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Jesse White refuses to certify blago appointee

December 31, 2008

December 31, 2008

[reposting – Burris posts just disappeared for some reason]

Jesse White, Illinois Secretary of State refuses to sign the appointment making it legal. I don’t know how a secretary of State can overrule a governor’s appointment. You want laughing stock – this is worse than the appointment – but it gets Jesse his 15 seconds, which he is more than happy to get.

Everyone wants to stick it to blago. Why has it taken this? And how is it reflecting on the Land of Lincoln? You can say goodbye to the Olympics which had a good chance being as the POTUS came (sorta) from Illinois.

So it played out – according to GateHouse New Service’s DOUG FINKE:

Clayton Harris of Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s office went to White’s Chicago office about 10 a.m. with the proclamation making the appointment. U.S. Senate rules require that it be signed by both Blagojevich and White.

White’s legal counsel, Irene Lyons, read the proclamation and handed it back to Harris without comment, said White spokesman Dave Druker. Harris then left.

DRUKER: We never had any intention of signing it. We got calls asking Jesse to sign it. The action the secretary is taking is something the public wants. The public does not want the governor to make appointments.

I’m part of that public and I very much want the law to be followed. And in this case Burris is a legal appointment. Period.

Blagojevich spokesman LUCIO GUERRERO:

We’re kind of in uncharted territory. We’re having legal staff look into it, to see what the Constitution requires. It’s too early to say if it will end up in court.

Of course, they’ll end up in court. How much is all of this crap going to cost The People of Illinois?

Patrick Fitzgerald wants 3 more months

December 31, 2008

December 31, 2008


Because he has nothing? Because he wants blago to be impeached first? Because he stopped barry people who were caught on tape?

Why, when he has been investigating Blagojevich for years, does he arrest him without the smoking gun?

They were listening to the tapes and from what was released – blago does nothing but talk.

It stinks.

And where is Rezko and what is he saying?

Washington Times:

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald has filed a motion seeking a 90-day extension to return of an indictment against Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Federal prosecutors normally have 30 days to file an indictment against a defendant. That deadline would have been Jan. 7, and the extension would give prosecutors until April 7 instead.

…In the motion filed Wednesday, prosecutors ask for more time because “multiple witnesses” have come forward in recent weeks and investigators have to review “thousands of intercepted phone calls”.

Harry Reid: Burris won’t be seated

December 31, 2008

December 30, 2008

Harry Reid says Burris won’t be seated.

REID statement: It is truly regrettable that despite requests from all 50 Democratic Senators and public officials throughout Illinois, Gov. Blagojevich would take the imprudent step of appointing someone to the United States Senate who would serve under a shadow and be plagued by questions of impropriety. We say this without prejudice toward Roland Burris’ ability, and we respect his years of public service. But this is not about Mr. Burris; it is about the integrity of a governor accused of attempting to sell this United States Senate seat. Under these circumstances, anyone appointed by Gov. Blagojevich cannot be an effective representative of the people of Illinois and, as we have said, will not be seated by the Democratic Caucus.

Next week we will start one of the most important debates of the year — outlining an economic recovery plan to create jobs and invest in America. And in the coming weeks, we will be working to protect homeowners and consumers, make America more energy independent, strengthen our national security, and improve health care and educational opportunities. There is much work to do and a lot at stake. It is thus critical that Illinois and every other state have two seated Senators without delay.

We again urge Gov. Blagojevich to not make this appointment. It is unfair to Mr. Burris, it is unfair to the people of Illinois and it will ultimately not stand. The governor must put the interests of the people of Illinois and all Americans first by stepping aside now and letting his successor appoint someone who we will seat.

Wanna bet? Whatever he and the rest of the barry lovers/blago haters say – it is a legal appointment and it will stand unless Burris has engaged in pay to play with blago.

Quote of the day: “I’m on the wrong planet”

December 31, 2008

December 26, 2008

Andy Shaw from ABC7 talks to blagojevich outside the home office of one of his attorneys. Blago almost wipes out on the ice. He mentions the good things he has done for the state in defense of himself.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

BLAGOJEVICH on his accomplishments:

Every child has access to comprehensive healthcare in Illinois – the first ever in the US.
All…can go to preschool – no other state does.
Senior citizens can take a bus or subway train for free – no other state does that.
All 261,00o uninsured women in Illinois can get mammograms and pap smears and if cancer is found they can receive treatment.
Did it by executive order because the legislature wouldn’t pass it.
Fund stem cell research.

On the accusations that he has abused and misused his power and possibly committed criminal activities and that’s what the impeachment’s about not his accomplishments.

Even in this process, without saying too much, that was all about trying to end up with the right decision that could do the most things for the people of Illinois, and when the full truth is told, you will see precisely that. I think the accomplishments for people speak for themselves and somehow if that is impeachable then I’m on the wrong planet and living in the wrong place.

On his foul language:

Look, if I’d have known people were listening, I probably wouldn’t have said some of the things you say in private conversations. But I think there’s probably tens of millions of people across America who talk like that from time to time.

About his new puppy:

I wouldn’t presume to make a recommendation to president-elect obama on whether that particular dog is hypoallergenic enough.

On some ad in California by

I know what the truth is. And the truth is I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong and I’ve done a lot of things right.

On Pat Quinn’s prediction that he’s going to be impeached and convicted and thrown out of office so he should resign or step aside now:

I have no intention whatsoever of leaving a job the people of Illinois elected me to perform because of false allegations and a political lynch mob. I wasn’t hired to do that. I was hired to fight for them and I am going to keep fighting for them.

Quote of the day: “I’d put a bullet right in him. Bam!”

December 31, 2008

December 29, 2008

Cris Carter, ESPN sports commentator and former NFL wide receiver is one of the many who don’t like Terrell Owens (TO) and he has not been shy saying so. But his comments this time have gone right over the top. He was talking on ESPN’S Mike and Mike in the Morning:

courtesy of blacksportsonline09

CARTER: If it was me, I’d get rid of TO. TO got to go from the beginning. Right from the giddy up. I take one bullet and put it right in him. Bam!

How else does he mean this? According to Sporting News’ CHRIS MOTTRAM, Carter said it a second time later in the day on the Tirico and Van Pelt Show:

CARTER: If I got a gun I got one bullet in it, I shoot T.O. right now. Right on the spot. I have a press conference my first day they hire me, I have him come, I put a bullet right there sitting in him.

Expected statement from Carter via ESPN:

CARTER: Obviously, I did not mean this literally. It was not the right choice of words. I was simply recommending a personnel decision to improve the Cowboys.

And the kids listening?

burris takes on Mika and wins with a smile!

December 31, 2008

December 30, 2008

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Michelle Bernard and Mika Brzezinski talk with Roland Burris. Burris stands right up to Mika. She goes at him with that nasty voice she reserves for The Clintons but he doesn’t bite. He speaks firmly and gives his sweet grandpops smile. No way you can attack that. White black pink yellow democrat republican whatever – no way. You have to smile back. It appears Our Lord has ordained the magic man.

courtesy of NeilSagan

BERNARD: …what is the best argument you can give for why you could be an effective senator under the circumstances?

BURRIS: Because of my track record, because of my commitment, because of my dedication to being a public servant. I’ve done it for twenty years in the state of Illinois, and I will continue to do that as a United States senator.

MIKA [nastily skeptical Mommy Superior voice]: You’ve given $4500 to blagojevich campaign fund – yet you’ve called for his resignation. How are you not intertwined with the scandal that is at play right now? How do you separate yourself from the scandal, yet are chosen by the very man who is accused of trying to sell the senate seat?

BURRIS: [unphased] The operative word there is “accused” and based on that he’s not been convicted of anything….I gave because I was supportive of the governor’s programs. That doesn’t have anything to do with what actions he’s taken…That has no reflection on him appointing me to the seat. He appointed me because I am qualified. It has nothing to do with his actions. [smile] Okay?

MIKA:…Are you saying you are certain the governor has done nothing wrong?

BURRIS: Are you going to try to put words in my mouth? [smile]

MIKA: No. I’m asking.

BURRIS: Please do. [Smile = bring it on, Mommy!] I have not said that. I said, as a former Attorney general, under our legal system, you are innocent until proven guilty. And beyond that I have nothing else to deal with the governor’s problems. Those are the problems of the governor. And he has those problems. And a court-the courts will deal with him.

It has nothing to do with me. I am not tainted. I am not involved in any shenanigans, because that is not me. I have the integrity and the trust of the people of Illinois. And that is what I am seeking to carry out and to perform as a United States senator from my state. [smile]

BERNARD: Mr Burris, will you go and make that argument to the Secretary of State and member of the United States Senate who have to seat you as well?

BURRIS: I certainly will if that’s necessary. If they find that they would like to deny me because of some actions that I have absolutely, positively nothing to with, then we’re certainly going to say there’s a legal authority that’s appointed me based on 17th amendment of the United States Constitution.

BERNARD: Let’s assume best case scenario, this appointment comes through and you come to Washington in the next few months – do you think you can win reelection in 2010?

BURRIS:…[chuckles] I’ll have to be able to get in [goes on but doesn’t answer – mentions Durbin who is no way going to help him] I am looking forward to it with all the strength that I can muster in my body. [smile]

BERNARD: Mr Burris, thank you very much. We wish you nothing but the best.

BURRIS: God bless you. Thank you very much. I listen to MSNBC all the time. Okay? [big smile]

BERNARD: Well, keep on watching!

BURRIS: Thank you all very much.[big smile] Happy New Year!

I really like Mr Burris. He makes me smile. The irony is that of all the Chicago politicians – especially the old timers – he is actually saintly and has never even had a whiff of scandal. The fact that he has lost so often should prove that he is not on the take. And yet he is being crucified.

Where are the attacks on Blago, Reid, Durbin, White?

And where the hell is the questioning of Rahm Emanuel and Valerie Jarrett?

barry on blago’s pick of burris

December 31, 2008

December 30, 2008

Blago appoints Burris as barry replacement (text)
Blago appoints Burris as barry replacement (video)
Blagojevich and Burris connection?
Interview with new appointee Burris
barry speaks about blago’s appointment of Burris

barry couldn’t hide behind the only one president at a time excuse. He had to make a statement but it wasn’t what Illinois Democrats had in mind. Why do they think barry would change? Will change? He does nothing more than agree with the “Senate Democrats” and mention The People of Illinois. The same People who are waiting for him to step in and do something

BARRY statement:

Roland Burris is a good man and a fine public servant, but the Senate Democrats made it clear weeks ago that they cannot accept an appointment made by a governor who is accused of selling this very Senate seat. I agree with their decision, and it is extremely disappointing that Governor Blagojevich has chosen to ignore it. I believe the best resolution would be for the Governor to resign his office and allow a lawful and appropriate process of succession to take place. While Governor Blagojevich is entitled to his day in court, the people of Illinois are entitled to a functioning government and major decisions free of taint and controversy.

Note the usual barry qualifier…this time “major”.

Blago appoints Roland Burris as barry’s replacement (video)

December 30, 2008

December 30, 2008

Blago appoints Burris as barry replacement (text)
Blago appoints Burris as barry replacement (video)
Blagojevich and Burris connection?
Interview with new appointee Burris
barry speaks about blago’s appointment of Burris

Milorad sticks it to barry and everybody else. Pure genius. they weren’t expecting it. Even better, barry’s nemesis – the only one who has ever beat him – Bobby Rush came in and played the race card using the word “lynch”. A little over the top but Rush and ex Black Panther has used race from day one and makes no apologies for it. His supporters expect no less and he clearly got his message across. He said barry went to Harvard and became an educated fool who only read about the Civil Rights movement. Have to give it to him on that. First time he was challenged in Iowa about Iraq he yelled at the lady that he had “studied it“.

Unless Burris has some nefarious connections he cannot be unappointed. It’s legal. Period.


BLAGO: He will be a great United States senator. Please don’t let the allegations against me taint this good and honest man.

I am required to make this appointment. If I don’t make this appointment, then the people of Illinois will be deprived of their appropriate voice and vote in the United States Senate

Part 2

Roland Burris is taking questions and someone wants blago to answer it – he steps forward and mentions how much he has been “enjoying the limelight” but that it’s Burris’ day.

Burris contributed to blago’s campaign

December 30, 2008

December 30, 2008

Burris does have some connections to blago but nothing significant even for Lisa Madigan or barry’s people to attack. Every single person who has done business with the State of Illinois has contributed to blago – otherwise they don’t get the business.


Burris, his lobbying firm, his clients and a law firm that includes him donated $127,986 to Blagojevich since the governor took office. Burris himself gave $4,500 to the governor, including $1,000 last June. His lobbying firm, Burris & Lebed Consulting, gave $10,796 in cash and services. The law firm with which Burris is affiliated kicked in $5,000 for the governor. Burris’ consulting firm has gotten $294,546.30 in state contracts under Blagojevich.

Burris’ lobbying clients — which were under contract with the state for $3.09 million while he represented them — contributed $107,690 for the governor.

Evidently Blago asked Danny Davis first and he declined. He had said that on TV as well.

Burris said Blagojevich contacted him about the seat on Sunday night. But Burris apparently wasn’t the governor’s first choice. One of the governor’s criminal defense lawyers, Sam Adam Jr., approached Rep. Danny K. Davis (D-Ill.) about the seat on Christmas Eve, Davis said. Davis turned down the job on Friday.

blago appoints burris as barry successor (text)

December 30, 2008

December 30, 2008

Blago appoints Burris as barry replacement (text)
Blago appoints Burris as barry replacement (video)
Blagojevich and Burris connection?
Interview with new appointee Burris
barry speaks about blago’s appointment of Burris

(Source: CNN)

GOV. ROD BLAGOJEVICH (D), ILLINOIS: Thank you very much.

Merry Christmas. Happy holidays. Happy new year. Feliz navidad y prospero ano nuevo.

The people of Illinois are entitled to have two United States senators represent them in Washington, D.C.

As governor, I am required to make this appointment. If I don’t make this appointment, then the people of Illinois will be deprived of their appropriate voice and vote in the United States Senate.

Therefore, I am here to announce my intention to appoint an individual who has unquestioned integrity, extensive experience, and is a wise and distinguished senior statesman of Illinois. This man actually once was an opponent of mine for governor.


So I’m here today to announce that I am appointing Roland Burris as the next United States senator from the Illinois.

Roland Burris is no stranger to the people of our state. Between 1979 and 1992 he served the people of Illinois as the state’s comptroller and the state’s attorney general. He has had a long and distinguished career serving the people of Illinois. He will be a great United States senator.

And now I would like to ask everyone to do one last thing. Please don’t allow the allegations against me to taint this good and honest man.

Ladies and gentlemen, Roland Burris.

ROLAND BURRIS, FORMER ILLINOIS ATTORNEY GENERAL: I will have a brief formal statement, and I will respond to a few questions.

Thank you, Governor.

As a nation, we face a convergence of unparalleled crises. Our nation is locked in an economic crisis not felt since the Great Depression three-quarters of a century ago.

BURRIS: Our nation stared down the triple-barreled threat of war in the Middle East, festering conflict in Iraq, and continued threats of terrorist breeding grounds in Afghanistan.

As the greatest nation in the history of the world, the United States is confronted with a crisis of faith in our own leadership capability and in our ability to bring understanding to nations who look to us for peace and prosperity.

And the people of our great nation have told us, in no uncertain terms, that we are at a crossroads of confidence in our ability to return the ideals that make the United States the greatest nation in the world.

Faced with these challenges, and challenged with these crises, it is incomprehensible that the people of the great state of Illinois will enter the 111th Congress short-handed.

To fight a choking recession and return our economy to a level of vitality and strength, we need leadership in Washington. Illinois is blessed to have an intelligent and dedicated congressional caucus led by our senior United States senator Dick Durbin.

Moreover, President-elect Barack Obama has (INAUDIBLE) and ready to hit the ground running on January 20th. If ever there is a man with the talent to succeed against the long odds, it is he.

I welcome the challenges that await us in the 111th Congress, I have faith in the record that I have forged over the past four decades, and I am proud of my accomplishments as a public servant.

I accept this appointment to fill the unexpired term of President-elect Barack Obama. I ask the people of Illinois to place the same faith and trust in me that they have in the past when they elected me three times as their state controller, and one term as their attorney general.

I am humbled to have the opportunity, and promise the citizens that I will dedicate my utmost effort as their United States senator, and I will uphold the integrity of the office and ask for their continued confidence in me.

Thank you all very much, and I will respond to a few questions.

QUESTION: Why do you believe — why do you believe that your appointment will not be tainted by the prevalent charges that are now hanging over the governor?

BURRIS: This is an appointment done by the governor of the state. And based on that, I have no relationship with that situation. I’m accepting an appointment by the governor to go to the United States Senate.

That’s it.

QUESTION: The House — the Senate Democratic leadership (INAUDIBLE) they won’t (INAUDIBLE) — won’t certify the appointment. Why do you think they’ll ever (INAUDIBLE)?

BURRIS: That’s the process that we must look forward to, and this is one process, I’m honored, that I have been appointed. And we will deal with the next step in the process.

QUESTION: How long have you been in discussions about this Senate seat? Was it before or after the charges came down?

BURRIS: Well, I had talked with the governor on Sunday night, when he asked if he were to appoint me, would I accept, and my answer was yes.

QUESTION: Mr. Burris, up until now, virtually every elected official in the state of Illinois has weighed in on the problems of the last few weeks. Do you believe Governor Blagojevich should continue in office, or would you feel that he should resign?

BURRIS: I have no comment on what the governor’s circumstance is. And as a former attorney general of this state, I know and I think most of you all know, that in this legal process, you’re innocent until you’re proven guilty.

QUESTION: Mr. Burris, your law firm, your lobbying firm, you, yourself, personally have contributed well over, I believe, it’s $14,000 to Governor Blagojevich.

BURRIS: Is it that much?


BURRIS: Wow, that’s a lot of money.

QUESTION: Did that play a role in your appointment? And should we — should we suspect that it might?

BURRIS: How much did you say — $14,000?


BURRIS: Well, I have got to check my records because I didn’t think it was that much. We didn’t have that much money to give to the governor.

QUESTION: How much have you received in business from the state of Illinois — your law firm, your businesses, your colleagues, your affiliates in the last six years? And (INAUDIBLE) state of Illinois or any (OFF-MIKE) business that you received (OFF-MIKE)

BURRIS: Well, sure. We had a — that is the consulting firm had a small contract. We had a contract with IDOT where we certified minority businesses, and we did a good job. And I think the law firm, of which I’m of counsel — that was my son’s law firm — and we received some bond business and we were co-bond counsel as a minority firm, and they did a tremendous job.


QUESTION: Give us a number.

BURRIS: I don’t have the numbers. I’m sorry.

QUESTION: Tell us why you guess why he did certify your appointment, and why you think the Senate will do what they said they won’t do?


BLAGOJEVICH: You want to do it?

BURRIS: No, I mean. Look…

BLAGOJEVICH: You’re the senator.

QUESTION: Governor? To the governor, please.

BURRIS: Oh, this is for the governor. You want to answer that?

BLAGOJEVICH: You know, let me say a couple things.

I have enjoyed the limelight I have had over the last couple of weeks. I think it’s been — I don’t want to hog the limelight. This is Roland Burris’ day. So I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to really get involved in answering any questions.

Let me say again that the law requires that the governor make an appointment of a United States senator in the absence of any other law that would have given the people of Illinois a chance to be able to elect the successor to the United States Senate.

And when the legislature didn’t act on this legislation they said they were considering, which I supported, which would have given the people the right to be able to elect the next senator, failing that, then it’s the governor’s responsibility to fill the vacancy.

And to not fill the vacancy would be to deprive the people of Illinois of two United States senators, to deprive the people of Illinois of their appropriate voice and votes in the United States Senate.

And with regard to my duty and responsibility as governor to follow the law, I would imagine that same responsibility and that same duty is one that trickles down to the other officeholders as well.


BURRIS: Congressman Rush. We got Congressman Bobby Rush here.



BURRIS: How you doing, Congressman? All righty.


QUESTION: What are you prepared to do if the U.S. Senate refuses to seat your appointment? What are you prepared to do in that case?

BURRIS: We’ll have to take that under advisement. I’m pretty sure the legal team will look at that.

QUESTION: Do you want to run again?


QUESTION: Will you run again if you get the seat?

BURRIS: Well, we’ll have to determine that when we get to that point.


QUESTION: … address Mary’s question? If they do not seat…


QUESTION: … if the secretary of state of refuses to certify the appointment of Mr. Burris, will you challenge that in court? What action would you take? Governor?

BLAGOJEVICH: Well, let me…




BLAGOJEVICH: Let me — I’m absolutely confident and certain that the United States Senate is going to seat a man of Roland Burris’s unquestioned integrity, extensive experience, and his long history of public service.

This is about Roland Burris as a United States senator, not about the governor who makes the appointment.



QUESTION: Governor, because of the criminal charges against you…

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Congressman Rush is coming through.

QUESTION: Governor, because of the criminal charges against you, they are not going to seat anybody you appoint. Why are you still making the appointment?

Governor? Governor, can you hear me?

BLAGOJEVICH: Bobby, do you want to say something?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Bobby, no, no, just come on up to the…

QUESTION: Governor, your lawyer said, two weeks ago, you weren’t going to make an appointment.

QUESTION: Why (INAUDIBLE) make the appointment now?

BLAGOJEVICH: Bobby, do you want to say something?

REP. BOBBY L. RUSH (D), ILLINOIS: Yes, I will say something.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Congressman Rush?

RUSH: Good afternoon. And let me, first of all, thank God for this decision by Governor Blagojevich. This is a good decision. Roland Burris is worthy. He has not, in 40 years of public service, had one iota of taint on his record as a public servant.

He’s an esteemed member of this state and of this community. I — my prayers have been answered because I prayed fervently that the governor would continue the legacy established by President-elect Obama and that the governor would appoint an African-American to complete the term of President Obama.

Let me just remind you that there presently is no African- American in the U.S. Senate. Let me remind you that the state of Illinois and the people in the state of Illinois and their collective wisdom, have sent two African-Americans to the U.S. Senate. That makes a difference. This is just not a state of Illinois matter, although it’s (INAUDIBLE) to appoint and (INAUDIBLE) — which is in the state of Illinois, but it (INAUDIBLE) — it has tremendous national importance — national importance. We need to have not just one African-American in the U.S. Senate. We need to have many African-Americans in the U.S. Senate.

So I applaud the governor for his decision. And I will ask you to not hang and lynch the appointee as you try to castigate the appointer. Separate, if you will, the appointee from the appointed. Ronald Burris is worthy. He is the only one, I believe, that could stand in the gap (INAUDIBLE) time, and gather the confidence — reestablish the confidence of the people of the state of Illinois.

As far as certification is concerned, I think that the secretary of state acted prematurely in issuing the statement.

RUSH: I’m not sure whether or not he has any authority to actually certify or not. That’s up to the lawyers. I’m not a lawyer. But I do know that he should be concerned about how the people in the state of Illinois will react to him not certifying this particular individual, Roland Burris, who replaced the president-elect.

As far as my colleagues in the Congress, then I intend — or we intend to persuade them, or to challenge them, or to do whatever — beg them — whatever makes haste — to get them to reverse their decision. Roland Burris stands heads and shoulders above most elected officials in this nation. And so, there is no rhyme nor reason that he should not be seated in the U.S. Senate.

This is a matter of national importance. There are no African- Americans in the Senate, and I don’t think that anyone — any U.S. senator, who’s sitting in the Senate, right now, wants to go on record to deny one African-American for being seated in the U.S. Senate. I don’t think they want to go on record doing that. And so, I intend to take that argument to the Congressional Black Caucus. I intend to take that argument to the senators. I intend to start with our own senator, Durbin, who’s a friend of mine, and I’m sure that he will stand ready to be reasoned with.

Thank you.

BURRIS: Thank you very much


Interview with new barry replacement appointee, Roland Burris

December 30, 2008

December 30, 2008

Blago appoints Burris as barry replacement (text)
Blago appoints Burris as barry replacement (video)
Blagojevich and Burris connection?
Interview with new appointee Burris
barry speaks about blago’s appointment of Burris

NBC 5 News Chicago: Roland Burris interview with Alex Perez.

PEREZ: Do you understand the controversy behind your appointment?

BURRIS: I separate it. The governor has his problem. I understand it. Perhaps he has some serious problems. That has nothing to do with Roland Burris. I have no problem with going to US Senate and doing a job for the people – not only of Illinois – right now the nation needs someone with Roland Burris’ talent and skills .

PEREZ: Sen Dick Durbin already said that all 50 senators have said that they would not seat the appointment made by Governor Blagojevich. When you hear that…what do you say?

BURRIS: I will say to them – and I think they better check the law – that what the governor has done is constitutional [smile]and legal. I respect the president [elect] but he does not have the authority.[smile]

PEREZ: What about the allegations against Blagojevich? You can’t ignore them.

BURRIS: I can ignore them. Why not? They don’t impact me. He has to get whatever is coming to him from the court of law and not from…public opinion.

PEREZ: So how hard is it going to make your job if walking into it says we don’t want you Mr Burris?

BURRIS: That’s their problem. [Smiling] That’s not my problem.

Haha. Why not? He’s gets a lot of publicity and has nothing to lose. I wonder what he thinks about barry and the fact that barry never paid his dues while taking credit for legislation he did not work for – Ricky Hendon’s videotaped interrogation law comes to mind. And I wonder how Burris felt about barry throwing Revs Wright and Jackson under the bus. And Bobby Rush has never exactly been a fan of barry’s.

Burris is a veteran politician who knows how to play the angles and still look like sweet grandpops. Not so for Emil Jones, who was still in hot rod’s corner last week. I wonder if he still is behind him now that Burris got the appointment…

Gov Blago: “I’ve enjoyed the limelight”

December 30, 2008

December 30, 2008

[reposting – Burris posts just disappeared for some reason]

Gov Blagojevich appoints Roland Burris to barry’s senate seat. Video & transcript of press conference here.

Here are a few selected quotes.


If I don’t make this appointment, then the people of Illinois will be deprived of their appropriate voice and vote in the United States Senate.

When the press wants him to answer questions:

I’ve enjoyed the limelight I’ve had over the last couple of weeks. I think it’s been…I don’t want to hog the limelight. It’s Roland Burris’ day so I don’t think its appropriate to get involved in answering any questions.

This is about Roland Burris, not about the man who appoints him. Please don’t let the allegations against me taint this good and honest man.

REP BOBBY RUSH proving that blago is no dummy:

There are no African-Americans in the U.S. Senate. And I don’t think any U.S. senator who’s sitting in the Senate right now wants to go on record to deny one African-American from being seated in the U.S. Senate.

I would ask you to not hang or lynch the appointee as you try to castigate the appointer.

Separate the appointee from the appointer. Roland Burris is worthy.

He is the only one I believe that could stand in the gap during these tumultuous times and reestablish the confidence of the people of Illinois.


That was excellent Bobby. Thank you.

BLAGO to reporters:

Feel free to castigate the appointer but don’t lynch the appointer. I am not guilty of any criminal wrongdoing!

BURRIS downplayed the importance of race in his appointment:

I think that certainly is not a major issue. Why those persons will not seat me is a question that they’re going to have to answer, because I have done no wrong


We again urge Gov. Blagojevich to not make this appointment. It is unfair to Mr. Burris, it is unfair to the people of Illinois and it will ultimately not stand. The governor must put the interests of the people of Illinois and all Americans first by stepping aside now and letting his successor appoint someone who we will seat.


The problem is the appointer, not the appointee. The governor in this act of defiance is doing more harm than good.

Source: CNN

Sen Democratic Leadership statement re: blago appointment

December 30, 2008

December 30, 2009

Statement from Sen Dick Durbin’s website:

Senate Democratic Leadership Statement on Gov. Blagojevich’s Appointment of Roland Burris to the Vacant U.S. Senate Seat from Illinois

Washington, DC—U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), along with other Senate leaders, today issued the following statement regarding the appointment of a replacement for Illinois’ vacant Senate seat. Earlier this month, all 50 members of the Senate Democratic Caucus called on Blagojevich to step down and under no circumstance make an appointment to fill the seat. The text of that letter is below the statement:”It is truly regrettable that despite requests from all 50 Democratic Senators and public officials throughout Illinois, Gov. Blagojevich would take the imprudent step of appointing someone to the United States Senate who would serve under a shadow and be plagued by questions of impropriety. We say this without prejudice toward Roland Burris’s ability, and we respect his years of public service. But this is not about Mr. Burris; it is about the integrity of a governor accused of attempting to sell this United States Senate seat. Under these circumstances, anyone appointed by Gov. Blagojevich cannot be an effective representative of the people of Illinois and, as we have said, will not be seated by the Democratic Caucus.

“Next week we will start one of the most important debates of the year – outlining an economic recovery plan to create jobs and invest in America. And in the coming weeks, we will be working to protect homeowners and consumers, make America more energy independent, strengthen our national security, and improve health care and educational opportunities. There is much work to do and a lot at stake. It is thus critical that Illinois and every other state have two seated Senators without delay.

“We again urge Gov. Blagojevich to not make this appointment. It is unfair to Mr. Burris, it is unfair to the people of Illinois and it will ultimately not stand. The governor must put the interests of the people of Illinois and all Americans first by stepping aside now and letting his successor appoint someone who we will seat.”

Video of the day: Jailhouse Rod

December 30, 2008

December 30, 2008

A little humor to the tune of Jail House Rock. Featuring Hot Rod & OJ. They could have made a video on just Chicago politicians.

courtesy of bshopman13

Blagojevich and Burris connection?

December 30, 2008

December 30, 2008

Blago appoints Burris as barry replacement (text)
Blago appoints Burris as barry replacement (video)
Blagojevich and Burris connection?
Interview with new appointee Burris
barry speaks about blago’s appointment of Burris

Blagojevich named former Illinois Comptroller (1983-91) and former Attorney General (1991-95) Roland Burris [or as Lee Cowan says “Ronald” Burris] to replace barry. He was the first black man to hold state office and is a product of the Daley Machine like Emil Jones. He lost bids for mayor, US senator and governor (against blag) and comes from downstate – not Chicago. I haven’t heard about him in years – not even in association to blagojevich. barry probably doesn’t even know him personally. Probably a good thing for Burris or he’d be under a bus with all of the other black leaders barry’s tossed aside. I wonder if Burris ponied up and gave blagojevich something. Maybe there’s an old debt from when blagojevich transitioned into governor in 2002. Burris supposedly expressed interest in replacing barry but he wasn’t on the general radar.

In fact Burris talked to Channel 2 about Att Gen Lisa Madigan’s press conference on 12-13

BURRIS: I certainly applaud her actions. Illinois is too important to its 18 million citizens to have a chief executive who is now incapacitated. The evidence that’s been presented is pretty appalling, should that come out to be the case of what our governor is attempting to do.

Burris’s consulting firm donated $20K to blagojevich’s last run. He was appointed as interim Charmain of the State Commission Pensions and his consulting firm was awarded a $150K state contract to advise disadvantaged businesses on how to win state contracts. Interesting job, isn’t it?

Evidently Rep Danny Davis was approached about the job last week but he turned it down. He had previously been interviewed on camera saying he wasn’t approached nor did he want it. Probably has his eye on something else.

Chuckie T said the Senate won’t seat anyone appointed by blagojevich. Problem being it is a proper legal appointment and Burris would be the third black senator from Illinois and that alone is going to meet with some form of opposition. Blagojevich is no dummy. There are still some old timers pist about what barry did to Rev Wright and Jackson without whom he would not be poised to enter the White House.

Just a reminder – blagojevich hasn’t been found guilty on anything. Irritating to barry and barryfans everywhere, yes. But he is innocent until proven otherwise. I hope some day people will see this for what it is. A rush to judgment to get blagojevich out of the way. They’ve been trying to get rid of him for a couple of years. Nothing he has done is new or outlandish in Chicago politics. The idiocy was being caught on tape. And ask yourself why the tapes were released right away? Especially the ones including his wife?

Ask yourself why Fitzgerald, who has been investigating blagojevich for years, made the sudden decision to arrest blagojevich? There is only one conclusion. Blagojevich wasn’t about to close a deal – barry’s people were about to implicate themselves in an attempt and Fitzgerald no way wanted that. Why else wouldn’t he wait until money changed hands to catch him in the act? Especially when the investigation has been going on so long and they had yet put together the smoking gun.

It defies logic, folks. As does barry saying he never talked to the governor. He would have been completely irresponsible not to. Just crazy as his trying to make us believe he never did. And just as crazy as trying to make us believe he “volunteered” to talk to Fitzgerald for the “sake of transparency”. Fitzgerald was the one who put barry’s name on the Rezko indictment.

What is it going to take?

technorati censorship day #13

December 30, 2008

December 30, 2008

No pings since 12/19.
60 posts not indexed.
no response from support.

#9 Most Ignorant Proobamedia comment: Roland Martin

December 30, 2008

December 30, 2008

10-29-08 Message from Roland Martin to Joe the Plumber:

Dude, shut up!

It’s nuts!

Go fix a bathtub!

Imagine yelling this at a black blue collar workers.

Anderson Cooper says he doesn’t know how to text and yet he was laughing at John McCain whose injuries limit his ability to use a computer.

Child marriages continue unabated in Arab World

December 30, 2008

December 26, 2008


Old home week: Bush gone wild

December 30, 2008

December 30, 2008

A few of the millions of George Bush moments and Bushisms.


I met an onion grower at the airport today…I was raised in the desert but tides kinda turn–it’s easy to see a tide turn. Did I say those words?


Make sure you’re somewhere you can laugh out loud.

courtesy of YouFaves

A few Bushisms from Political Humor


Anyone engaging in illegal financial transactions will be caught and persecuted.

I’ll be long gone before some smart person ever figures out what happened inside this Oval Office.

The decisions we make in Washington have a direct impact on the people in our country, obviously.

I don’t particularly like it when people put words in my mouth, either, by the way, unless I say it.

My job is a decision-making job, and as a result, I make a lot of decisions.

As yesterday’s positive report card shows, childrens do learn when standards are high and results are measured.

I’m going to try to see if I can remember as much to make it sound like I’m smart on the subject.

Female genital mutilation

December 30, 2008


POLL: IFC/ZOGBY overwhelming media bias

December 30, 2008

December 29, 2008

Independent Film Channel/Zogby poll shows overwhelmingly that Americans believe the news is biased and that the biased coverage influenced the outcome of the presidential election. Surprise.

November 5 – 6, 2008
3,472 adults
MOE +/- 1.7%.

Dems 38%
Rep 31%
Independents 28%.

East (22%)
South (26%)
Center/Great Lakes (30%)
West (22%).

(99.6%) were registered to vote

99.7% voted
53% voted for barry
46% McCain.


93.1% barry received more coverage
4.1% thought McCain received more

74.7% thought media coverage of the presidential election influenced the outcome
94.2% Rep
55.6% Dem

79.3% Men
70.2% Women

Overall unreliable
80% TV
84% Radio

72.6% believe the news they read/see is biased.

88.7% Rep
57.5% Dem

77% males
67% females

73.3% White
76.7% Hispanic
62.2% Black
70.6% Asian
83.5% Other

Most reliable source of news
37.6% Internet
20.3% National TV News
16% Radio
11.3% Valid newspapers
4% Local TV News

Most trusted Newspaper
20.1% don’t read newspapers
19.6 NY Times
19.2% Local
17.4% WSJ

Most trusted source:
39.3% FOX
16% CNN
10.1% PBS
6% NBC

Least trusted:
0.6% CNBC
1.5% CBS
3.3% ABC

81% Rep trust FOX
30.3% Dems trust MSNBC
26.2% Dems trust CNN

Most trusted news personality:
12.5% Rush Limbaugh

10.1% Bill O’Reilly
10.3% None listed
8.5% Brokaw
8% Hannity
6.9% Olbermann
6.6% Williams
6.3% Maddow

Least trusted:
0.6% Elisabeth Hasselbeck
(How is she considered a news source?)
1.6% Colbert
1.9% Matthews
2.1% Stephanopoulos

Most trusted news personality:
14.2% Dem Keith Olbermann
29.2% Rep Rush Limbaugh

Don’t think media giving a true representation of Iraq

73% overall
90% Rep
55.6% Dem

So 73% believe there is media bias in general, 75% thought media bias influenced the outcome of the presidential election and 93% thought barry got more coverage.

Sure doesn’t get a lot clearer than that for folks who need stats to point out the obvious.

Vault copy of barry’s birth certificate :>!

December 29, 2008

Obama releases his birth certificate

Courtesy of obamawtf

That is not the Rod Blagojevich I knew…

December 29, 2008

"This is not the Blago I knew" claims  poker-faced Obama

Courtesy of obamawtf

That is not the Blagojevich I knew…

That was not the Jeremiah Wright I knew…

That was not the Bill Ayers I knew…

That was not the Father Pfleger I knew…

That was not the Tony Rezko I knew…

He’s known Wright, Rezko and Pfleger for 20 years.

He has known Bill Ayers for at least ten years.

He worked with Gov Blagojevich in a professional manner and Rezko served as primary fundraiser to both.

So where is this superior judgment? One little politically expedient speech without consequence 2002 outweighs the lack of judgment in his decades-long personal and professional acquaintances?

What is it going to take?

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Pro-Obama media bias exists

December 29, 2008

December 26, 2008

TIME’s Mark Halperin’s words at the Nov 21st Politico forum on the 2008 election.

HALPERIN: It’s the most disgusting failure of people in our business since the Iraq war. Both in the nomination fight against Sen Clinton and in the general election – for all sorts of reasons, I think it was extreme bias, extreme pro-Obama coverage. The daily output was the most disparate of any campaign I’ve covered, by far.

And the response? He’s whining. They are still debating whether proobama media bias exists and they are still denying it. I would laugh but it’s gone beyond reprehensible to pure idiocy. Are journalists always this self-serving? Do they really not see it or are they defending their previous columns?

What is it going to take?

I ran across a collection of folks’ quotes at Politico’s “The Arena”. The website alone should be a tipoff. Evidently a question is asked and folks comment.

FRED BARBASH, the moderator asked:

Did press bias in favor of Obama constitute, as one prominent journalist says, a major media failure? Do you think it made much difference in the election’s outcome?

I don’t know who these folks are and I’m not going to waste time finding out. Here are a glimpse at their words. Follow the link to read the rest.

PETER FENN, Democratic media consultant:

Bias. Baloney. Bad reporting, sure, so what else is new? Bad calls on what stories should run or not run? Absolutely. Anyone can call the press out for that. But after two years of Barack Obama being under a microscope where the power was turned up month after month I can not imagine anyone believing he was given a “pass.”

Microscope? He cannot imagine because the heat was turned up? By whom? The proobamedia? He can’t imagine but he can’t prove it. The reason he can’t believe barry was given a pass is the reason why he is getting one. The brainwashing is complete. I have some interesting old articles before the obamerism took over that I have to post. It shows that some of them were actual reporters/journalists once.

WILL DURST, Official Arena Comedian:

You know why the media is biased? Because they’re educated. That’s not bias. It’s known as rational thought.

It wasn’t meant as humor.

RICK BEYER, author/filmaker

…dirt simply wouldn’t stick to Obama….supposedly shady dealing with Tony Rezko...But they didn’t resonate with the public. People looked at Obama and saw an intelligent, thoughtful, sincere candidate who was poised to make history. So they decided to discount those negative stories.

What negative stories? They can’t discount information they never received. Information intentionally embargoed.

He goes on and in typical fashion compares barry with a president: Ronald Reagan. barry has done absolutely nothing but be named in a supposedly shady house dealing with Rezko, be named in the indictment and have to give back dirty money from a supposedly shady dealing with Rezko (Rezko raised him $250K) and be questioned by the Feds just a week ago about a case involving more supposedly shady dealings Rezko had with Blagojevich.

How is he in any way compared to someone the American People and media had seen on film and in person for decades?

And how does a $750Million campaign of presidential recreations compare to that? The Germans had to be the ones to stop him. And barry’s supposedly shady dealings can’t resonate with or be discounted by the people if the people never hear about them.

MARTIN FROST Attorney/former Dem Rep

The two novelties in this race we’re Obama and Palin. Obama stood up well under media focus and Palin did not. It’s really not too much more complicated than that. He could have wilted under the media spotlight but he didn’t.

This is the most ignorant one of all. Can’t wilt if the only light you’re under is a photographer’s. And you don’t have to stand when you are aalready propped up on all sides. How can he possibly compare an attack on a woman’s children? KOS allowing that horrible ArcXIX to say such horrible things uncensored. jonjon alter referring to her baby as a DISABLED INFANT? Al Franken’s incest sketch? Frost is an older pink-faced man if you couldn’t guess by his words.

DAN SCHNUR, Jesse M. Unruh Institute

Toward Halperin’s point, there was no shortage of media preference toward Obama over the course of this election cycle. But Torey’s argument is equally valid: that real-world events that favor one candidate need to be reported as well.

He plugs USC and then totally bypasses the issue of the MSM’s censorship of the events that did NOT favor barry and the blowing out of proportion things that were unfavorable to his opponents. There is no such thing as Teflon until it is sprayed on. During the worst press about Rev Wright, Sen Clinton got more negative coverage. Cold hard facts. That is what is at issue. The fact that barry was never vetted or given the scrutiny of other candidates. Yes, he did deserve more attention because he was new. Fine. But there has to be coverage and uncovering of the negative – which has never happened – even now when barry is being interviewed by the feds.

Therein is the proobama media bias.


It’s ridiculous to say Obama got a free ride, what with all those ambitious journalists and Republican attack machines out seeking dirt. The absence of a major scandal is not evidence of media bias; it’s a sign that maybe this is a pretty clean candidate. Nearly every angle was tried to find flaws: damning by association (Rev. Wright and William Ayres [sic]), pouncing on a position change (Arctic drilling), criticizing for lack of specifics, reporting on other reporters reporting on Republican accusations that he was a secret terrorist, socialist, or unpatriotic.

One position change? Damning by association a spiritual mentor barry had known for 20 years and taken his children to hear? But what of this man of Superior Judgment? Now he’s just guilty by association because his top adivsors need to be investigated? Why didn’t Rahm Emanuel want the job at first? Pretty clean candidate? From Chicago? Dream on. What more is it going to take?

Ok. That’s enough documentation of self-denial.

unembedded videos

December 29, 2008

December 29, 2008

It has been brought to my attention that the videos are not included in all the posts. I imported our original site from blogger. WordPress uses a different embedding method but most of the videos are from You Tube and they should have the link within the “courtesy of”. The original posts have the videos embedded in them at Citizens Against Pro-Obama Media Bias on blogger. It is an impossibility to go through and re-embed the videos. I apologize for the inconvenience – especially when the transcript of the video is provided and not the video.

As far as the template, I would like to make the column wider and videos smaller but don’t have the time to mess with it. Sorry. As far as the polls, they couldn’t be imported either but you can still vote at the other site. Use the link above. 88% of voters think proobama media bias exists. I’ll try to get the rest of the numbers put together in a post.

The reason we moved was because of censorship by google…now it’s Technorati…why?

barry’s great-great-great grandmother’s grave marker found

December 29, 2008

December 29, 2008

Birth certificate posts

Everett, Washington
Grave marker of barry’s great-great-great-grandmother discovered.


Who is barry…really?

December 29, 2008

December 28, 2008


UPDATE 13: barry’s birth certificate – Berg & SCOTUS

December 28, 2008

Updated birth certificate posts/videos/lawsuits

December 28, 2008

Update on barry’s birth certificate issue. Donofrio/Wrotnowski – (lawsuits alleging barry not a natural born citizen by virtue of British citizenship conferred on him at birth) were denied by SCOTUS. Game over.

Philip Berg’s lawsuit is still alive and has been distributed to the Court. Docket: UPDATE 12.

Here’s an updated list of previous pertinent posts re: barry’s birth certificate/eligibility for presidency.

Senate resolution: McCain a natural born citizen (non legally binding – groundwork for barry)
Natural born citizen defined
Official Certification for Nomination for POTUS

Berg discussing case on video
syc1959 evaluates barry’s Hawaiian COLB on video
UPDATE 1: Berg case dismissed in Philly – appeal to SCOTUS
Berg’s ad in Washington Times Weekly
White House Press briefing Tony Fratto has no comment
UPDATE 2: Hawaii official comment & Dr Polarik’s forgery video
UPDATE 3: WTP open letter to barry to run in Chicago Tribune
UPDATE 4: Andy Martin HI (dismissed)
barry’s grandmother claims she was present at birth – Jeff Shreiber

UPDATE 5: Cort Wrotnowski’s submission to SCOTUS – Anthrax
If barry were proven to be ineligible?
UPDATE 6: barry’s selective service registration a forgery?
Amending the Natural Born Citizen Requirement
barry hides out in hawaii
UPDATE 7: WTP & Mary Mitchell rant
UPDATE 8: List of barry lawsuits
UPDATE 9: List of barry’s birth certificate posts
Video transcription of translated call from barry’s grandmother Sarah
UPDATE 10: barry’s birth certificate: WTP press conference
UPDATE 11: compiled list of updates
UPDATE 12: Berg SCOTUS docket

Not birth certificate issue but you asked for a comprehensive list

Donofrio: To be heard by SCOTUS
Donofrio: Denied by SCOTUS
Donofrio: Comments on denial

Wrotnowski: application to SCOTUS (Anthrax)
Wrotnowski: Awaiting SCOTUS decision
Wrotnowski: UPDATE: re SCOTUS decision

Wrotnowski: Application denied by SCOTUS

Relevant websites:

Dr “Ron Polarik’s” website proof of forgery
Philip Berg obamacrimes
Leo Donofrio Natural Born Citizen
Robert Schultz We The People
America Must Know lawsuit list
The Obama File comprehensive site
Citizens Against Pro-Obama Media Bias

FYI: Writ of certiorari is the legalese for the SCOTUS will hear the case.

Another misinformed journalist

December 28, 2008

I ran across this on AOL and I don’t even know what to say. I thought it was just another ranting blogger as I was reading along and when I got to the end I was shocked. Still am. The author, Paul Shepard, is a veteran reporter of 16 years “on the national urban/minority affairs beat for The Cleveland Plain Dealer and for The AP in Washington, D.C.”

From Mr Shepard’s article, it is clear he was not educated on the facts – nor the number or magnitude of the cases pending. He wasn’t aware of the Wrotnowski or the others still alive. And he refers to folks as “conservative crazies…trying to use the courts to subvert the people’s will expressed at the ballot box on Election Day.”

The point is the constitutionality of the ballot itself. Wrotnowski and Donofrio were not suing barry or any other political candidate. They were suing the Secretary of State responsible for putting the names on the ballot. Senator McCain’s and Senator Obama’s names were both challenged. One cannot subvert the people’s will when their vote, when cast, was expressed on an unconstitutional ballot.

And, secondly, it is not just “conservative crazies” or people who want barry not to be president. Each one of us on this site is politically neutral. I have never voted or even followed politics until I saw the flagrant pro-Obama media bias, rampant sexism, unvarnished misogyny, hierarchy of -isms and The Double Standard.

That is our outrage here – propaganda and censorship – and how the pro-Obama media bias clearly, undeniably, and irrefutably influenced and is still influencing this election.

I would think that a veteran journalist would respect that. I expect nothing from reporters, journalists, pundits or screamers like hardball.

Instead, all the barry naysayers are lumped into a giant bucket of crazies, wackos, rednecks, evangelicals and whatever else. And, of course, all are racists.

Who is bigoted? Narrow-minded?

One size, color, shape fits all?

I don’t have the energy for this. There is no room for rational thought or discussion whenever any question is raised on even the periphery of barry’s eligibility to do anything. Especially when the barry supporter is asked to go first and lay out the argument why barry is qualified. All there ever is a litany of why barry’s opponent is evil, racist, what they have done to him – and if one remains steadfast – then the personal insults begin. The Man Above the Fray’s proponents are anything but.

It is sad.

More of Mr Shepard’s words.

Unfortunately we will all have to deal with this one more time. A Pennsylvania man is pursuing a court challenge to Obama’s presidency claiming the president-elect was born in Kenya and not Hawaii as both he and Hawaii officials confirmed.

Again, there is no point in going into depth. See here for background of challenges to barry’s eligibility. There is more to the “Pennsylvania man”. Philip Berg’s lawsuit than the allegation of barry being born in Kenya or even the allegation that he surrendered his US citizenship in Indonesia. It goes to the heart of barry’s integrity as a man sworn to uphold the Constitution.

Where is Sheperd’s questioning as to why barry has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars when all he has to do was open the vault and produce the copy? What same person would spend money, waste resources and continue to dodge questions when $12 copy could clear up the issue? A man proclaiming transparency?

And Shepard was not aware that the Wrotnowski case (identical in theory to Donofrio’s) was in the Court’s hands – in fact a supplemental brief was filed on the day of his article (12-9-08).

Where was the questioning why The Court would ask for a supplemental brief and pass for discussion a case that was identical in Constitutional challenge to Mr Donofrio’s, which they had just denied?

SHEPARD: Desperate is the best way to characterize the reasoning behind the lawsuit which somehow managed to get all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court before being tossed in the garbage.

Hopefully, that will be the last silly challenge we have to stand. So let the stupid tricks end and let Obama have his chance to govern.

How sad – the ignorance. It is not worthy of frustration or anger, But I like that wording – very revealing. “let Obama have his chance”.

If you don’t like Obama, that’s fine.

What are the chances Mr Shepherd, or any obamafan, would think it a “silly challenge” if it were Senator Clinton or McCain? And it doesn’t have anything to do with not liking barry. It is a matter of Constitutional eligibility. Again, where is the curiosity about a constitutional lawyer who avoids mention of The Constitution. If barry has nothing to hide (I am not saying he does), why didn’t he welcome the chance to give another one of his speeches for the ages on The Constitution?

Attack his agenda, attack his appointments, attack his ideas. That’s all a fair part of the political game.

I think not. Look at anyone who has tried. Their families including a “DISABLED INFANT” (supposed grandchild) and minor children were attacked, emails and personal files hacked by a barry supporter’s son and every single one of barry’s opponents were branded racists, when none of them were so onsidered previous to opposing the self-proclaimed (and delusional) Transcender of Race. And most heinous, a man who has served this country with honor and distinction for over fifty years – including five years in a prison camp – was attacked for using the “POW Card“, for not being able to use a computer because of his improperly treated injuries during captivity, for being a raging national security risk and accused on national TV for inciting to crowds to say “Kill him” (in reference barry). It never happened and barry has never apologized for saying it – which was 100% intentional.

A man of honor, integrity and judgment?

More empty words. And there couldn’t be an article without this.

But attacking his parentage is out of bounds. Remember, few things in life will earn you bruised feelings and perhaps a bruised nose faster than attacking the ancestry of a black man.

Generic generalized tired old argument to match skin color. Has no relevance to the lawsuits but has every relevance to barry’s campaign tactics. barry has no relevance to the Oppressed Southern Negro – no matter what his book of mythology says. No one can corroborate what he claims (Dreams of My Father) happened to him and the seminal event of him seeing a picture of a “black man who had tried to peel off his skin” (with chemicals) and that “seeing that article was violent for me, an ambush attack.” He said the picture was in LIFE – it wasn’t. He said it was in Ebony – it wasn’t. And yet that is what he points to as his racial awakening.

Why do you folks believe this man?

Barack Obama Sr was an educated East African who lived in America long enough to marry (?) a white women and father a son only to abandon them for Harvard. It not an issue of money as barry says in his book. A stipend would have been provided in New York but barry Sr wanted to got to Harvard and he did. There he found another white woman who he would later marry – all the while married to his tribal wife who he had left pregnant and caring for their young child.

Remember too, barry chose not to go to Africa until after his father had died. He claims a bond to his Kenyan family and lets his brother fend for himself in gross poverty. And his illegal alien aunt, who he sponsored nine years ago? barry grew up in Hawaii, the most diverse state in the Union, which had just became a state two years previous. There were no segregated schools. Interracial marriage was legal and integrated, multicultural households commonplace. Whites “haoles” were prejudiced against. The last day of the school year: “Kill Haole Day”. Kill Whites Day. barry went to what is still one of the most prestigious prep schools and his classmates do not recall him having racial identity issues. They do however say he was lonely for his mother and father.

barry never lived in the South. The first time he visited Kansas was on the stump. He admits in his own book that he was afraid of the black kids in the neighborhood in Chicago.

There is so much more but there’s is no need. From now on I’ll just present the obamerized ignorant–as in unacquainted with the facts–own words. They will speak for themselves.

You wanted facts – I am giving you facts. I refuse to go back and find the exact posts where the references are for everything here. It is fact. What need would I have to fabricate something about barry when we are so busy proving his fabrications?

Is there anyone out there interest in truth?

Official Certification of Nomination for POTUS

December 28, 2008

December 28, 2008

Updated birth certificate posts/videos/lawsuits

(9-11) TWO DIFFERENT Official Certification of Nomination forms signed by Pelosi

This is something I hadn’t seen before. Nanci Pelosi’s official certification that barry is eligible to be POTUS.

And if he is proven ineligible?

Courtesy of Count Us Out