barry’s need for signage?

November 25, 2008

Is barry not able to speak without a blue sign in front of him? Office of the President-Elect? Which presidential seal is it? And can we please stop hearing Wall Street & Main Street?

His economic team. Notice they each stand in front of their own flag and how the camera stays on barry as he introduces them. Larry Summers looks medically ill. Christina Romer has that glaze in her eyes. Timothy Geithner looks ready to go and Melody Barnes has the glaze but looks frightened. Watch how barry falters when he gets to Romer. He has trouble saying “macroeconomics”. He needed two women of to different demographics to offset Larry, who thinks women are inherently defective and unable to understand math and science. And it seems he did not have a particularly fond relationship with the black community. Thus, the two women. He at least got fired – Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Jack Cafferty, Glenn Beck, David Gergen, Alex Castellanos weren’t.

When was the last time Joe Biden was allowed to speak?

UPDATE: Ran across this on barry’s transition website. Pretty transparent as to why it was included. Have to say they cover their bases even if they don’t mean a word of it.

Promoting Women in Math and Science: Women constitute 45 percent of the workforce in the U.S., but hold just 12 percent of science and engineering jobs in business and industry. Women also make up just 9 percent of the recipients of engineering-related bachelor’s degrees. Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe that every student should have equal access to education in math, science, and technology in order to compete on a global scale.

And the percentage of women in politics? As president?

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