It is so ordained…

November 11, 2008

A quick comment on the Obama’s early trip to the White House. No matter what happens with the birth certificate, citizenship, widespread voter registration and caucus fraud, illegal and foreign donations and/or nefarious associations and family members – barry will be inaugurated. If it is proven that he surrendered his citizenship an amendment or some such will ensure he remains eligible. It was so decreed when he entered the race – perhaps even as far back as 2004. Edwards to dilute the vote and the DNC’s selection followed by ridiculous accusations of racism. And then there’s the pro-Obama media propaganda.

The point is that this early display of transfer of power in front of the world cements barry’s inauguration. Anything less would cause massive uproar. I wonder what it feels like to be Senator Clinton – especially after what she made out to be by the Candidate of Change!

He has still not publicly apologized or addressed the black community on “The Clinton’s” behalf – but he had no problem using them to campaign for him. He would not be where he is if he wasn’t toughened up by Sen Clinton and had the long primary for people to see he could actually become a functioning politician – if only by guise.

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