamessiah couldn’t pull that off. And people voted for him because of his politically expedient speech on Iraq. He did not have a say – in any fashion – and admitted in 2004 he wouldn’t have known how he would have VOTED – as in when he finally had to act.

His Iraq “judgment” was a complete fairy tale and the obamerized still believe it even after he has continues to “refine his position” (lie). One day the obamerized are going to be very embarrassed they fell for it. Just like those Nigerian internet schemes. I understand those people who get sucked in now – they’re barry democrats…including the Nigerians. Wonder what size t-shirts they ordered?

I digress. Summers supports bigotry, free trade, globalization and exporting pollution to undeveloped countries. I wonder if he’s behind sending old computers to China? Sure hope he has a plan to increase jobs at home, at the same time outsourcing them to pollution dumping countries because poisoning the environment and inhabitants has less impact in poor countries.

Here are a few people who can vouch for Summers’ bigotry and elitism. I’m sure barry will justify it as CHANGE! and UNITY!

1- Dr Phyllis Kanki
2 – Cornel West
3 – Conrad Harper
4 – Al Sharpton
5 – Jesse Jackson
7 – Liberal intellectuals he accused of being Anti-Semite
8 – Women, especially Hillary Clinton supporters
9 – Doctors and Professors in Science and Mathematics and their daughters
10 – Mrs Obama – to see where she really stands on women’s rights and whether she really will pick up the fight as was promised to Clinton supporters. (Don’t hold your breath.)

It all comes down to money and political expediency…just like barry’s entire political career. Obamanating: the only CHANGE! we can be sure of.

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