Sarah Obama claims she was present for barry’s birth

November 25, 2008

Birth certificate posts

I wish I hadn’t gotten into this again. Ran across an article discussing barry’s grandmother, Sarah Obama’s claim that barry was born in Kenya and that she witnessed it. Seems way far-fetched considering barry Sr was in Hawaii on an education grant, his mother was a student, her parent’s only child giving birth to their first grandchild and the question of finances. Somewhere I read that barry Sr’s family was upset about his having a child with a white woman. Too tired to go looking for it. And then there’s the fact that Sr left behind his tribal wife, who was pregnant and caring for their young son. I can’t imagine he would get a very warm welcome even though polygamy is accepted in Kenya. I can however understand a grandmother wanting to claim the POTUS as a native born Kenyan. I also remember her changing her story on being a Muslim to a Christian. I believe the original story of her being a practicing Muslim was in the Chicago Tribune. Sorry no exact sources.

Anyway here’s the article by JEFF SHREIBER from America’s Right documenting the background of the conversation and the audiotape. Check it out for a complete rundown.


Video transcription of Sarah Obama’s call
Sarah Obama claims she was present at barry’s birth

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