barry’s campaign strategy

November 19, 2008

I came across an article by BUD WHITE: “Misogyny was the central narrative of the Obama campaign”. And that it was. But barry had a boost – he’s biracial raised by a white family after his dad abandoned him. No that won’t work – he’s black and doesn’t look like the dollar bills. A classic battle: Man vs woman. Inexperience vs experience. Yes, we can – I hope vs yes, we will – I’ve done it. A media darling vs THAT woman. But what it came down to was racism vs sexism and in the end racism vs ageism.

barry used sexism as his offense and racism as his defense. Perfectly clear to those not mired in Hillary hate and free of obamerism. He needed to race bait because he needed the black vote — the sexism came naturally. Here is barry playing the aggrieved black man when he grew up in the most diverse state in the union where interracial marriage was legal. He lives a privileged life – yes – and gets and Ivy League education and lives in a 1.65 million dollar house. He runs for president and suddenly he is speaking for the Oppressed Southern Negro when he had never been in the south, never lived under segregation and is not descended from slavery — his family held slaves.

This election proved racism trumps everything. Proved the existence of The Double Standard. All three of the self-proclaimed Transcender of Race’s opponents (and Mr Bill) left the race racists when none of them entered that way. And the Grand Uniter and Agent of Change! has done nothing to disabuse that notion.

Congratulations, Mr 44th president, on your honorable public life. I look forward to more because that CHANGE! you speak fraudulently of needs to start with you.

Follow the link – it’s worth the read.

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